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BTS Jin earns attention for his perfect body line and actor look at photoshoot

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Post Mar 10, 2018 @ 5:02 pm

Dispatch recently revealed BTS's indivisual and group photoshoot in LA, just a few hour after BTS Jin photos published, korean netizens go crazy over his proporationed body line and his actor visual that made korean netizens fall for him again.

Netizens said he has "8등신" meaning perfect body ratio , 8등신 is 8 times when your body divide from head to toe with your face length.also his actor looks also catch attention in photoshoot that having korean drama scene's vibe.

looks korean post and comments translation bellow:

pann: BTS JIN 'proportionate body line' is daebak
Pictures of Jin on Dispatch that look like drama screenshots


Not only the face, but also the body is perfect ㅜㅜ
Considering the angle taken from the bottom to the top, it is estimated that BTS' Jin is achievable up to 8 time.

It's realㅠㅠ

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1.[+118][-1] I think another legend was created !!!!

2.[+114][-1] I was one of those people who did not understand the praise of BTS Jin before, but I just found my way of saving jin pictures. It's really good ..BTS Jin Do not get hurt, looks like he has cute personality ...

3.[+114][-1] I see this video from this part of ~ I admire his eyes are like a youth movie

4.[+46][-0] A person's hair cut with kitchen scissors ..

5.[+37][-4] V is a Western-style (?)he is handsome, but Jin is very Oriental (?) This is handsome
6.Honestly, when I look at his picture, his face is small. His shoulders are wide and he is wonderful.

7.[+27][-0] I did not know bts at all but I was interested in jin. Nearly everyone in my neighborhood knew about it.
Now, bts is debuted, but Jin is the best in real life. he has a nice face to look good at ...
I think it is a little shrinking because of the ability like Jin - tae bts's members. Voice tone itself is good.
And even though he is the oldest brother, he take good care of his younger brother and he is very friendly and very kind.
I am old enough to like him, on Half of my photobook I have seokjin .....I love it!

pann: BTS Jin picture taken by youth film

In these picture jin eyes have not youthful film vibe??
are you agree?

he majored at acting but postponed that
Now he is 27 years old
if he did acting ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠEnvy you

#BTS Jin

1.[+62][-0] he is good in pictures too

2.[+58][-1] I would like to jin have a drama or movie this year.he have passed the 201: 1 ratio, of course, the acting will do well, the eyes come up and the face is turned to be cheerful.

3.[+51][-0] But he's handsome

4.{+27][-0] 27 is not too old

5.[+18][-1] Seokjin seems to be trying to act for BTS. this is the team that emphasized BTS and they do not want members personal activities. I want to see drama but I want to see him on the stage and the movie.

6.[+18][-0] BTS Jin take pictures like youth movie , I want him to come out a lot on broadcasting

7.[+18][-0] The atmosphere is good

Post Nov 23, 2018 @ 10:00 am

my love
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