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Photo Editing & Tutorials tips and topic prefixes

Learn how to make your photos stand out! Photoshop, Pudding Camera, Haduri, posing techniques, angles & lightning, backdrops, etc.
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Post May 17, 2013 @ 4:25 pm

Forum specific tips
This forum is for asking questions or to learn about how to edit your photos professionally. This is not a place to share what you created. Instead post them in the Selcas or K-pop photos forum.

Topic prefixes are optional because not all topics created by users will fall in one of these prefixes.
It would be very helpful to everyone if you chose the right topic prefix when posting a new topic:
[ Tutorial ] - for creating tutorials, guides, how-tos on photo editing or techniques that will make your photo stand out.

Post Jan 07, 2019 @ 7:23 am

Hello. I am attempting to put myself in a photograph with someone else. I discover it very simple to put myself in a scene/landscape photograph with photoshop however it is as yet baffling when the shading tone doesn't coordinate well. (ie. the figure looks more splendid than it ought to be). With regards to putting myself with somebody in an image, it is progressively disappointing as at times the size/shading/splendor/differentiate and so on appears to be unique and someone to do your assignment

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