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Seungslut I'm atlantica. 20, brazilian living in Spain.

SONE and Shawol~

Ultimate bias is Yuri, crush is Jonghyun.

Nice to meet you guys~

Post subject: Re: Hello :3 Posted: May 19, 2013 @ 5:07 pm
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huhlo opparrr ♥ <3
Post subject: Re: Hello :3 Posted: May 19, 2013 @ 5:07 pm
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t-errorist welcome c:
Post subject: Re: Hello :3 Posted: May 19, 2013 @ 5:07 pm
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tabloholic Please spam Key.
Post subject: Re: Hello :3 Posted: May 19, 2013 @ 5:07 pm
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Our love can continue even over here now <3
Post subject: Re: Hello :3 Posted: May 19, 2013 @ 5:08 pm
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Chanceykk Welcome. C: ❤
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FatherSeungri You'll have fun here.
Post subject: Re: Hello :3 Posted: May 19, 2013 @ 5:08 pm
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Gooo Welcome Atlantica <3

Hope you love it here just as much as we do :nervous:
Post subject: Re: Hello :3 Posted: May 19, 2013 @ 5:09 pm
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eggies hi~ enjoy your stay !
Post subject: Re: Hello :3 Posted: May 19, 2013 @ 5:10 pm
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justvagina I saw his selca earlier... and damn~

Post subject: Why is @atlantica so hot? Posted: May 19, 2013 @ 5:43 pm
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huhlo :smooch:

Better post a bunch of selcas so I can vote on them.
Post subject: I See Atlantica Posted: May 19, 2013 @ 5:03 pm
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Post subject: Re: Why is @atlantica so hot? Posted: May 19, 2013 @ 5:47 pm
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t-errorist wrote:showww MEEE

:smooch: Sooo gorgeous~
Post subject: Re: Why is @atlantica so hot? Posted: May 19, 2013 @ 5:49 pm
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Heaven17 I had a tiny crush on him

Now I only have eyes for lilj
Post subject: Re: Why is @atlantica so hot? Posted: May 19, 2013 @ 5:51 pm
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iheartkoreanboys IDK it's hard to say. I'm inclined to say SHINee for a few reasons.

1- Big Bang have shitty choreography. A few members of the group are great dancers, but they generally get really boring/simple choreography. This isn't so bad, but as a group, it's kind of difficult to compare their singing talent to, say, the singing talent of SHINee who dance pretty vigorously while they sing.
2- Rare to contrary belief, SHINee actually do a fair bit of work on writing and composing for the albums. Jonghyun has proved to be very talented in this area. And say what you will about Minho, he actually puts the effort in and writes most of his own raps. (Of course, Big Bang write/produce their own stuff too)
3- Big Bang have been around longer so they have more experience. If you were to compare them based on how quickly they improved/developed, I think SHINee would take home gold.
4- IMO SHINee are getting more inventive and creative with the music they make, but Big Bang are getting more generic. It's sort of strange that it turned out that way. Like if you compare their recent releases... The whole WSS album was really a big step forward for SHINee, wheras GD's latest tracks have been leaving me cold.
5- Taemin has improved more rapidly than probably any other kpop artist ever has i can't even
6- A lot of people thought they'd be weaker without Jjong, but they proved their individual skills/talents by putting on amazing performances without him.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, SHINee aren't exactly more talented. But at this rate I think they could easily surpass them, or at least be viewed on the same level.
Post subject: Re: SHINee is more talented than BigBang in general Posted: May 20, 2013 @ 1:38 pm
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TzufiJun Jonghyun twitter updates 130521


Pic Trans: At dawn right after midnight Something in the mud opened its eyes
T/N: 자정 막 지난 새벽 | 진흙 속 눈 뜬 무언가 (Opening lyrics of Why So Serious)

trans : Forever_SHINee[5]
Post subject: Re: Official SHINee Thread Posted: May 21, 2013 @ 4:47 am
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If you don't want to talk to him and your sister doesn't either then you should just go around to your family and tell that you don't feel comfortable and don't want to go. Or if you don't want to tell them that, just tell them you have an appointment and won't be able to make it. Your sister's boyfriend won't be able to say anything if everyone else has already agreed to it.
Or you could just wake up early in the morning and go out and play in the city for the day so they won't be able to make you go and let them deal with it. That's what I would do. :p
I'll wake up early to go play and I'll never come back that's what I'll do
Nnnnnooooo, homelessness isn't fun. Just go out for the day and have fun. When I'm upset I go to the stream in the middle of the city and just sit by the water or I go to the Han River at night, catch a boat and look at all the lights . . . or I eat ice cream because ice cream is fucking delicious and makes everything better. <3
Post subject: Re: I'm maaaaad :l Posted: May 22, 2013 @ 10:57 am
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Kpopselca Hi atlantica, we are going to add alignment, strike-through text, and horizontal rule to divide your post into sections today. The horizontal rule bbcode could be useful for dividing content in your posts (ex. artists and groups forum) <3
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iwannadojjongandkai GUISE.
[FANACCOUNTS FROM 130523 Mnet M! Countdown Pre-recording via SFI]

Jinki said promoting as 4 members is hard, so they recruited a 5th member. Jonghyun was the only one who didn’t come on stage, so fans screamed Kim Jonghyun. Then Minho told them not to do that kind of stuff. Jinki said Jonghyun was so tired that his hair turned white.

Minho asked fans if they know the WSS choreography and to watch closely to see if Jonghyun messes up. Fans went like oh say oh say, so Jonghyun said that’s tomorrow. Fans said day after tomorrow, but he kept saying it’s tomorrow. Then he thought about it and said day after tomorrow. The other members were like, “What’s that? Is it ugly?”

Minho went like, “Who’s coming to the fanmeet?” Everyone raised their hand but said the guest list isn’t up yetㅠ Minho then said, “Who’s not coming?” so then Taemin was like, “Who’s not coming?” He said, “You’ll regret it if we don’t come”ㅠ And Jinki imitated his “You’ll regret it” keke. Fans told Jonghyun they missed him and he said thank you!!

Ah! Taemin said his lunch menu for today is rice with toppings kekeke
Source: bluffjjong
Translation by kimchi hana

Heard OT5 rehearsing outside the venue and a j shawol said that Jonghyun's voice is amazing.
Translation by bling_saur

Minho asked : Who will go for the 5th anniversary party ?
Everybody raised their hands.
Taemin added : If you dont come , you will regret,

OT5 Stage is really touching. During the recording , only 4 members appeared. The fans were happy but when they didnt see Jonghyun . Fans started to chant : KIM JONGHYUN . KIM JONGHYUN"

During the second recording , the chain around Jinki's waist came off and he cant seem to attach it back. So Onew decided to turn around and threw the chain one side.

Listening to Sleepless Night Live is just ..Onew is wearing black suit which fits him nicely. Jonghyun is really slim now.
Source: 無條件溺愛李珍基

The zombie facing Key zombie... is Jonghyun !

Heard a fanboy shouting for JONGHYUN.

Taemin placed the cold water against his throat and is enjoying it. When the cody was wiping Minho's sweat , his side profile was facing the fan. He has this "lost" face.

They recorded twice and there are a lot of cute moments . When Jonghyun appeared , the screams were super loud.

During Minho's rap "See" part , he did a flower pose.

During the second recording , Key high-fived with Minho then Jonghyun. He touched his hair. At the end , while walking backstage , he tidied his messy hair again.

They also recorded Sleepless Night twice. Cos .. Jonghyun sang Minho's Lines.

Onew , Jonghyun and Minho are wearing shirt with jeans. They ook super handsome. Onew is dressed in black shirt , Minho is in white shirt and Jonghyun is in black and white top. Key is wearing a black cap.

Ended the first recording and they requested for a re-recording cos Jonghyun sang Minho's lines. Key heard the reason and smiled.

Before it started , PD said to get ready. But , Jonghyun is still waving to fans secretly . Then taemin ran to stand behind Jonghyun's shoulders and played hide and seek. Jonghyun wore an earring on his left ear?

At the end when saying Bye to the fans , Jonghyun could not keep still . He jumped and turned in circles.

Before the second recording(mic testing) , Key started first then Onew joined and sang : La ~La ~
But the most unexpected thing was when Jonghyun suddenly roared like a little dino"a shi" So cute !
Source: 我相公是温梦郎
Translation by bling_saur

Jonghyun is really handsome . The fans shouted his name and in the end , jonghyun just coolly replied " Gomawo~"
Source: 热可可0v0
Translation by bling_saur

During the recording , Fans asked Onew if he was tired. Jinki said : Tired !
When fans asked taemin if he had eaten , Taemin said eaten.
When asked what he ate , Taemin said : Bimbap ~
Source: 1Oo4_
Translation by bling_saur

Jonghyun said thank you to the fans and then started to "complain" : Ah ~ So tired !" Jonghyun didnt split, he did the same half squat like Jinki.
Source: SHINee_渣画质独家囧
Translation by bling_saur

The 4 of them went on stage first. Jinki said that 4 members promotion is really tiring so they will welcome a new member today. Jonghyun then appeared. Jinki said that Jonghyun is really tired so his hair turned white.

Minho said to the fans that they know WSS's chereo right ? And he asked the fans to spot for errors when jonghyun is performing.
Fans replied : OH SAY OHSAY (Jonghyun's tweet yesterday)
jonghyun said that he will reveal it tmr and fans asked : isnt it the following day ?
But jonghyun kept saying tmr then he suddenly recalled : Ah , tmr , following day .Then the members asked : What is that ? Ugly monster ?

Sleepless Night recording has ended ! During the ending of first recording , it was supposed to be Minho's part but Jonghyun sang his lines so they had to re-record. He apologised to Minho and asked the staff if they could record again. So cute !
Source: bluffjjong
Translation by bling_saur

Jonghyun 's teasing session today.Minho went on stage to introduce the new member. Onew said it was tough to promote with 4. Minho said that the new member really wanted to join. In the end , maybe cos of the mic / costume problem , jonghyun was downstage for a while and so Minho shouted : Faster come up !"
Fans shouted "Kim Jonghyun ! Kim Jonghyun !"
Minho said : You guys cannot do this.

During the 2nd WSS recording , firstly when Jonghyun got on stage , he said thanks to the fans. Then he said "This is tough" in a weary manner.
Minho said : Now you know how tough this is.
Onew added : You danced better than expected ~ and key and taemin laughed.
Jonghyun said unhappily : So you guys thought that i will dance badly ?
Source: woorishinee
Translation by bling_saur

The comeback stage for Jonghyun was totally high ! He went on stage the last and screams for him were really loud. Minho then joked that we cant do this.
They recorded twice and before the second recording started , fans screamed when they saw minho who was wearing a suit. Onew was really cute and danced around. It was so healing.
Source: 0_0李珍基与大基腿
Translation by bling_saur

When recording Sleepless Night , he wore black and white top. Jonghyun's high note was amazing. But he accidentally sang Minho's lines and the members smiled. The second recording was a smooth one, they sang it with a lot of emotions. Minho and Key kept waving to the fans before leaving the stage.
Source: 守护金蹦米是使命
Translation by bling_saur

A J shawol said that Jonghyun's voice is amazing while hearing them rehearse WSS.

Jonghyun looked like he hasnt fully recovered. After seeing a j shawol fanaccount , it seemed like Jonghyun looked very tired after the first recording.Also , mayeb cos he has lost some weight or due to the angle problem , he looks even tinier.
Source: 金幼犬的小尾巴

They recorded twice today. everytime Jonghyun appears, the screams got louder.

After the first recording, Minho was the first to take off his jacket, followed by Jonghyun.

Minho: Jonghyun performed better than we have expected right? Fans: yes!

At ending, when saying goodbye, Jonghyun was jumping and turning around in circles.
Translation by squishyjinki

Onew then said that because Jonghyun is too tired, all his hair became white.
Source: bluffjjong
Translation by squishyjinki

lmao not posting everything...shit's damn long. sdkfjaskldfha;skdha;sdklfjsldkjsal!!!
Post subject: Re: Official SHINee Thread Posted: May 23, 2013 @ 1:26 am
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