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Cuquri I hope that like EXO would get like.. an addictive 'hook' song that SM are so famous for...
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anjel5521 MAMA album is better in it's entirety without a doubt, that album was near perfection, but XOXO is very solid for 2 reasons.
1. Defining EXO's style
2. Demonstrating their versatility
MAMA album was great because it was full of variety but it didn't really give you a sense of what to expect from EXO next, tbh. After listening to MAMA you might think EXO was having an identity crisis while recording, even though all the individual songs are really good on their own and play up their original concept. You can click my signature to see what I really thought of MAMA.
All the members showcase their abilities a lot more in this album. You have Chanyeol, Kai, and even Sehun singing a lot more than they ever did before and really showing off what they can do. This album is a pretty sharp contrast to MAMA as well so it shows people that EXO can do this style just as well as the strong/powerful concept they showed in MAMA.
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J-Arc Just sat through the MV

Some of the outfits, hairstyles, and dance moves, coupled on top of the strangeness that incarnated into this song... I just sat with a dumbfounded expression the entire time. I'm still baffled that it wasn't a joke.

This may very well be the first time I ordered an album strictly because of the non-title tracks
Post subject: So um... EXO's Wolf is still uncomfortable for me to hear/watch Posted: May 30, 2013 @ 6:46 am
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justica Like damn!!!! holy fuck!!!!
Post subject: Exo's Heart Attack is amazing.... Posted: May 30, 2013 @ 4:46 am
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CupcakesForever How could they not include El Dorado!??

I mean, come on! This song is just dripping in emotional perfection.
Am I gonna have to wait another year for this one??
Post subject: I am disappointed in EXO's album. Posted: May 30, 2013 @ 5:05 am
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anjel5521 Most people thought the leaked version was better, but after listening to it for a few days and watching the debut stage and the mv i can confidently say that I understand why they made most of the changes that they did in the final version. It sounds way more intense now in a lot of ways which is good for the strong concept they wanted to come back with. It fits the dance and the performance a lot better than the idea of the demo did.
But if you still hate it (i hated it too at first which is the whole reason I even made this) a few days ago I did make a version where I combined the original with the new one and that sounds ideal imo, lol. It's here if you'd like to hear it.
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Gyoshido It is actually fantastic. I held off talking about it before the official release for Exotics who didn't want to be spoiled.
Let's look at them one by one.

2. Baby Don't Cry. This song is a fantastic ballad. I despise ballads, however, but for a ballad this is very good. The only problem is EXO's weak vocals. However, they are rookies and all rookies need time to polish their skills. Not everyone can be GOD KYUHYUN. You need to train your voice first, so it's fine. Taemin was not anywhere NEAR what he is now when he debuted.

3. Black Pearl. Probably my favorite song on the album. The english is flawless, which is a major plus for the song. At first it is very slow, but then it hits and BAM the song gets freaking CRAZY. The lyrics right before they say black pearl, the beat shifts too and honestly is something to fall in love with.

4. Don't Go. Personally this song is my shit. This song is probably one of THE most chilling ballad-esque songs I have ever heard. Black Pearl really isn't my favorite, but I will listen to it the most. This song is really my favorite, but since I don't listen to ballads I won't listen to this much. However, I must say the vocals+beat fit perfectly. Everything they did in this song was SHEER perfection. I don't get why everyone is obsessed over Baby Don't Cry. Oh wait I do, because it's "sexier" which is 99% the problem with the fanbase, but that's not for this post. This song is far superior to ANYTHING EXO has ever done. I honestly can't say enough good things about it. 2/3rds of the way through where they change up the beat, oh my god. Then when they go into the chorus after that? It's chilling.

5. Let out the beast. Now wow. This is a title song. Glad they picked this for the titl...oh wait. SM's incompetence aside, this song really is great. It's very dance-track like, and your body really moves along with the beat. A tad more "fluffing" like title songs tend to get, and this could have been INCREDIBLE. It's very, very good where it is, but its not "incredible" like other dance title tracks.

6. 365. Now see, there is a little problem with this for me. It's a BLATANT rip off of 1 Direction. The drum beat and everything. The "haru shi jake" or whatever is realllllyyyy good. And the "woah oh oh oh oh, 365" part is fantastic. If it didn't sound like a 1 D song, and Don't Go wasn't on the album, this song would be my fav.

7. Heartbeat. My only problem with this is the sensual/RnB feel. It's very american, which I have a little problem with. However, it's very good. It's too hip hoppy, but the trend for Kpop is Hiphop apparently. It doesn't fit EXO is my main gripe with the song. At least not the album itself. Which I will discuss later.

8. Peter Pan. Another very 1D poppy song. I think the song gets slow at parts where it really shouldn't. It's good though, just not phenomenal like some of the other songs.

9. Baby. When the bridge hits, this song get's good. However the chorus is not as good as the bridge is, which is the problem. The repetition of Baby is not really...good? It's sorta bland. They just didn't pull it off well. It's not bad, just this song doesn't have much to talk about. It's not special.

10. My Lady. Aside from them saying "She's my baby" at the start, instead of "My lady" which is the name of the song....the song is funkier. I like the funkyness of it. It reminds me of song of the stuff from SHINee's WSS, which is a good thing. It has that feel, which for me is perfect. But EXO's vocals don't stand out like SHINee, so they don't pull it off as well as they could have.

So my conclusion is this. The album is not bad. In fact, I would go so far as to say it is good. However, for a FULL album, it is no very....together? It's disjointed in song style. There are 2 sexy, seductive songs, 2 dance tracks, 2 1Direction pop songs, 2 ballads. It's just not really that together. They attempted TOO MANY styles. However, out of 10 if I had to rate this as an ALBUM it would be a 7. 8 if Wolf wasn't on it, which I am not going to get into for the sake of Exotics everywhere. 7.5 if I am being generous cause Don't Go is FANTASTIC.

Compare this to Mama. Mama was good, but look at this. There is no "powerhouse" song to carry it. It won't do as well as they SHOULD be doing. When SM attempted something new with MAMA, History, and Machine, they did very, very well. But here, they played it VERY safe for all 9 songs, and then went bat shit insane with the title song. Either play it safe, or go all out crazy. Clearly the rest of the songs are JUST FOR ALBUM SALES which I see a massive problem with. You look at VIXX's hyde, and they really went all the fuck out on that album. Yes, it was a mini, so it's a little different, but still they wen't all out. (Aside from the 1-2 ballads that literally every korean album Going against the norm, but being "powerful" is what is in right now in Korea. "Powerful" music is doing very well. Hence What's Whoever's Name? VS Yoohoo. Yoohoo is too standard, and they didn't do well because of it.

Overall, my feels are mixed about this. I felt MAMA was better because it was more succinct, and gave a strong vibe. It felt like a powerful album, and didn't have any letdowns, let alone the title track. If the title track was as strong as MAMA, maybe I could get behind this as being really good, but I just can't seem to do it.
Post subject: My opinion on the new EXO ALBUM Posted: May 30, 2013 @ 3:26 am
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Eriochrome just go in not expecting much and you'll be happy
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SoKaVIPguy Just love this song...i just bumped into it recently and now i cant stop listening to it~

Post subject: Such a nice song from NS Yoon G f. Verbal Jint <3 Posted: May 23, 2013 @ 12:49 pm
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seannyboy808 Am I the only one who was confused while watching the mv? I swore I saw some EXO-M singing in the korean version
Post subject: Re: EXO MV IS OUT Posted: May 30, 2013 @ 2:12 am
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rose_lily "Time's Up"
To go with yesterday's teaser pic:

Iam Legit spazzing out right now.
Post subject: HOLY SHIT NANA'S COMEBACK PHOTO!!!!! Posted: May 29, 2013 @ 7:46 pm
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rose_lily *jazz hands*

I already love that person.
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minkwon2 Well, I'm not a huge fan of EXO at all. Until possibly now.

Lots of people viewed the Mama album as pretty much perfect, where I was just like meh. I had a few of the songs on my ipod, but the only song I ever really got into was History. The others were just okay.

Where as their new album for me is just amazing. I like the songs on this album so much better.

And I know this is a really unpopular opinion, but Wolf > Mama. In song and MV. The dubstep parts made Wolf sound better in my opinion.

Idk, I just get a completely different vibe from EXO K and EXO M being together as one. Something about the whole Mama scene just felt incomplete

And now I finally actually have the interest to learn all the members (only know D.O, Chen, Kris, Chanyeol, Kai, Tao prior to this), and possibly actually really get into EXO.
Post subject: It's funny how opinions really differ sometimes Posted: May 30, 2013 @ 7:53 am
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Korinn3 Personally i think XOXO > MAMA.
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J-Arc That's impressive, but I'm going to die inside when I see an article saying

"EXO wins #1 on M! Countdown with Wolf"

Although the NB article would be fantastic
Post subject: Re: So exo's album already has 300,000 pre-orders?.... Posted: May 30, 2013 @ 4:44 pm
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ImAShawolForOnew the album is pretty amazing im not surprised at how much preorders there is.
Post subject: Re: So exo's album already has 300,000 pre-orders?.... Posted: May 30, 2013 @ 4:48 pm
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justica I don't really believe it...
sure, EXOtics are crazy, but their fandom is MUCH smaller than groups like TVXQ, SNSD, BB, and those groups don't get this big pre-order amount.
And remember EXO isn't the only group with rich fans lol
okay for now you can choose to not believe it... but when the album releases and the statistics come out, haha you better be expecting me to link that shit to you bro.. hahahaha i have my doubts too, but from what i've seen from exotics i wouldn't be surprised at all.... They are fucking dedicated to the max when it comes to supporting their oppas
Post subject: Re: So exo's album already has 300,000 pre-orders?.... Posted: May 30, 2013 @ 4:55 pm
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huhlo I've actually been starting to think that SM pays a lot for those awful title songs and end up using them as the title song just so they would get their money' s worth or something like that. I don't know.
I'm not even sure what I"m saying. Dx
It's probably also stupid.
I admit.
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justica The fucking "Oolf" and that horrible "ah saranghaeyo" in that ugly voice, like seriously what the fuck is a Oolf...... other than that the song is actually ok...... just ok....oh wait the emphasis on their voices is also a bit of a nuisance.... they should have just kept the normal "wolf" and "ah saranghaeyo" as it was in the leaked version, it was much better there....
Post subject: to be honest the only bad thing about Wolf is... Posted: May 30, 2013 @ 6:17 pm
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minkwon2 Thank you! I agree completely.

I think people are honestly overreacting to the song.

Theres been worse this releases this year for me.
Post subject: Re: to be honest the only bad thing about Wolf is... Posted: May 30, 2013 @ 6:18 pm
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