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minkwon2 wrote:
amheo wrote:Someone you'd never expect....?


LOL no
Post subject: Re: I just realized whose on those fake accounts Posted: May 19, 2013 @ 3:23 pm
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tabloholic I agree.
It hurts too much to talk about akp.

Post subject: Re: AKP people Posted: May 19, 2013 @ 3:24 pm
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cornbreesha Hi, I'm Cornbreesha and I don't know what I'm doing. Please help me and be my friend.
I feel so lost. :sad:
Post subject: How do I work this place? Posted: May 19, 2013 @ 2:51 pm
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taeny13 i'm new obviously i just wanted to say hi~
my biases are "
snsd, t-ara, 2ne1, exo, & bap :3
Post subject: hello guys :3 Posted: May 19, 2013 @ 3:47 pm
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Sephy Hi everyone!!
I'm Sephy :D
I love pretty much almost all groups and a member of almost all fandoms lol
But I'm more of a BANA, Inspirit, Starlight, Crown right now
Nice to meet you :embarassed:
Post subject: Hey there Posted: May 19, 2013 @ 3:54 pm
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tabloholic So, I just want to introduce myself to the non-akp people and to the apkers who don't know me.

Anyway hi, call me Laura or whatever you want. My biases are Epik High, BB, 2ne1, Block B, Nell, 10cm, Giriboy, everyone in amoeba culture, Verbal Jint and a shit ton more.
My ultimate bias is obviously Kai.
jk, it's Tablo. That hoe.

And oh, can I just say how fucking nice the admins are.
Post subject: Uhm , I'm late. Posted: May 19, 2013 @ 3:54 pm
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minkwon2 wrote:oh god

you're lightning farron aren't you

what? omg is that someone from allkpop?
i have no idea who that is:3
Post subject: Re: hello guys :3 Posted: May 19, 2013 @ 3:49 pm
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rananicolee She's doing us the best favor though.
Post subject: Re: GLUE STOP MAKING ALL THOSE OFFICIAL THREADS Posted: May 19, 2013 @ 4:02 pm
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amheo I think it just makes your friendship official. I'm sure new features will be added later.
Post subject: Re: is there a point in adding someone? Posted: May 19, 2013 @ 4:05 pm
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minkwon2 wrote:Letting them know you like them.

well it's no wonder i haven't added you
Post subject: Re: is there a point in adding someone? Posted: May 19, 2013 @ 4:06 pm
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tabloholic Can we get a toolbar in pms? That would be nice, because I like sending gifs and pictures to random people to creep them out, but I can't do that here. :sad:
Post subject: About PMs. Posted: May 19, 2013 @ 4:08 pm
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IT'S GOT LIKE ALL THE BEST FRUIT FLAVORS INTO ONE :smooch: :smooch: :smooch: :smooch:

I'm in heaven. What's your favorite ice cream flavors? :lol:
Post subject: Eating rainbow ice cream right now Posted: May 19, 2013 @ 4:07 pm
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tabloholic wrote:
Seungslut wrote:i like chocolate mint

You have no soul.

You have no heart. Chocolate mint is delicious :serious:

minkwon2 wrote:You've never had rainbow ice cream?
You seriously need to get off the internet.

I guess this is goodbye, kpopselca. T.T

jk <3
Post subject: Re: Eating rainbow ice cream right now Posted: May 19, 2013 @ 4:10 pm
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Seungslut wrote:i like chocolate mint

You have no soul.
Post subject: Re: Eating rainbow ice cream right now Posted: May 19, 2013 @ 4:08 pm
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anjel5521 All of my threads are becoming suggestions... :embarassed:

So right now every thread that is getting replies shows up in the active topics. Idk if this is something that can be changed easily but I think it'd be a little more useful if this side panel excluded official artist threads.

Well normal topics only get replies from time to time but artist threads on the other hand usually get replies constantly. Once we get more users here we will have artists threads that keep up conversations nonstop. The artist threads only really appeal to fans of specific groups and they will push down threads about other topics in the list.

My suggestion then is that the active topics list only include threads that aren't official artist threads (aren't in the artist forum). That way people who want to know about...idk, Sistar's new photoshoot for instance, can just go find the Sistar thread while those who don't care about it can see more topics about things that might be more interesting to them.
Post subject: Artist threads Posted: May 19, 2013 @ 1:53 pm
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♕ Fanclub Name: VIP ♕

Big Bang or Bigbang (Korean: 빅뱅; stylized as BIGBANG) is a South Korean male group under the management of YG Entertainment. Formed in 2006, the group consists of G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri. Big Bang is known for their unique urban-originated music and fashion style. The members' involvement in composing and producing their own music, most notably leader G-Dragon, has earned the group respect and praise from music industry experts. [Taken From Wikipedia] . 


♕ G-Dragon ♕ 
Real Name: Kwon Ji-yong (권지용)
Birthday: August 18, 1988
Solo Releases: Heartbreaker (2009)
One of a Kind (2012)
Coup D'Etat (2013)
Twitter | Instagram | me2day | Youtube | Weibo

♕ T.O.P ♕ 
Real Name: Choi Seung-hyun (최승현)
Birthday: November 4, 1987
Solo Releases: Turn it Up (2010)
Doom Dada (2013)
me2day | Instagram 

♕ Taeyang ♕ 
Real Name: Dong Young-bae (동영배)
Birthday: May 18, 1988
Solo Releases: Hot (2008)
Solar (2010)
Rise (2014)
Twitter | Instagram | me2day | Youtube | Weibo

♕ Daesung ♕ 
Real Name: Kang Dae-sung (강대성)
Birthday: April 26, 1989
Solo Releases: D'scover (2013)
I Love You (2013)
Rainy Rainy (2014)

♕ Seungri ♕ 
Real Name: Lee Seung-hyun (이승현)
Birthday: December 12, 1990
Solo Releases: VVIP (2011)
Let's Talk About Love (2013)
Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Official Facebook | me2day | Weibo | Youtube 

Official Website
Offical YGex Website (Japanese)
Official Youtube Channel
Official Facebook
Official Fan Cafe
Official Weibo
♕ Bigbang thread tinychat ♕

Official G-Dragon Thread | Official T.O.P Thread | Official Taeyang Thread
Official Daesung Thread | Official Seungri Thread

Korean Albums

Bigbang Vol.1 (2006)
Always (2007)
Hot Issue (2008)
Stand Up (2008)
Remember (2008)
Tonight (2011)
Big Bang Special Edition (2011)
Alive (2012)
Still Alive Special Edition (2012)

Japanese Albums

For the World (2008)
With U (2008)
Number 1 (2008)
Big Bang (2009)
Big Bang 2 (2011)
Alive (2012)
Alive Monster Edition (2012)

Solo Albums

Heartbreaker (2009)
Shine A Light – Live Concert CD (2010)
One Of A Kind – Mini Album (2012)
Coup D'Etat (2013)

GD&TOP (2010)

Hot – Mini Album (2008)
Solar – Deluxe Edition (2010)
Solar (2010)
Solar – International Release (2010)
Rise (2014)

D’scover - Japan Cover Album (2013)
I Love You - 2nd Japan Album (2013)
Rainy Rainy - Japan Mini Album (2014)

V.V.I.P – Mini Album (2011)
Let's Talk About Love - Mini Album (2013)
Let's Talk About Love - Japan Album (2013)

'Stay With Me' - Taeyang (2014)
'Dirty Vibe' - Skrillex (2014)
'Going to Try' - Hyung Yong Don Jyong for November Infinity Challenge (2013)
'Bubble Butt' - Major Lazer Ft. Bruno Mars, G-Dragon, T.O.P, Tyga and Mystic (2013)
'Let's Talk About Love' - Seungri (2013)
‘Blue Frog’ – PSY (2012)
‘Dancing on my Own’ – Pixie Lott (2012)
‘I Cheated’ – GG feat. Bom for August Infinity Challenge (2011)
‘Open the Window’ – Seungri (2011)
‘I Need a Girl’ – Taeyang (2010)
‘Rain is Fallin’ – w-inds (2009)
‘What’ – YMGA (2008)
‘D.I.S.C.O Part 2’ – Um Jung Hwa (2008)
‘D.I.S.C.O’ – Um Jung Hwa (2008)
‘Intro (Work in Now’) – Gummy (2008)
‘So in Love Part 2’ – Kim Jo-Han (2007)
‘Super Fly’ – Lexy (2007)
‘Can You Feel Me’ – Se7en (2006)
‘Run’ – Se7en (2006)
‘Scarecrow’ – Masta Wu (2003)
‘Intro’ – Se7en (2003)
‘Opening, Ending Theme’ – Space HipHop Duck Animation OST (2002)
‘Hip Hop Gentlemen’ – YG Family (2002)
‘Why Be Normal’ – YG Familiy (2002)
‘To That Higher Place’ – YG Family (2002)
‘Magic Eye’ – Wheesung (2002)
‘G-Dragon, Storm’ – Perry (2001)

'Bubble Butt' - Major Lazer Ft. Bruno Mars, G-Dragon, T.O.P, Tyga and Mystic (2013)
‘Dancing on my Own’ – Pixie Lott (2012)
‘Digital Bounce’ – Se7en (2010)
‘Friend’ – Friend, Our Legend MBC TV Drama OST (2009)
‘All I See is You’ – Zia (2008)
‘D.I.S.C.O’ – Um Jung Hwa (2008)
‘I’m Sorry’ – Gummy (2008)
‘Hello’ – Redroc (2007)
‘Super Fly’ – Lexy (2007)

'Eyes, Nose, Lips' cover - Tablo (2014)
'Let's Talk About Love' - Seungri (2013)
‘Tomorrow’ – Tablo (2011)
‘By Instinct (Remix)’ – Swings (2011)
‘Fall in Love’ – Aoyama Teruma (2010)
‘Korean Dream’ – G-Dragon (2009)
‘Friend’ – Friend, Our Legend MBC TV Drama OST (2009)
‘Real Talk’ – YMGA (2008)
‘Shouldn’t Have Fallen in Love Too Deep’ – Kim Johan (2007)
‘Get Up’ – Lexy (2007)
‘Rush’ – Lexy (2007)
‘Super Fly’ – Lexy (2007)
‘Please Say Yes’ – Se7en (2006)
‘Run’ – Se7en (2006)
‘Player’ – Wheesung (2003)
‘Let me Dance’ – Lexy (2003)
‘Everybody Get Down’ – SWI.T (2002)
‘To That Higher Place’ – YG Family (2002)
‘Why Be Normal’ – YG Family (2002)

'親愛なる君 (To You My Beloved)' - Gummy (2013)
‘Lunatic’ – What’s Up MBN TV Drama OST (2011)
'How Did We Get' - Lee Hyori (2010)
'Family Day' - with Family Outing cast (2008)
‘Now, We…’ – Nemo (2007)

'I Believe' - May J (2013)

We Belong Together + BigBang Is V.I.P
A Fool's Only Tears
This Love
Ma Girl
Forever With U
Goodbye Baby
Dirty Cash
Last Farewell
Haru Haru
My Heaven
Oh My Friend
Number 1
With U
How Gee
Sunset Glow
Lollipop feat. 2NE1
Koe o Kikasete
Lollipop Pt.2
Tell Me Goodbye
Beautiful Hangover
Love Song
The North Face (CF original song)
Fantastic Baby
Bad Boy
Bae Bae 
Bang Bang Bang 
We Like 2 Party
Let's Not Fall in Love

This Love
A Boy
One of a Kind
That XX
Coup D'Etat
Who You?

Turn It Up
Doom Dada

Ma Girl
Only Look At Me
Where U At
Wedding Dress
You're My/I Need A Girl
I’ll Be There
Ringa Linga (Dance MV)
Ringa Linga
눈,코,입 (Eyes, Nose, Lips)
새벽한시 (1AM)

Wings (Japanese version)
I Love You (short version)
I Love You (Drama OST Version)
Utai no Ballad (short version)
Rainy Rainy (short version)
Rainy Rainy (full version)

Strong Baby
What Can I Do
Gotta Talk To U
Gotta Talk To U (Japanese version)
I Believe (May J and Seungri)
Sorani ni Egaku Omoi

High High
Baby Goodnight
Don’t Leave
Oh Yeah feat. Bom

GD X Taeyang
Good Boy

TV Drama
Iris – Vick (2009, KBS)
I Am Sam – Chae Moo-Shin (2007, KBS)

Commitment - Myung-Hoon (2013)
71: Into The Fire – Oh Jang-Bum (2010)
Nineteen – Seo Jung-Hoon (2009)
Iris the Movie – Vick (2009)

Angel Eyes - Teddy Seo (2014)

Mobile Drama
Yubikoi ~ Kimini Okuru Message (Japanese) - Han Seungho (2013)

Kindaichi (Japanese TV Movie) - Kim Ryongdong (2013)
Nineteen – Park Min-Seo (2009)
Why Did You Come to My House? – Jimin (2009)

Shouting – Seungri (2009)
Sonagi - Boy (2008)

TV Drama
MBN What's Up – Ha Do-Sung (2011)

CATS - Rum Tum Tugger (2008)

2012 Dec [BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 : The Final] (Seoul)
2013 Jan [BIGBANG Alive Tour 2012] (Osaka)
2012 Dec [BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012] (Hong Kong, London)
2012 Dec [BIGBANG Alive Tour 2012] (Tokyo, Fukuoka)
2012 Nov [BIGBANG Alive Tour 2012] (Osaka)
2012 Nov [BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012] (Los Angeles, Newark, Lima)
2012 Oct [BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012]
(Bangkok, Jakarta, Taipei, Manila, Kuala Lumpur)
2012 Sep [BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012] (Singapore)
2012 Aug [BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012] (Beijing)
2012 Jul [BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012] (Shanghai, Guangzou)
2012 Jun [BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR 2012] (Osaka, Saitama, Fukuoka)
2012 May [BIGBANG Alive Tour 2012] (Nagoya, Yokohama, Osaka)
2012 Mar 2012 BIGSHOW [BIGBANG Alive Tour 2012] (Seoul)
2012 Jan YG 15th Anniversary [YG Family Concert] (Osaka, Tokyo)
2011 Dec YG 15th Anniversary [YG Family Concert] (Seoul)
2011 May 2011 BIGBANG [Presents Love & Hope Tour] (Osaka, Chiba, Nagoya)
2011 Feb 2011 BIGBANG Concert [BIGSHOW] (Seoul)
2010 Dec 2010 [YG Family Concert] (Seoul)
2010 Feb 2010 [Electric Love Tour] (Yokohama, Kobe, Tokyo)
2010 Jan 2010 BIGBANG Concert [BIGSHOW] (Seoul)
2009 Jan~Feb 2009 BIGBANG Concert [BIGSHOW] (Seoul)
2008 Oct~Nov [Stand Up Tour 08] Japan (Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo)
2008 Mar~Jun 2008 World Tour Live Concert [Global Warning Tour]
(Japan, Busan, Gwangju, Wonju, Daegu, Thailand, Seoul)
2007 Dec 2007 YG Family 2007 - 2008 [One Concert] (Seoul)
2007 Dec 2nd Live Concert [The Great] (Seoul)
2007 May~Jul BIGBANG Korea Tour Live Concert [Want You]
(Incheon, Chuncheon, Daegu, Chagwon, Jeonju)
2006 Dec BIGBANG 1st Live Concert [The Real] (Seoul)
2006 Aug~Oct [YG 10th Anniversary YG FAMILY World Tour Concert]
(Seoul, Osaka, Tokyo, Washington DC, New York, LA)

2013 Jun MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2013 'Fantastic Baby'
[Best Dance Video]
2013 Feb 2nd Gaon Chart K-POP Awards
'Blue' (Feb) [Song of the year (Digital Awards)]
'Fantastic Baby' (Mar) [Song of the year (Digital Awards)]
'Alive' (1st Quarter) [Albums of year]
2013 Jan 22nd High1 Seoul Music Awards [Song of the year]
2013 Jan 27th Golden Disk 'Fantastic Baby'
[Song of The Year, MSN International Award]
2013 Jan 27th 2012 The Japan Gold Disk Award 'Alive' [Best 3 Album (Asia)]
2012 Dec 2012 Melon Music Awards [TOP 10]
2012 Nov Asian Music Awards 'Fantastic Baby' [Artist of The Year],
[Best Male Group, Guardian Angel Worldwide Performer]
2012 May MTV Italy TRL Awards 2012 [Best Fan]
2012 Mar Cyworld Digital Music Awards
'Fantastic Baby' [Song Of The Month, March]
2012 Feb Cyworld Digital Music Awards 'Blue' [Song Of The Month, February]
2012 Feb 1st GAON Chart K-POP Award 'Love Song'(April) [Artist of the year]
2011 Nov Asian Music Awards [Best Music Video]
2011 Nov 3rd Melon Music Awards [TOP 10]
2011 Nov 2011 MTV EMA [Worldwide Act]
2011 Apr Singapore Entertainment Awards(SEA) [2011 Most Popular Korea Artist]
2010 Dec 52nd Japan Record Awards [Gold Award]
2010 Nov 2010 Korea Culture & Art Awards [Award of Ministry of Culture]
2010 Jul UN Asia-Pacific Global Tolerance With Music 2010 [Global Unity Award]
2010 May MTV World Stage Video Music Awards Japan
[Best Pop Video, Best New Artist Video, Best Collaboration]
2010 Mar Space Shower TV Music Video Awards [Dance Video]
2010 Mar Cyworld Digital Awards 2009 [Song of the year]
2010 Feb 24th Japan Gold Disc Awards [Best 5 New Artists]
2009 Dec Korea Contents Awards [Award of Ministry of Culture for Global Artist]
2009 Dec 42nd Japan Cable Broadcasting Award s [New Artist, Best New Artist]
2009 Dec 51st Japan Record Awards [New Artist, Best New Artist]
2009 Nov Japan NTV Best Hit Awards [Gold Artist]
2009 Sep Asia Song Festival [Best Asia Artist]
2009 Aug 20´s Choice [Hot CF Star]
2009 Apr Cyworld Digital Music Awards 'Lollipop' [Song Of The Month, April]
2009 Apr 2nd Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards [Bes Male Artist]
2009 Mar 21st Korea Producer’s Awards [Best Singer]
2009 Feb 18th High-1 Seoul Music Awards
[Bon Sang, Best Album, Mobile Popularity, High-1 Music]
2008 Dec Korea Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
[Minister Yoo, In-Chon’s Commendation]
2008 Dec 2008 9th Korea National Assembly Awards [Popular Songs]
2008 Nov Cyworld Digital Music Awards
'Sunset Glow' [Song Of The Month, November]
2008 Nov Cosmopolitan 100th Issue Event Festival [Artist of the Year]
2008 Nov KM Music Festival
[Artist of the Year, Male Group, Digital Music, Music Portal]
2008 Oct 2008 Style Icon Awards [Best Male Artist]
2008 Sep 35th Korea Broadcast Award [New Artist]
2008 Aug Cyworld Digital Music Awards 'Haru Haru' [Song Of The Month, August]
2008 Aug 20´s Choice [Hot Trend Musician]
2008 Jun 2008 [SMBI (Star Marketing Brand Index) for 1st half Winner]
2008 Apr 1st Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards [Bes Male Artist]
2008 Mar 5th Korea Music Awards [Best Dance & Electronic Song]
2008 Jan 17th High-1 Seoul Music Awards [Digital Music, Bon Sang, Winner]
2007 Dec 22nd Golden Disk [Song of the year]
2007 Dec 8th Korea Visual Arts Festival Male Artist Category [Photogenic Star]
2007 Dec Cyworld Digital Music Awards
'Last Farewell' [Song Of The Month, December]
2007 Nov KM Music Festival
[Song of the Year, Best Male Group, Song Arrangement]
2007 Sep Cyworld Digital Music Awards 'Lie' [Song Of The Month, September]
2007 Aug Cyworld Digital Music Awards 'Lie' [Song Of The Month, August]
2006 Oct Cyworld Digital Music Awards
'La-La-La' [Rookie Of The Month, October]

2013 Nov Asian Music Awards [Artist Of The Year]
2013 Nov Asian Music Awards [Best Male Artist]
2013 Nov Asian Music Awards [Best Dance Performance Male Solo (Crooked)]
2013 Nov Asian Music Awards [Nissan Juke Best M/V (COUP D'ETAT)]
2013 Sep 27 KBS [Music Bank] 'Crooked' Winner
2013 Sep SBS [The Music Trend] 'Crooked' Winner 2 weeks in a row
2013 Sep [M Countdown] `Black` Winner 2 weeks in a row
2013 Sep 15 SBS [The Music Trend] `COUP D'ETAT` Winner
2013 Sep 20 KBS [Music Bank] `Who You` Winner
2013 Sep 22 SBS [The Music Trend] `Crooked` Winner
2013 Mar 3rd Rhythmer Awards 'One Of A Kind' [Rap/Hip Hop Single of the Year]
2013 Feb Korea Popular Music Awards 'One Of A Kind' [Best Rap&Hip hop Song]
2013 Feb Forbes Korea [Korea 2030 Power Leader]
2013 Jan 22nd Seoul Music Awards 'One Of A Kind' [Best Album]
2013 Jan 27th Golden Disk 'Crayon' [Song of The Year, CeCi Popularity Award]
2012 Dec MBC Entertainment Awards [Entertainment Guinness Awards]
2012 Nov 30 Asian Music Awards 'Crayon' [Best Male Artist]
2012 Sep~Oct 11 [M Countdown] ‘Crayon’ Winner 3 weeks in a row
2012 Feb Forbes Korea [Korea Power Leader]
2011 Nov 2011 Melon Music Awards [Hot Trend Award (GG-I Cheated)]
2011 Jul Cyworld Digital Music Awards
[Song Of The Month, July (GG-I Cheated (feat.Bom))]
2010 Mar 2009 Cyworld Digital Music Awards
[Bon Sang, Ting’s Choice Top Seller Artist]
2009 Dec 1st Melon Music Awards [TOP 10, Album of the Year]
2009 Nov Asian Music Awards(MAMA) [Album of the Year]
2009 Sep Cyworld Digital Music Awards
[Song Of The Month, September (Heart Breaker)]
2009 Sep [M Countdown] ‘Heartbreaker’ Winner 3 weeks in a row
2009 Sep SBS [The Music Trend] ‘Heartbreaker’ Mutizen Song 3 weeks in a row
2009 Aug~Sep KBS [Music Bank] ‘Heartbreaker’ Winner 5 weeks in a row
2008 Dec A-AWARD Top 8 Males of the Year [Style Category]
2008 Nov 2008 Shining Stars [Top 8 Producers of the Year]
2007 Nov KM Music Festival [Arrangement]

2013 Oct Busan International Film Festival Awards [Best New Actor]
2011 May 47th PaekSang Award [Best New Actor, Popularity Award]
2011 Jan Max Movie Award [Best New Actor]
2010 Nov 31st Blue Dragon Film Awards [Best New Actor, Popularity Award]
2010 Nov 3rd Style Icon Awards [New Style Icon Actor Award]
2010 Sep 47th Daejong Film Awards [Korean-Wave Popularity Award]

2011 Nov 2011 Melon Music Awards [Rap/Hiphop Award]
2011 Jan 09 SBS [The Music Trend] 'High High' Mutizen Song
2011 Jan 06 [M Countdown] 'High High' Winner
2010 Dec 30 [M Countdown] 'Oh Yeah' Winner

2014 Jul 06 SBS [The Music Trend] 'Eyes, Nose, Lips' Winner
2014 Jul 03 [M Countdown] 'Eyes, Nose, Lips' Winner
2014 Jun [M Countdown] 'Eyes, Nose, Lips' Winner 2 weeks in a row
2014 Jun SBS [The Music Trend] 'Eyes, Nose, Lips' Winner 2 weeks in a row
2014 Jun 20 KBS [Music Bank] 'Eyes, Nose, Lips' Winner
2014 Jun 14 MBC [Music Core] 'Eyes, Nose, Lips' Winner
2013 Nov 24 SBS [Inkigayo] 'Ringa Linga' Winner
2011 Feb 23 8th Korean Music Awards
Voted by Netizen [Male Musician of the Year]
2010 Nov 28 Asian Music Awards(MAMA) [Male Artist Award]
2010 Sep 02 [M Countdown] ‘I’ll Be There’ Winner
2010 Jul SBS [The Music Trend] ‘I Need A Girl’ Winner 2 weeks in a row
2010 Jul 16 KBS [Music Bank] ‘I Need A Girl’ K-Chart 1st
2010 Jul [M Countdown] ‘I Need A Girl’ Winner 2 weeks in a row
2009 Mar 12 6th Korean Music Awards [Best R&B/Soul Album , Best R&B/Soul Song]
2008 Jul SBS [The Music Trend] ‘Look Only At Me’ Mutizen Song 3 weeks in a row
2008 Jun, Jul [M Countdown] ‘Look Only At Me’ Winner 3 weeks in a row
2008 Jun KBS [Music Bank] ‘Hot’ K-Chart 1st 2 weeks in a row

GD X Taeyang
2015 Jan 4 [The Music Trend] 'Good Boy' Winner
2014 Nov 30 [The Music Trend] 'Good Boy' Winner

2011 Feb SBS [The Music Trend] ‘What Can I Do’ Mutizen Song 2 weeks in a row
2011 Feb [M Countdown] ‘What Can I Do’ Winner 2 weeks in a row
2011 Jan 27 [M Countdown] ‘V.V.I.P’ Winner
2009 Apr 20 3rd The Musical Awards [Popularity Actor]
2009 Feb, Mar SBS [The Music Trend] ‘Strong Baby’ Mutizen Song 3 weeks in a row
2009 Jan, Feb [M Countdown] ‘Strong Baby’ Winner 4 weeks in a row
(Only One Song of Feb)

Atothec193 orangelikesunset ooakmonster Queen95 anuyh lilayong immaberockinthis-ish naughtynoona jendarling solstice minglalaming yellowcrownstick neonarmy111 sweetdiabolic yukistar9 visionary kwongasm doraemon0 chiakisama88 goingtothebeat taeyeons liin810 ulzi zanji allrisegd Lemoneythekid Riley vie geriwuvgdragon greenlurker thas95 blueLove ImaSexyUnicorn Jix96 maivmaiv2 onhyunnie muzaiyan littlebigelf musicIS2livefor Sabila_NuRiani v_i_double_x arekkusu danie_chou risa6197 sjongfan ulzzangnicky ohailaurenn running-dragon suvizzz bunnymocha laila8 littlekth93 zarie93 indigo92

kissingkeke brandybacardi mxg07 browneyesoo1 AlmondCreamPuffs 12345nanananana yoly paradisekiss nayyi_cavves lynnx LittlePinky82 B-RAD beautyISthebeast chocofan

l0i0s tabloholic OfAllDays Ovoxo yukistar9 mydarlinglove vip0115 jemtop Riley ot12 AlmondCreamPuffs ImaSexyUnicorn starlightbeam getyourcrayon ayyu keke18 Ela_G qwerty123456 ravemastersama meili hongbin_swaggy EnigmaticAlly Jac underthetop danie_chou risa6197 hoshikama lily_21 nolimitinfinite sheapop top littlekth93

daeribiased medstudent daeslut ladyperona keilu kimmiyaa AlmondCreamPuffs keke18 bellamy littlebigelf banaparuu imla nolimitinfinite rcreacts suvizzz

kdragonkwon littlecherry Seungslut fatherseungri krungy doyouwannabe 12345nanananana dluffy

Biasless because the boys are too awesome to choose from
rananicolee sojupang intesa owlsarecool15 aurialle

GTOP (noun) – the ship name for TOP and G-Dragon; the uncle and his nephew; almond & chocolate.
Example: Watching the “Baby Goodnight” MV makes my GTOP feels go crazy.

ToDae (noun) – the ship name for TOP and Daesung; the ship that sails itself.
Example: All these piggyback rides are making my ToDae feels soar high.

SunDae (noun) – the ship name for Taeyang and Daesung; the soul mates.
Example: SunDae confirmed they’re soul mates on Real Sound by Taeyang.

GDYB (noun) – the ship name for G-Dragon and Taeyang; the BFFs.
Example: GDYB through the years is just beautiful.

Nyongtory (noun) – the ship name of G-Dragon and Seungri; Tom and Jerry.
Example: I grinned like mad when they acknowledged nyongtory.

GRi (noun) – see Nyongtory.
Example: The differences with GRi doing gwiyomi is kawaii.

DaeRi (noun) – the ship name of Daesung and Ri; the awkward maknaes.
Example: DaeRi’s in sync when dancing.

BaeRi (noun) – the ship name of Taeyang and Ri.
Example: Does BaeRi even exist?

Seungwhores (noun) – the ship name of TOP and Seungri; the hyung and the maknae.
Example: Awkward Seungwhore hug is awkward.

Big Bong (noun) – A Korean Pop boy group featuring G-Druggin, P.O.T, Teayang, Deasung and Towel Boy; often confused with Big Bang.
Example: Deasung from Big Bong is a better singer than Jansu from YJY.

Bingu (adjective) – comically stupid.
(verb) – the act of being comically stupid.
Example: (adjective) You look so bingu right now.
(verb) You can’t bingu your way out of this.

Choom (adjective) – as cool as TOP gets.
(verb) – doing TOP’s dance.
Example: (adjective) – I am choom TOP.
(verb) – Look at him choom!

Perv Noona* (noun) – a prominent species in the Official Big Bang thread; is often observed spazzing over new pictures, creating new words and terms, detailing lewd fantasies, and wanting to bounce pennies off of dat ass among other things.
Example: I am 25 years old and I am a certified Perv Noona.

Perv Noona Council* (noun) – the organization of Perv Noonas responsible for enforcing rules and general pervertedness in the thread.
Example: An embryo opened the spoilers. Where’s the Perv Noona Council when you need them?

Semi Perv Noona* (noun) – Perv noonas in training, aged 19 to 23.
Example: I’m not 24 yet so I’m just a semi perv noona.

Perv Fetus* (noun) – Pervy thread members, aged 15 to 18.
Example: I am tabloholic and I call for a perv fetus revolution!

Perv Embryo* (noun) – Pervy thread members, aged 14 and below.
Example: She’s 13? She’s a perv embryo!

*For more accurate definitions, please check the Perv Noona Rules ... st-2840335 (sadly this link is defunct and I have trawled several times for the Rules to no avail. If anyone locates them, please pm them to kdragonkwon so that I can update this post).

TOP (verb) – the action of being the first post on a landmark page usually, but not always, celebrated by posting images of TOP (the member) or the page-topper's bias.
Example: I TOP’d the 1000th page.

Yumbae (noun) – a more accurate name for Taeyang; most commonly used when his chocolate abs are exposed.
Example: Yumbae just looked delicious as he was taking his shirt off.

Dat Ass (noun) – Daesung’s glorious behind.
Example: bellamy is forever hunting for dat ass.

Big D (noun) – Daesung’s dick.
Example: Who needs wings when the big D can make you fly?

BaeBooty (noun) – Taeyang’s glorious butt.
Example: kissingkeke is hungry for some BaeBooty.

Dongbae (noun) – Taeyang’s dick.
Example: I want to hop on Youngbae’s dongbae.

The Dragon (noun) – G-Dragon’s dick.
Example: Did you watch the fan cam? The dragon was standing at attention.

Gbulge (noun) – see The Dragon.
Example: Those pants are great for spotting Gbulge.

TOP Gun (noun) – TOP’s dick.
Example: I wouldn’t mind being shot by TOP Gun.

The Be rBrick (noun) – see TOP Gun.
Example: Whoever gets to play with that Be rBrick is one lucky bitch.

Candle (noun) – Seungri’s dick.
Example: Now that you’ve gotten the cake, do you want to blow my candle?

Kimchi Warriors (noun) – sperm
Example: Seungri handed me a towel to wipe his kimchi warriors off my stomach.

Big Bang (noun) - orgasm
Example: I wanna go all night long and experience one Big Bang after another.

Bellamy (noun) – most prominent, and arguably most advanced, of the perv noona species; allegedly instigated the gathering of the council, luring out perv noonas of all shapes and forms; short, black and wears glasses; is in eternal delulu state about Big Bang members’ heights, most especially Taeyang.
Example: *No example given as author of this dictionary deems it is best observed in the wild.

Chiakifail (adjective) – epic failure
Example: I walked through the streets of Paris to hunt a dragon and he hadn’t even arrived yet. The trip was a chiakifail.

Dead (adjective) – used to describe a reaction towards something funny that which laughing is not accurate enough for. May also be used in conjunction with words like “buried”, “gone”, “decayed”, etc., to express varying degrees.
Example: OMG, I cannot with you. Dead, buried and gone!

Ninja (noun) – someone who posts news and photos faster than most humans.
(verb) – the action of posting news and photos faster than most humans.
Example: (noun) saucy is the thread’s resident photo ninja.
(verb) She just ninja’d better than you.

Delulu (noun) – delusional fan.
Example: You’re delulu if you think he’s still a virgin.

Delululz (noun) – laughter caused by delulu.
Example: I just had the biggest delululz of the day when I saw someone say “If G-Dragon becomes big…”

Delulupinion (noun) – the opinion of a delulu
Example: Saying an EXO member has a better singing voice than Taeyang is the biggest delulupinion ever.

Ahjummacate (verb) – stern educating as done by noonas.
Example: jiraim ’s favorite pastime is to ahjummacate delulus.

Mr. Pogi (noun) – Name given to Seungri by Dara for his stunning visuals.
Example: Mr. Pogi, you looked cool accepting that award for Psy oppa.

WhatDaeFuck (adjective) – utter disbelief.
Example: WhatDaeFuck did I just read?

For Science (verb) – the act of sacrificing oneself for research.
Example: I don’t care if he smoked a full pack of cigarettes, for science.

MerDae (noun) – a mythical creature created by a VIP that caused excessive laughter and impressed Kwon Leadah enough to post it on his Instagram.
Example: I wonder how Daesung felt about turning into MerDae.

Perm GD (noun) – one of the many forms of G-Dragon but considered to be offensive to most BB thread members.
Example: Perm GD will TOP the 2000th page.

G-Ramen (noun) – the name of G-Dragon’s Perm GD hair.
Example: lalaming has G-Ramen in her sig.

MamaBae (noun) – one of the few known forms of Taeyang; observed when he shows his mothering instincts towards other members.
Example: MamaBae is feeding Daesung with some ramyun.

Kang Sexy Sexy (noun) – one of Daesung’s forms; the existence of which has been overly hyped by members, hence sending perv noonas into a frenzy for each video release.
Example: He is fully clothed in that video. Where is my Kang Sexy Sexy?!

Seungrish (noun) – a language used and understood by Seungri; most seen used in the Great Panda Invasion on Twitter in 2012.
Example: I made a Twitter account, made for study Seungrish.

Jiyonglish (noun) – a language used and understood by G-Dragon; now rarely seen or heard.
Example: “He’s day” is Jiyonglish for “his day”.

JiyongGuk (noun) – the art of using an English accent when speaking in Korean; observed during the 2011 EMA acceptance speech.
Example: GD just apologized to Britney Spears in JiyongGuk.

GDanese (noun) – a language used by G-Dragon wherein he spits rapid fire Korean with a few Japanese words thrown in because he can’t formulate a complete sentence in Nihongo.
Example: I wonder if Se7en’s fans managed to understand the GDanese in that video.
cr atenais
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PlasticHara I'd really love if we'd have a member title.
Pleaseeee let it happen

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kiss ma ass
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girlsday we're trying to replace AKP with a nicer layout included.
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girlsday does little taemin come with her?
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