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K-pop Photos tips and topic prefixes

For all other k-pop celebrity photos and images that are not selcas. Celeb photos, pictorials, photocards, fancams, memes, macros, gifs, etc.
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Post May 17, 2013 @ 4:13 pm

Forum specific tips
This forum is for all other k-pop photos that are not considered selcas. You may share images like memes, animated gifs or fan art related to k-pop.

Topic prefixes are optional because not all topics created by users will fall in one of these prefixes.
It would be very helpful to everyone if you chose the right topic prefix when posting a new topic:
[ Photo ] - for professionally taken k-pop photos (press, magazine, media, interview, etc.).
[ Products ] - for photos of k-pop products like albums, posters, photocards, merchandise, etc.
[ Endorsements ] - for k-pop advertisements, commercial use, sponsors, etc.
[ Fanmade ] - for photos or images that are fan made or captured like fan cams, memes, gifs, fan art, etc.

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