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kyuchanrin I gotta give props to Lady Gaga, she is seeminlgy a caring person. The way she supported 1D and how she's always truly interested about gay people and equality, not just bandwagonning, makes me respect her, even though I lost faith in her music long ago.

Regarding the Bieber booing, I never got the Bieber hate. he was hated before coz he was a high pitched voice faggot with shitty music. Like if most of music we get from mainstream currents are any better. Now people have a legitimate reason to hate on him though.

Now to be clear I don't like either 1D or JB music, I truly think it's shit and basic lol (1D being shittier than JB) but they don't deserve that much hate, nobody does. Nowadays the trend is being against bullying, but htose people hating on 1D and Bieber everywhere are worse than that.

Is ok to not like them, but to keep your opinions to yourself. The same with any hater of any act.

There's a difference between opinions and being insulting.

But well, people tend to be thoughtless.
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I agree with you though.
I think all of YG's plans for his new groups are gonna backfire majorly. He should just focus on the ones he has.
Post subject: Re: Kpop fans what's your opinion on YG Ent lately ? Posted: Jun 20, 2013 @ 5:42 pm
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rodkrann Well, Hyunseung wasn't even that good when he appeared in the Big Bang documentary. If he stayed and the group debuted, he'd be the ignored member.

idk why some fans are still upset about that part

I do agree with the songs part, their songs are just weird lately. I want them to start producing more songs like Big Bang's Lies or if they're going for upbeat, pussy pumping songs at least something as good as 2NE1's I Am The Best.
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rananicolee I've honestly missed your threads.
And I agree with you.
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4) He should stop trying to debut both the new new girl and boy group, no offence but I really don't want them right now. I want a BB comeback full album ( plus all members with solo albums) + Same with 2NE1. I don't want them to be replaced right now......*especially 2ne1* and maybe in 10- 15 years when I give up on kpop and not paying attention to the new groups they can debut.

Bom and Dara aren't getting any younger. They both are close to the age of 30s.
As Bom gets older her voice is getting worse and worse. Over the last few years she has ruined her voice. She was good and stable during the early debut days, but nowadays she's a mess. Minzy became a better singer than Bom is.
Oh my gosh. Finally somebody else sees it. Minzy sings better.
Post subject: Re: Kpop fans what's your opinion on YG Ent lately ? Posted: Jun 20, 2013 @ 6:52 pm
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SojuPang You basically said everything I've been saying to my sister for the past week, so I agree 200%.
Post subject: Re: Kpop fans what's your opinion on YG Ent lately ? Posted: Jun 20, 2013 @ 9:17 pm
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toradora101 Imma gonna make this short sweet and simple and too the point.

I agree.
Post subject: Re: Kpop fans what's your opinion on YG Ent lately ? Posted: Jun 21, 2013 @ 3:53 pm
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Post subject: Re: Wait Kim and Kanye actually named their baby North? Posted: Jun 21, 2013 @ 8:12 pm
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nugu I don't see the big deal the song is better than CL's crap this year. The video is the only bad thing.
Post subject: Re: Did you guys see Miley Cyrus' new music video?? Posted: Jun 21, 2013 @ 9:33 pm
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sparklemm SPICA
Lunafly ( although they're not really idols )
My favorite rookie group of 2012 in fact,i remember how much i posted about them on the old akp,but...
so irrelevant,always a few to none responses which makes me sad.

Did you listen to their latest album?

So they released something new ?
I haven't been up to date on the new kpop releases. I'm slowly catching up but there's just too many of those groups who release stuff on weekly basis.
Here,if you're interested

It's pretty good imo,although the title tracks seems weak compared to the other tracks,but their
live performances aren't any less awesome.
Post subject: Re: A rookie group that i wish would get more success. Posted: Jun 22, 2013 @ 10:14 am
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Nova_REMIX I'm a part of a LOT of fandoms, but the main fandoms I stan are the YGE ones:

VIPs; Love hate relationship. I've met plenty of VIPs who are open to judgment and notice the faults of the BigBang members both on the K-POP sites and on Tumblr. Love them, but then there are some that I just can't stand and think BigBang is sent from glory and everyone else is underneath of them and even bash their own label mates.

Blackjacks. AKA FUCKING HOT MESS. As of right now, there IS no such thing as Blackjacks. More like "I'm biased to a member or two of 2NE1, and I hate the others." Like someone else stated before, before we had a lot of information in regards to CL's solo, there was a silly rumor going around that CL would have a solo album. So a lot of Bomshells and Daralings started attacking CL calling her the most AWFUL names saying that CL doesn't deserve anything before Bom or Dara do and coming up with stupid ass excuses as to why despite the fact that CL had NOTHING while Bom has 2 all-kill songs (one of them being a perfect all kill), and Dara had a solo song and COUNTLESS CFs (even to a point where she GAVE the Cass CF to CL). Meanwhile Minzy and CL had nothing. They even said 2NE1 should promote first "since we miss them all together," fully not being aware of the fact that this promotion is the SAME method Yang Hyn Suk did in 2011 (Bom getting a solo first before the actual 2NE1 promotions began). Fast forward, post-CL's song, Bomshells and Daralings were STILL bashing CL saying that she's "ruining 2NE1's image" after the song turned out to be a bust. Even netizens fully knew that CL was hurting her OWN image. Not fully of 2NE1's. 2NE1's comeback would still have hype regardless. So of course, CLassifieds/CLovers turned really vicious and started attacking Bomshells/Daralings. And then, it escalated to a point where CLassifieds/CLovers were even attacking Minzy because Minzy wasn't advertising CL's song like the rest of the members of YGE were (there were rumors that Minzy was going through a troubling time during the release of CL's song). However, CLassifieds/CLovers kinda did have a logical reasoning because Minzy was still tweeting as if she were in her own little world about her dog, the food she made for her family, etc. So right now I'm really not liking my fandom despite the fact that I am a Blackjack.

High Skoolers & HiHeels: Nothing to complain about. They're the chillest of the YGE fandoms.
Post subject: Re: Do you like your own fandom? Posted: Jun 22, 2013 @ 3:58 pm
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misowwird I’m not really the type of a kpop fan who stans a company but I actually do like Pledis Entertainment. Yes they do have issues, just like every single other company in the kpop business, but the music that is being produced and released is actually really good! The main issue that Pledis has is the graduation system in After School.If this was Japan it would work, but this is S.Korea not Japan. There are many many issues with it. When the popular member ( Rebekah and Kahi ) left a large portion of After School fans just left the fanclub and stopped carrying about AS.Also I will probably get a lot of hate and bashing for saying this, but I’m gonna say it anyways. It seems that Pledis is replacing those members that graduated with pretty girls with questionable level of talent. I don’t even know the name of the member who replaced Kahi. I know that Eyoung joined the group 2 years ago when Rebekah left but I have not heard about her having any contributions to the music that AS releases until now. It seems that finally after 2 years Pledis decided to let her compose and write lyrics ( I might be wrong about it ).

I do think that Pledis debuting “17” is a major mistake, because it’s just too soon for it. Also they have groups that they debuted last year ( NU’EST and Hello Venus ) they should be focusing on those groups rather than debuting someone new. There’s enough rookies in kpop already and majority of them are forgotten. I’m not sure how popular NU’EST is internationally and domestically but it seems that Hello Venus was a hit for Pledis because I noticed that a lot of people know who the are and are a fan of them, which is a good thing.

Last but not least there’s Son Dam Bi. I actually never cared about this woman until last year. When I heard ‘Dripping Tears’ that was it. I was hooked. I’m still listening to that song, it’s one of the kpop songs I mostly listen to. It’s so amazing and flawless. I wish that Pledis put more effort into her as well. Once again I’m not too sure as to what she was doing prior to making her comeback. I heard that she was acting or modeling or something like that.

In conclusion, from my perspective it seems that a lot of kpop fans are really underestimating Pledis because their idols aren’t really that popular,but everyone deserves a chance. Pledis Entertainment has been in the industry since 2007, the CEO of Pledis worked as a manager for SM Entertainment prior to opening his own agency. Kahi and Son Dam Bi made the company into what it is now. Kahi was a dance teacher for other idols including Son Dam Bi. She also hand picked the 1st generation of AS members and also trained them how to dance.

wow.. thank you for the essay lol
Post subject: Re: Your favorite Kpop Company/Ent. Posted: Jun 22, 2013 @ 4:07 pm
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Tragedy hyuna at 3

i can't
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CupcakesForever Well . . . at least they got Ailee in the right place.
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ImAShawolForOnew I'm happy with the first two.
Taeyeon should stay where she is, if that's something you're annoyed about.
I think she's overrated as a singer

Where's CSJH? They should be near the top top

I'm not annoyed by Tae being @ #10. I'm annoyed by Hyuna being @ #3. She can't even sing.
I do agree Tae is overrated as a singer , but so is Park Bom who's also on that list .
Post subject: Re: Germany has some extremely delusional kpop fans. Posted: Jun 22, 2013 @ 6:41 pm
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SugarShapley Yoooo
Did y'all miss me?
No? Ok T.T

Anyway I'm back from my trip to France~
I've learned a lot of interesting things, such as: ppl in southern France drive like crazy motherfuckers (if you're from over there and you have to get your driver's license soon then AHAHAHA have fun), and there's a toilet cleaning company called BIG BANG. No shit. Literally. God, dem flat jokes.

Anyway, turns out my french isn't even as shitty as I thought despite my last lessons being like what, 3 years ago? My dad's french is very shitty though and he was not afraid to proudly flaunt it wherever we went. I've never seen anyone pretend he can speak a language with so much confidence and conviction aside from my little cousin singing Rihanna songs like S&M on the swing in my granny's garden in a complete gibberish version and insisting that it's English. Back on topic, it was a great trip~ and well I literally just came back at 4 o'clock or smth but I can't fucking fall asleep now which is why I'm online at frickin six thirty.
Post subject: I'm back my loves Posted: Jun 22, 2013 @ 8:25 pm
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damianb wrote:
jojo85ers wrote:
damianb wrote:
Lana Del Rey

wow she look like a queen <3 asinger or an actress?

Singer - songwriter.

I checked what a classic!!!
Post subject: Re: Super Junior VS EXO Posted: Jun 22, 2013 @ 8:45 pm
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Yeah, I think it's because we're both polish and talk a lot about non-kpop artists in our threads, idk. You must sort of feel insulted by the comparison considering how the way I type is so much more ratchet than yours though XD. Wow, that sounds pretty bad.... I hope there won't be so many people with completely damaged homes and such again, I mean it's like Poland is never even done with helping the victims of the past floodings and then the next ones are already coming :/ ...

That's probably why.
This time the floods affected only the western region of Poland which is the worst region. I remember that huge flood that happen in the 90s, oh it was horrible. Government is offering help to all those affected by those flood but usually they don't keep their promises.
This is like the 3rd flood that happened in the last 5 years.

Ugh I know, last year or maybe 2 years ago when I went to visit my family we were all collecting clothing and toys and such for the people affected by the last flood, one of the families actually told us that this was the second time it happened to them and that they basically had just built their house and couldn't even move in there now, I've heard some people are still living in random improvised bungalows even though the government said they were only a temporary solution and it's all just a mess really. Doesn't help that there aren't enough flats for the amount of people in Poland in general either...
Post subject: Re: Re: Posted: Jun 22, 2013 @ 9:31 pm
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Riley Besides the fact that they're super talented, unique and have catchy songs.


SeeU is a Japanese and Korean product created by SBS Artech. Her voice is provided by GLAM's own Dahee. She often performs with GLAM on stage. Since SeeU is both Japanese and Korean, she is meant to create bond between both countries (who are know to have a great dislike for one-another).

Party (XXO)
'Party (XXO)' is a song about genderless love. GLAM is trying to send the message that it's alright to love someone regardless of their gender. I think this is a great message, especially in Korea where LGBT people are seen in a very negative light by the general public.

I Like That
'I Like That' is a song about being trying to be happy with your life. GLAM talks about feeling alone. Even if they are sad, they try to make it a better situation by saying "I Like That". This fights against a very big problem in South Korea: depression and suicide.

In Front of the Mirror
'In Front of the Mirror' is a song about being self-conscious. GLAM explores not feeling pretty with themselves, and show even gorgeous girls like themselves feel ugly sometimes. They finally realize that they are beautiful people not because of their looks, but because of their hearts. Again, we see the group fighting against one of Korea's flaws, high beauty standards.

They spread a multitude of positive messages. Another reason why GLAM is so amazing.
Post subject: Another reason why GLAM is such an amazing group Posted: Jun 23, 2013 @ 12:14 pm
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