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Netizens response to BTS Jin and V Difference

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Post Jan 20, 2018 @ 2:00 pm

BTS Jin and V both are famous for their handsome face in korea, meanwhile both teammate impress fans by their beauty, a post From Pann claim that BTS V needs to wearing heavy makeup to looks beautiful.

check post and Netizens responds below:

V: Make up his face
Blue lens + hair color + lipstick

Jin: Natural handsome

seeing this post many of fans maturely come and praising both teammate as responds:

1.[+37, -1]exile writer do it in morning
2.[+21, -1]Both are so very good with different charm
3.[+21, -1]Close
4.[+9, -0]Both are pretty in Fan eyes Why compare..
5.[+7, -0]both are fucking handsome♡

source: Pann

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