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rose_lily wrote:i'm listening.

You should listen to Listen

Post subject: Re: Posted: Sep 07, 2014 @ 4:20 pm
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J-Arc You're thirstier for him than I am

Time to step my game up
Post subject: Re: Nipple Boy at the Beach ♥ Posted: Jun 13, 2013 @ 5:23 pm
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Post subject: Re: Cooking with J-Arc 10: "Ken't Hyde My Love For" Pizza Posted: Aug 25, 2013 @ 9:04 am
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badtzmaru No one currs.

You used to be relevant.

I'm dropping you for success.
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boa578  [Instiz]  Things that ruin your drama viewing experience
1. When the lead actress is worse at acting than an idol

2. When an idol takes on an important role and sucks at it

3. When you think a role is an idol because they suck at acting but they're actually an actor

4. When your bias idol is in a drama but they suck at acting

5. When the lead character insists on a ridiculous fashion style

6. When characters try too hard to look sexy

7. When the drama's plot randomly gets lost in the mountain

8. When the plot is finally wrapping up but the ending ruins everything

9. When forced product placement ruins everything

10. When the lead tries to overreact but it's not natural at all

11. When there's a huge age gap but they act like it's not there

12. When history is distorted

13. When a musical actor/model only you knew lands a hit drama and becomes popular

14. When people think your favorite actor looks average or ugly when it's just for the role

15. When your favorite comic/foreign drama is remade and it sucks

16. When your favorite character in that drama sucks even more

17. When child actors are better actors than the lead adults

18. When you watch a drama for an actor you know is good but they suck in this drama

19. When a drama is randomly ended early

20. When an actor randomly leaves the drama

21. When the make up doesn't fit the drama

22. When a drama made for family viewing is makjang

23. When you're watching with your family and there's a random embarrassing scene

24. When the feelings of women are interpreted weirdly

25. When the lead character is put through just too much

26. When the child and adult actors don't match at all

27. When the saturi is so off

28. When an important actor or character resembles too much of something

29. When an affair is considered love

30. When the leading actor gets into a scandal

31. When every second is precious on the run but she somehow has a full face of make up on

32. When you worry about an actor in a public relationship having a love scene in their drama

33. When characters are aged rapidly

34. When antagonists just go too far

35. When historical dramas get everything about the outfits wrong

36. When your bias idol randomly gets thrown into a love line without allowing you time for preparation

37. When the CG is so bad

38. When the character's a female disguised as a male and everyone believes it but you

39. When a character is poor and unemployed but owns an infinite amount of outfits, heels, and bags

40. When a character sleeps, washes her face, or puts on lotion with a full face of make up

41. When your favorite novel becomes a drama with complete disregard to the plot
Post subject: [Instiz] Ruined drama moments Posted: Sep 23, 2014 @ 6:10 pm
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special1005 so sharing and expressing one opinion that is the opposite of op's is ganging up on her? niiiice.
with all this sensitiveness it's not a surprise this forum lacks activity
Jump to post Posted: Nov 10, 2014 @ 6:26 pm
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SugarShapley Sounds like he's just socially anxious. I know this from my own experience, I can sing on stage or hold speeches well because then I don't have to address anybody in particular, but put me in a situation where I'm supposed to get directly in contact with people, and I will start to mumble and stutter and get sweaty hands or just avoid their gaze in hopes that it will make me invisible to them so that I don't have to say anything. Sometimes I stand there for a hell of a long time "ignoring" someone trying to gather the courage to even say anything, and even then it comes out awkward. A lot of people who don't know me think I'm arrogant. So yeah, I obviously wouldn't know for certain but it's always better to not judge anyone too hastily.
Post subject: Re: Vixx Leo - My opinion and experience Posted: Nov 12, 2014 @ 2:40 am
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shinymeanho I was just on tumblr and I saw a post with regards to how riots benifitted (is that a word, idek) history. But what I feel as that whoever made the post and those who reblogged fail to understand is that these history changing things were protests, not riots.
Protests are usually carried out in a peaceful manner with people parading around for a cause, standing up for their rights.
Rioting, however, destroys businesses, homes, and has little to no general cause.
I know I probably sound really stupid right now, but it just gets me so angry because I honestly do not agree with rioting because I hate the idea of people ruining businesses that other probably depend on for a means of income to support themselves and their families. Riots do not necessarily benefit the cause and in fact make the rest of the protesters who are actually cooperating in a peaceful manner look bad.
All of the movements, to the women's rights movements, to the gay rights movements, were all carried out during protests, not riots. Well atleast for me, the only ones I've heard about with regards to these movements were protesting, not rioting. 

Also, in case some of you are about to gang up on me, I am not "anti-black" nor was this post in any way shape or form a racial thing. I am in complete support of what the PROTESTS are aiming to achieve.

If this post has offended anyone at all, please feel free to evacuate this post. Also I'm sorry, but this is simply just my opinion. I mean, imagine rioters breaking into your homes and stealing your possessions, or breaking your property with no means of repaying you. Or someone breaking into your work and pretty much destroying it so you have to close it down for weeks to months on end until you can re-open it again, meaning you have no income for a while so you can't support your families.

I think PROTESTING is an amazing, peaceful way to stand up for something you believe in and allows for an entire community to come together to achieve a change in society. RIOTING does nothing to help this.

Sorry I needed to say this to someone/something because it gets on my nerves a little bit that people encourage this sort of behaviour and glorify it like it's no big deal. 
Post subject: The difference between protesting and rioting Posted: Nov 28, 2014 @ 10:42 pm
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shinymeanho We've lost another member but alas I'm sure our babies will be just as awesome whenever they comeback.
But I think for now we should pay our tributes to Jooyeon.
Post subject: Playgirlz an Playboyz let's have a group hug Posted: Dec 22, 2014 @ 12:00 am
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