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Product Review Classic Fragrances Are Always in Demand and Never Out of Style

It's glamour time!
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Post May 04, 2019 @ 12:38 am

When I was a kid I remember the bottle of Shalimar sitting on top of my mother's side of my parent's dresser. It was a large bottle and I don't think she ever had to buy a refill. I took a whiff of the fragrance and thought it smelled pretty good. I was more intrigued by the bottle and the name 'Shalimar.' I didn't know at the time that it was a classic fragrance. A few years later some guy was wearing English Leather and I liked the fragrance. It was the first time I encountered a musk fragrance. It wouldn't be the last. Then I remember Old Spice and the commercials with the sailor returning from a long sea voyage. The lady in the commercial was very sexy and couldn't wait for her sailor guy to get home wearing Old Spice. Here is our store

When I think of a classic scent those fragrances come to mind. Shalimar, Old Spice, and English Leather have never gone out of style. I know somewhere on planet earth someone is wearing one of these. And why do folks continue to wear them? It's simple their fragrance notes are not over powering and they last.  

What do we know about the fragrance Shalimar? It is the flagship fragrance of perfume house Guerlain and was introduced in 1925 so it's been around for awhile. You can wear Shalimar in the evening and women enjoy its exotic scent. Then we have Old Spice that is from the design house of Shulton and was introduced in 1937 for men who would enjoy its fresh scent and pleasant aroma. And now we have English Leather from the design house of Dana introduced in 1949 offering a rich and masculine scent. English Leather had a distinctive fragrance never over powering.

It's safe to say you can't go wrong with any of these classics. What's really cool is you don't have wonder if you'll find these classics at a nearby department store. Simply go online and save a few dollars. No matter your age you can't go wrong when you splash on one of these classics and watch that special person put a smile on their face.

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