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laila8 Ok, I've been a silent reader long enough on this thread (it was still at page 5 XD)
So... I was prety new on the old akk thread too so I'll say my opinino once again.

Key most probably gay, or at least bi.

Jae bi... I seriously think he had a thing for Yunho. It was not only him cam whoring and attention whoring. As for today... I would ship him so much with Yamapi but he thinks otherwise I guess (lol).

Yunho... at first I thought he was straight then I was intrduced to YunJae (hello raimbows land), but after the split I'm seriously starting to think he might be gay, and he seems strangely the most "submissive" one.

Donghae... bi. I'm not sure all of his actions and stares are fanservice... I believe he had/has quite the crush over Hyukjae.

Eunhyuk... sometimes I'm like f*** he's clearly gay, and sometimes I think he's straight. Like very very straight, not even bi. EunHae messes up my brain too so I'll say he's a bit effeminate but probably is straight (oh my poor EunHae shipper heart what did I just write?)

Kevin. I don't know much the band but from what I've seen around the internet (tv shows interviesws etc.) UKISS has some highly suspicious member, and Kevin is at the first place.

JoKwon... probably gay. But the annoying type.

Siwon... closeted gay? I don't know if it is his prince like image but... I can't really picture him with a girl, and gosh SiHo (Siwon+Yunho) I'd ship that!!

Ryeowook... I'd say bi more than gay. I have this feeling he would really love a person's heart more than anything no matter the gender so bi.

Junsu probably bi. Or even straight... I don't know... Tarantallegra and especially Even tho I alredy know confused me a lot. It would make sense the past scandal with Taeyon tho... I don't follow Soshi but your posts almost convinced me that Taeyeon is lesbo or at least bi...

Ah and I ship Se7en&T.O.P. I know Se7en has a gf and all but... such bromance is just... emanating raimbows all over the places.

I don't know GD enough to say anything "for sure", he seems to me like someboody who wouldn't care to whom he is sexually or romantically attracted to.
Post subject: Re: K-Pop "Who is Straight, Homosexual, Bisexual, etc. ? Posted: Jun 08, 2013 @ 11:30 am
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laila8 Long EunHae post because I have to take it all out. They can't play wih my brain like this!! XD

EunHae are too confusing.

When people say things like "is Donghae that is all over Eunhyuk" (and I'm probably one of those)
Eunhyuk confuses everyone with actions like this:

And then there are the ho so levey dovey but still bromance+fanservice moment like these

But then the sexual fanservices create once again debate:

Not to mention the offcam (?) moments taken by fans stalkers where it is clear that whatever it is the affection between them, still they do care for eachother, be it like friends, brothers, lovers etc.

So this pretty much sums up the whole EunHae bromance/lovers thingy.
Top half of the image it seems genuine affection and not fanservice...
Then we have the bottom half and there the fanservice is evident (at least in my opinion).

PS Can anyone here tell me where is this from? (if it is not photshopped)
Post subject: Re: K-Pop "Who is Straight, Homosexual, Bisexual, etc. ? Posted: Jun 09, 2013 @ 3:10 am
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laila8 pretty sure that last image was uploaded from one of their twitters but it doesn't seem to be there anymore

Yes I just remembered too. It could have been even posted by Hyuk. But I didn't search it.
and lol at the EunHae gif XD

Btw I was thinking back at those who say Key is not gay. Ok. There is this possibility because he never "officially" came out...
And personally I don't think Key is gay because of the JongKey fanservce, or his way of talking and moving... that might very well be part of his "act", I mean he's a public figure and his public image is that of the diva and fashionista... plus many other things but from what I saw this are his main features. And he's not even sorry to act like a b*** he enjoys it immensely XD
Nor even his friendships with other suspected gay idols or openly gay/bi celebs can prove anything in my opinion.
So to me this:
is not proof of him being gay.
But I do question his choise of accesories and clothes.
The things he choose to wear are so openly LGBT friendly that I'm quite sure it's his way of showing he is not taking part in the homophobic traditional korean community.
I can't even see him as closeted or hiding his sexuality or anything because to me he is at least bi, and tho he won't announce it in a press conference, he doesn't say things like "I'm straight and no malexmale relationships are wrong", but lives his life and career as any other kpop idol, as any other person. And that's the main point with him, he is beeing a person and a member of SHINee first, not that (more or less openly) gay celeb, he justly put the stress not on his sexuality but on him as a whole. Then his opinions are there for everyone to read thanks to his choice of clothing where he sometimes shows silent support to the LGBT community.

Ah well there is also the famous radio segment where he hinted at the possibility of same sex marriege in the future (in general not him marrying another male), so yeah... his opinions on the metter are quite evident, so when some fans say things like "oppa is not gay, that is wrong, that is gross, malexmale is not right" etc. are defending his sexuality in a way I'm not even sure he'd approve. Not that anyone here did this, but I've seen also stuff like that.

I'd find it difficult to say Key is not at least very gay friendly. But most people I know are gayfriendly and don't go around wearing unicorns and raimbow. Js.
Post subject: Re: K-Pop "Who is Straight, Homosexual, Bisexual, etc. ? Posted: Jun 09, 2013 @ 4:10 am
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laila8 You've all said so many interesting things.
Agree on Siwon and Donghae 100%. Eunhyuk I seriously don't know. My not-so-secret EunHae shipper heart would say he's at least gay for Donghae, but at times it seems he's completely straight.
I have a feeling that Junsu goes with the season. Sometimes he's a sexy and manly beast, sometimes he's cute and "angelic", some other he's feminine and seductive but he can even be all the combinations among these and other. He is that FABULOUS.

And I agree with those that say Sungmin is probably straight. It's true that Shindong too cross-dresses a lot, and I think he's also really good at it, but he's never mentioned among the "suspected". Might be his looks or his general attitude, but I'd say Sungmin too has a very cute face which cause him to have an extra cute aegyo and in general a cute and delicate appearance... but I sincerely think this is more like his real self (he appears after a little less than minute):
I find it cute that Ryeowook is the least convinving straight in here, while Kyuhyun and Donghae are in the end a bit like 5 years old once again. Which mak Sungmin the most manly. O.o

I heard that rumor about Ryeowook and the ZE:A member, but still he did some good Henry fanboying on Sukira in the past months u.u I'm still looking for the cut where he starts to say that Henry's english voice is sexy, and it was the same day when Dongahe went there...

KeySeop don't really give me the couple feel in general, but neither the friendly feel. That's why I think they might be real. They are too natural, like they are completely confortable around each other. Lol. Already at the stage of a married couple XD (past the "Oh I'm so in love that I can't hide it"

Talking of Key there is a Jonghyun video I wanted to share
And it includes the flirty Donghae too!
Is it me or Donghae here is actually quite manly ?(ok maybe BOYish more than MANly)
Post subject: Re: K-Pop "Who is Straight, Homosexual, Bisexual, etc. ? Posted: Jun 12, 2013 @ 5:47 pm
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laila8 About Shindong and the fanservice/weird entertainment in k variety shows...

Did you watch this?

Or also these:

He is really good at impersonating women, but I think that's because he's really good at imitating others.
Post subject: Re: K-Pop "Who is Straight, Homosexual, Bisexual, etc. ? Posted: Jun 12, 2013 @ 6:06 pm
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laila8 Ryeowook sweet side. I still go for the Ryeowook is bi.

(lol at sungmin laughing, but even here he's cute but not really giving me the gay vibe.)

Well I'm realizing that he's blunt actually. I mean, he appears delicate and such but in the end says what he thinks/feels, has friends from both genders he is not afraid to show his care for, he wears whatever he want to wear, which is not a feminine way of dressing but neither the jock type. He's so lovely because he appears sincere...

His comments about men might be because he's really ok admitting to others that men can be attracted to other men, so yeah sometimes he find guys sexy. And it's not even like he's making a move on them, just stating his opinion. Very clever because he's serious but light on his comments, and so he's not appearing as flaming as other (Jo kwon ahem), he's adorable. And I even don't like the way he sings XD but the personality he shows is one of my fav among the idols I know. <3

By the way it was Hyungsik of ZE:A his supposed bf? Their pics together are extra cute!!

I love his manly look *_*
Post subject: Re: K-Pop "Who is Straight, Homosexual, Bisexual, etc. ? Posted: Jun 13, 2013 @ 3:51 am
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laila8 nugu your signature is *_* love that Jonghyun selca

By the way I guess Kevin's image is quite dinstant to the manly one his mother said she wished for...

And I don't really care if he's manly or not. He seems and acts cute and I quite like it.
Post subject: Re: K-Pop "Who is Straight, Homosexual, Bisexual, etc. ? Posted: Jun 17, 2013 @ 2:16 pm
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AWWWW! He's so CUTE! I had a giant smile on my face the entire time. If he isn't gay, then... idk, something obvious goes here.

He's gay dear, he's gay, what surprises me the most is how hard he tries to cover it up.

Yeah, he tries harder than I ever did.

Lol even tho I don't know how hard you did try, this made me laugh.
He acts way too much against his own words most of the times. Hey all.
New user. Yes, made an account just for this thread. Sorry for all the lurking, it's just that I'm not good at discussing... at all. I have the worst gaydar ever, too. Plus most of my family's conservative and my sister already gives me the judgy eyes when I discuss Jae and JGS with my other sister. Being caught here... not the greatest.

On the subject of U-KISS, having been a fan of them a while ago (still kind of am, but it kind of faded away), Kevin definitely seemed out there with his femininity, I cannot believe he's still trying to cover it up? I'd always thought it was all out there, but U-KISS being a smaller band it just wasn't brought up much. AJ, I really don't know-- the only stuff I have of them is way back when Kibum and Alexander were there.

And on the subject of how broken my gaydar is, I thought Siwon was straight, until recently when I saw everything on this thread.

ahahah I don't really follow kpop (like every band every new release and so on). I mainly know the second generation (especially SM), and some other here and there due to my addiction to korean variety show (for example I've know Jo Kwon way befor I watched 2AM, a band that I continue not to listen to, but Jo Kwon is just out there for the world to see and you can't ignore him), so my gaydar too is lacking tho it's mainly because of ignorance. (that's why I don't really know anything about snsd and other female kpop group, or some other boybands like infinite, EXO etc.)
Post subject: Re: K-Pop "Who is Straight, Homosexual, Bisexual, etc. ? Posted: Jun 18, 2013 @ 3:34 pm
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laila8 @kremlindust Drama within JJ realm????

Heechul. That' was a pretty cool answer. I like him again a bit more.
Post subject: Re: K-Pop "Who is Straight, Homosexual, Bisexual, etc. ? Posted: Jun 18, 2013 @ 3:37 pm
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bbvoxlover wrote:shall we go back to allkpop or stay?

I don't know the others but I'd rather stay here until the akp forum is fixed. I still try to write there sometimes (on other posts) and it always gives me problem.
Post subject: Re: Posted: Jun 18, 2013 @ 11:34 pm
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laila8 I think that as for fangirling it's alright to a certain exctent, but if you are a delusional fangirl after your 16 then something is weird. Like feeling angry if oppa dates, or if somebody says things to oppa... like no. For fun is alright, taking it seriously after a certain age is probably a bit immature.

Soooooo with you on the bolded. Joking around about it is all well and good but people actually getting angry about that stuff, no. These people aren't your property and they have lives to lead, get over it.

Well that's obvious. I have no power over anyone, I'm stating my opinion, then people go on with their lives as they prefer. I find it a pity when you actually waste a lot of energy in fanwars and that kind of things, I prefer the bright and more fun side of fangirling than the one looking for a fight over oppa or unnie, but again people do as they please.
What I do not really support is bashing oppa's or unnie's partner (true or rumored) because oppa/unnie is mine. As you said "these people aren't your property and they have lives to lead, get over it."
We share the same view :lol:
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laila8 I just watched the new ep of Mamma Mia uploaded by kbsworld.
They actually hinted at Kevin supposed homosexuality, and his mother answered telling he recently dated a girl (but they also broke up).
And her wish woulb be that her son could be more the macho type of manly... Kevin... fat chance for real.

Post subject: Re: K-Pop "Who is Straight, Homosexual, Bisexual, etc. ? Posted: Jun 16, 2013 @ 3:32 pm
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laila8 unbelievable. no one has talked about this
Super Junior's Ryeowook has become... the mother of a giraffe?!

The idol star tweeted, " Giraffe mommy ~^^ Kekeke. Hearing Ryeowook (fan club), thank you~~ Kya kya. It's filled up my room. Keke. What should I name it? ><."

Last year, Thai fans gifted Ryeowook an actual giraffe by donating it to the Dusit Zoo in Bangkok on his behalf, and it seems like his Korean fan club thought it would be appropriate to give him a life-sized giraffe doll as a present.

so straight, addressing himself mommy.

Totally forgot my brain died at his tweet XD

btw I'm cursed by keyseop it's thrice that I attempt a replay and when I try to express a thought on them... crash, pc or internet die or go wrong ç_ç
Post subject: Re: K-Pop "Who is Straight, Homosexual, Bisexual, etc. ? Posted: Jun 15, 2013 @ 2:29 pm
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laila8 I dont think Nichkhun is very straight either

here in a interview in thailand, Nickhun avoid the question, starting at 9:50. Instead he talks about his hard working and how he likes being manly. (but gay guy can be manly too. They dont have to be girly in order to pronoun that they are gay.) Could he be bi? Because a straight guy would would answer such question straight up that he likes women. Nick just avoided it and the question was left unanswered. (umm maybe he did and they edited out.)

WAIT! He is the same one that asked JJ to ride him!
Post subject: Re: K-Pop "Who is Straight, Homosexual, Bisexual, etc. ? Posted: Jun 15, 2013 @ 2:36 pm
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laila8 Let's talk about Nu'est for juuuuuust a second. Who do you guys think is gay or not? Personally, the only person that "pings" for me is Aron. Couldn't begin to explain it if I tried though =(.

I only know them from what I've seen on here. Ren is the only one that appears gay when I watch their clips.

Can't I basically know their name and that's it. Sorry.

By the way I was listening to Sukira 6/6/2013 show where Eunhyuk was a guest, and since I can't really understand much korean, I'm just hearing Eunhyuk voice (biased that much. sigh), at some point -talking to a female guest - Ryeowook went "Eunhyuk oppa bla bla", I'm pretty sure he said oppa referring to the girl... if it makes sense, but I had a second of "Kyaaaa! He said OPPA!!!"
Post subject: Re: K-Pop "Who is Straight, Homosexual, Bisexual, etc. ? Posted: Jun 21, 2013 @ 5:27 am
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laila8 [/center]

This is the best pic they released so far. imo.
And I find it <3

Jaejung is not even giving hints. He acts how he wants. That's it... :mesmer:
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so hard right so hard conversation :) :embarassed: we cant do anything just watch , but it's obviosly that theyr'e not together now. but why why i never met people like you say. they always bash other's and look like FBI . it's sometimes is creepy

True. It is creepy at times. But not more than that glorious time when presumibly sharp eyed Cassies spotted Changmin in Victoria's spoon reflection. Like seriously... :-?

The difference with Yuhno and Jae is it was easy to see how much they loved and cared for each other. How happy they were with each other. So much more than other 'couples' in Kpop. It is hard for people to let go of that, they touched so many peoples hearts.

Yes!! I've been a Cassie for like 7-8 years? (gosh I feel so old now), and coming from all the jrock/jpop fanservice I was not really too much interested in kpop fanservice... until I started to notice YunJae. Then I started to think that YunJae was somehow different from all the fanservice I've seen.

And here I want to share my opinion, because I don't think I'm a crazy YunJae shipper but I believe they had a strong bond once, and it might be the main reason why they did not split in a very friendly way.
Because as blind as one can be, truth is that TVXQ after the split was divided, and no real evidence was given that they kept their friendship. I don't even agree with the whole "It's SM etc." because even if you are not collegues you can keep in touch. Eunhyuk and Junsu kept in touch for example. Heechul and Hangeng seemed to be in touch even after Hangeng left SuJu etc.
Probably things happened and they were all very upset. Not that time did not change anything. The duo started to talk again about the time when TVXQ had five members, which in my Cassie opinion is a huge improvement, but this is not a thread about TVXQ.

What I wanted to say is that I kind of believed in YunJae befor the split, especially thanks to Jaejung screming love for Yunho from every cell of his body on many occasions.
But I started to REALLY suspect them after the split.
Yunho is starting to go back on track, but for a loooong period he looked very bad. It might be because TVXQ as a whole were in a way his family and he was the leader, but he really changed a lot. His eyes were dull, smiles mostly faked or sad, he looked awkward and insecure in many interviews, no wander Changmin "took over".
Moreover his body changed and it's years since he last showed his abs for real (Mirotic era), after the comeback he always wore shirts or other clothes that cover his upper body. It looks as if he gained weight or that he just became bigger. What is mainly shown is his back, his shoulders, and upper back.
None of the members took well the split, but it seems to me that YunJae were both really affected by it, on a very personal and intimate level. Neither Yunchun nor Junsu from what I saw, expressed as much as Jaejung the difficulties to cope with it.
Another thing that made me wonder was JJ tweet about the book "It's a good thing if you are lonely now", a tweet he delated after a short while.
For quite sometime JJ twitter showed this short phrase "JYJ from TVXQ", now it is "JJ from JYJ", so he managed to "get over" his longing for TVXQ. His solo probably helped him a lot, but he too started to have some food problems now and then, and "changed" the way he behaved in front of camera and such.
yes he looks like a gay porn star... JJ selca are like this...

I'm sure the change that all TVXQ member had was due also to the fact that their image and way of acting was chosen in relation to the group as a whole so once divided they had to create a "new" stage persona, but YunJae seemed to have some slightly different difficulties in dealing with it all and as weird as it might seem after the whole JJ act during the TVXQ days, the most affected seemed Yunho, who despite his manly oh-I'm-so-strong-like-a-rock act clearly has a very kind and soft heart.

I'm just happy if they can both find their smiles again. Together or each one on their own with their friends, family and lovers. So I agree with people upset because of crazy YJS that continue to hurt both JYJ and TVXQ feelings. :serious:
Post subject: Re: K-Pop "Who is Straight, Homosexual, Bisexual, etc. ? Posted: Jun 29, 2013 @ 6:25 am
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laila8 So I was spazzing over Changmin (TVXQ) and his mustache :embarassed:
I mean, in Cool Kiz he showed his face unshaved a few times (along with seriously tired faces) and he's already so PERFECT in my eyes that.... I could not contain my feels!!!
Photoshopped not photoshopped, shaved, unshaved, with or without make up etc.

But a lot of kpop male idols I saw with mustaches are soooo good looking. And I can't understand why do they have to keep this shaved and pretty boys image. It might sell more, but... they can be still flower boys with some mustache... I mean... look!
Ok Siwon is irritably good looking no matter what... >:{
Other examples:
Yunho is quite manly with or without mustache and I bet it would not stop his divaness.
Kyuhyun is kind of cute and here he looks a bit like Kenichi Matsuyama (japanese actor, he played L in the movies of Death Note)
AND even some overly publicized as feminine boys could become more intriguing, Ryeowook is an example I think

So, am I the only one who would like to see some mustaches on our bias once in a while, as part of their image and not "error".
Post subject: Kpop and mustache, I support it! Posted: Jul 03, 2013 @ 2:29 pm
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laila8 I bet the Korean members are going to say to the chinese members
then we'll see an all out race war.

"You're Chinese... but why did you look Black when you were younger?"
"Oh my God Chanyeol, you can't just ask someone why they're Chinese"

Kris: You let it out, Honey. Write it in the book.

I think I'll appreciate WOLF more after this thread.
Post subject: Re: A thought occurred: EXO's Wolf director watched Mean Girls Posted: Jul 03, 2013 @ 3:08 pm
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laila8 hiroshiharuki I think that the whole homophobic Korea image we have is a bit too influenced by the general idea spread on the internet, and it's good to have instead some first hand info because we might see things more likely as they are.
I guess that in most countries around the world is still not easy to find people treating sexuality in a neutral way (=giving a f*** about the sex you are attracted to not the person because that is jucy gossip ).

This said, after watching some other kshow (somebody stop my addiction :please: ) I think:
Jun.K very likely gay
Yunho same

And by the way, I'd ship Yunho with that dancer (my poor YunJae heart should deal with the reality of their breakup, if not as lovers even just as friends T.T )
There was a time I would have shipped Yunho with BoA, they seem to be very well matched. Maybe the fact that he's a bit on the girly side and she has that manly vibe...
But then I decided that BoA should be my man <3

As for ZEE mv... T.T
I was really hoping for a romantic happy ending. It ended just like in K.Will Please Don't...
So I can understand why bzz said Thailand is not as open minded as it would seem. I mean if we watch K.Will MV we would suppose too that Korea is not so homophobic, but then both MV end with an ethero pair marrying (one happy and the other not), and the poor third wheel, that happens to be gay, crying alone.

Please Don't (in case anyone hasn't watched it)

Oh no. Now I'm all in my Kwon BoA is :smooch: mood...
Post subject: Re: K-Pop "Who is Straight, Homosexual, Bisexual, etc. ? Posted: Jul 03, 2013 @ 1:19 pm
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