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sunggyuluver my god
They're just shoes.
You don't have to nitpick every detail in someone's wardrobe
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Post subject: Re: Hi! Posted: Oct 30, 2013 @ 11:37 pm
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muzaiyan ✿ Welcome to kps ✿

Post subject: Re: Hi! Posted: Oct 31, 2013 @ 5:33 am
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AussiEXOtic Hello and Welcome ^_^
Post subject: Re: Hi! Posted: Oct 31, 2013 @ 4:04 am
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welcome ^^

Post subject: Re: Hi! Posted: Oct 31, 2013 @ 3:40 am
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elemeniah Ayo!

Post subject: Re: Hi! Posted: Oct 31, 2013 @ 2:53 am
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sunggyuluver welcome to kps :)

You'll receive a lot of compliments~
Post subject: Re: Hi! Posted: Oct 30, 2013 @ 11:37 pm
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SugarShapley I'm too flat to show anything like that. LOL.
Post subject: Re: do u like showing a little cleavage? Posted: Oct 30, 2013 @ 8:23 pm
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Imperfection_xoxo19 Hello.xD Welcome to KPS! <3

Enjoy your stay here. :3
Post subject: Re: Hi! Posted: Oct 31, 2013 @ 11:07 am
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Unique Welcome <3
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redMOON I try to eat less and I dance but I still keep gaining weight T.T

(If you want to see what I used to look like and what I look like now, here, 2 videos for you)

I wasnt so much thin but still I was smaller. I was like this;

And now I am like this;

What would you suggest? I really want to lose some weight asap T.T
Post subject: Gaining Weight :c Posted: Nov 09, 2013 @ 11:49 am
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BabyPandaHat You know what really bothers me? When people add 'no homo' to every single sentence that inludes a compliment about another person of the same gender. The other day, my friend said something nice about some celebtrity. I think he complimented his looks, but then he was like "no homo".

I cannot stand that shit. Since when does complimenting someone (no matter what the compliment is about) make you gay? It just makes you a nice person. It shows that you can appreciate the skills or looks someone else has.

When people say "no homo" it's as if they think that complimenting another man or woman immediately makes someone gay. It ALSO sounds as if they think that being gay is wrong or a sin.
People need to stop being pathetic little shits and either say what they have to say without adding shit to 'cover their ass' or just shut the fuck up! The only one that doubts our sexuality when you compliment someone is YOU.
The world would be such a nicer place without worthless fuckers.
Post subject: You know what I hate? "No homo" Posted: Nov 09, 2013 @ 11:03 am
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<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Post subject: This baby is sooo cute! Posted: Nov 09, 2013 @ 3:49 pm
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Letsjijiparty SIT YO ASS DOWN

SHOW SPOILER jk. keep it up. this is actually kinda funny
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sunggyuluver @title

I wonder who they learned it from.


Post subject: Re: EXOTICS ARE ANIMALS Posted: Nov 08, 2013 @ 9:20 pm
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J-Arc I'm in this awful position where I like EXO's songs (except for the obvious travesties), and a few of their members like Lay and Tao, but I really don't wanna associate myself with Exotics
Post subject: Re: EXOTICS ARE ANIMALS Posted: Nov 09, 2013 @ 5:52 am
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redMOON It's not about eating less necessarily, but eating the right types of food. I tend to stay away from carbonated drinks, fast-food products, and excessive amounts of sweets, which has help me lose a few extra pounds. (I'm thin to begin with, I just wanted to eat healthier). My go to snacks tend to be a green apple and cottage cheese, because it has a lot of substance to fill your stomach, but doesn't pack on the pounds. Also, drinking water fills your stomach, so you don't feel like you need to eat as much. Most nutritionists recommend eating fruits and vegetables, or drinking water, before a meal, just so you don't feel as if you have to eat as much. There's some more, little stuff I could say, but I don't want to bore you :)

Keep dancing, and maybe introduce a little bit more cardio into your routine as well. Either way, you are absolutely beautiful ^_^* Good luck!

Nooo you dont bore me! Actually, I'd like to thank you <3 I'll consider all of these.
Post subject: Re: Posted: Nov 09, 2013 @ 12:16 pm
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boa578 I moved here after the great AllKflop apocalypse.
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Gyoshido Alright, because I am clearly the only person capable of such a feat in a constructive and logical manner I must do my duty to the community. I am sick of the lies in this, and I intend to reveal the truth behind all of this. For the sake of Ailee, but also for the sake of her fans and supporters who can't stand to see blatant attacks on her with nothing, but ill intent.

Now, first we must discuss the events. The events as the public saw them before any official statements were made. That is the most unbiased view we can see naturally.

So things went down like this.
AllKpop got their hands on the Ailee nudes that were floating around. Nudes that were already floating around the community; even in this very forum it was posted by toradora months ago. This being said, these photos were not "from allkpop" based on this. I will come back to that idea later, but first we must finish this idea. So Allkpop gets the photos, and posts that they were posted on another site. I will start off light on you Johnny. It is clear from any angle that the post on anonib was directly from an Allkpop reporter/member of the company. This mainly stems from the fact the news was NO WHERE until Allkpop put the article up. That thread on anonib was DEAD and no one heard about it. Hell even Toradora's thread here was dead. The comment in the original post was actually "she has potential." Not only is that a dig at Ailee's current status as an artist, but it is a clear indication that the person was poking fun at Ailee's status during these photo's VS now, and a sort of "ruining" of that potential. To top it all off, why would a site that delivers tiny amounts of traffic MAGICALLY get a response? I ask you to keep this is mind. The original post was a NON NUDE of Ailee asking for "sauce" as we in the internet community call it. So how, out of chance, was another member of that forum magically in possession of Ailee nudes? The statistical probability are zero to none, and indicates the entire "forum post" that Allkpop got their news from was set up by them. This means a few things. Allkpop released the photo's themselves. This is the major thing, and I will bring all this up later, but keep in mind that ALLKPOP RELEASED THESE PHOTOS (Toradora linked the Non-nude, and I am unaware whether he had more, that would be something we must ask him, but regardless). This means by SOME means, Allkpop got a hold of Photos and RELEASED them. Time to move on.

Now, All Kpop linked the photos with their logo on them on their site, posting an article about it with a lack of comment from the author. The author of the article is stated as "Allkpop" and no individual is credited with writing the story. By this very definition, Allkpop did not have a "reporter who discovered this story." This further implicates that Allkpop were acting as a COMPANY and not as reporters delivering the news. What this means is that Allkpop was clearly, purposely out for blood. I haven't even begun.

We know two things. Allkpop released the full nude photo set, and they were purposely trying to hurt Ailee's career/her image. We have gained this information DIRECTLY from the actions prior to ANY statements of any party involved in the scandal. PURELY from the public things we as a community witnessed taking place. Now, based on this we must out line a few things. What was the motive? What was the purpose of this, and why did Allkpop do it? WITHOUT bringing in any "opinion" or statements from any of the involved parties, we must analyze it separately first, then bring that info in.

First off, we have this.
This is a picture proving Daniel "Eunduk" Lee was in some way romantically related to ailee, or at least had a deeper level of friendship with her than a normal person. (And, although I said we must ONLY use info without statements from either side, Allkpop themselves admitted Eunduk and Ailee were in a relationship, so take that for what you will. We don't actually need Allkpop's post to prove they were dating, that's my point). Eunduk (as i will call him from now on) is the Vice President on Allkpop. It's not his official title, it's like VP of Content Management, or some equally self important title he has, but basically ANY of us old school Allkpop forumers ( littlejay glue melons ) could tell you Eunduk was Johnny's right hand man. At times Johnny would post (in direct comment towards a question i posted to him, and I quote) "I will let Eunduk answer that question." This means Eunduk, at times, has as much managerial importance and influence as Johnny, leaving monetary ownership of the company aside. Eunduk is 2nd in command at AKP, and he was Romantically involved with Ailee. Many other things point too this being true. Ailee's deep relationship with Allkpop over the years (interviews with her, before they interviewed idols basically) as well as her stating she visited Allkpop many times in the past. On top of that, Ailee is from New Jersey, specifically Bergen County. Allkpop is based out of New Jersey, and many of the staff all live/grow up there. This sets up the IDEAL environment for Ailee to meet them, ESPECIALLY considering she was heavily active in the NJ/NY Asian Music Community (people like Philly rapper Decipher for example). The premier Kpop new source and music site being based in New Jersey? It's perfect for Eunduk and Ailee to be romantically involved. Them being romantically involved is not the point, however. It must be noted that what I am trying to convey is that whether we like it, or not, Allkpop has some level of influence in Ailee becoming an idol in the first place. While I can't prove this next fact, I assume it safe to say that it is a very common occurrence where one person helps another reach their goals, that person forgets about the person who helped them, and the person wants to take revenge. This would seemingly be a clear cut case of that. While it is part of it, it is not the full story. Now, this being said, they are now broken up, and as all relationships, Eunduk has motive to try and tarnish her career. As I stated before, Eunduk has as much influence over what goes on at Allkpop as Johnny. They run the show, and what they say goes. Meaning if Eunduk was pissed and wanted to tarnish her, his best friend Johnny would absolutely agree and comply with Eunduk's plan. Especially since he is the VP of Content and therefore site traffic/marketing and other related things. Also, a quote from Johnny boy himself, "Eunduk reads every post before we post it on the site." While that is inherently false as articles are posted all the time, i assure you this article didn't magically slip through his "quality control." So the motive is set perfectly, and everything leads to Eunduk being involved with this scandal. Note: I HAVE NOT BROUGHT IN A SINGLE STATEMENT FROM ANY PARTY INVOLVED! This is all determinable WITHOUT reading a single article posted aside from the original one. This is not "conjecture" this is pure, hard fact. Let's move on.

Now, we have seemingly covered all the facts. However, there is one thing we can infer from all of this to be true. Eunduk leaked the photos. Why do I say this? Well let's put what we know together. First off, it may be true Eunduk is not the ONLY one with the photos. Hell, the whole "ex-boyfriend" stuff could ALL be lies, and Allkpop could be admitting it to further send people off track; that doesn't matter though. I am not basing my fingering of Eunduk on the fact Dispatch claims they were approached by "ailee's ex-boyfriend." What I am saying is that OUT OF EVERYONE IN THE WORLD, who would have nude's of Ailee? He boyfriend/ex-boyfriend. Literally no one else. Now, for a second let's assume AKP didn't break this and another company did. Eunduk MIGHT not be at fault. Regardless of "how" Akp got these photos/heard they existed, Eunduk knew they existed. He manages mostly every post made to the site, and heads the "Allkpop" reporter name himself. Meaning Eunduk had these photos, and released them. There is no denying this as pure fact. NO other party came to Allkpop. NO ONE gave them a lead to these photos. Eunduk most likely (this, right here, is conjecture. Conjecture based on a strongly supported hypothesis that "girl friends generally only send nudes to their boyfriends." and, later on, based on the fact YMC's comment about "a model company leaked them" is an absolute lie, and AKP themselves call that out as being false) had them BEFORE anyone else on the entire internet had these photos. Therefore even if someone said "hey i have Ailee nudes" (let's assume they did) Eunduk must have said "Wow thanks, i already have them so I will pay you for them/consider paying you for them/gonna go link the photos I already had to YMC through an Email that has no proof of actually existing! (I cover this later, KEEP THIS IN MIND FOR WHEN I PICK APART ALLKPOP'S POST)." No, he didn't say that. The fact remains Eunduk had these photos, and released them while having them in his personal possession. They wouldn't pay anyone for photo's they already have, I assure you that. This is a fact.

Now, before I move on to a more important point, I want to examine what that fact that "Eunduk himself had these photos and released them as the first party" means. What it means is that Eunduk could be sued for defamation. Allkpop as a company cannot be, but given this proof, Eunduk himself, meaning Eunduk, unrelated to Allkpop and as a individual, certainly can. What would be interesting to note is that I could assure you without a shred of a doubt if ditching Eunduk, screwing him over, and forcing him to leave Allkpop/go to jail meant Johnny's company (and more importantly his money) was safe, he would absolutely do it within a heartbeat. It also means that allkpop's statement, and I quote, " Back in June 28, 2013 an individual claiming to be from Canada sent in a tip to us that he had a "set of Ailee Nude Scandal Pictures" and that he would sell them to us [allkpop] for the right offer. " is entirely false, and a bold faced LIE on their part. Eunduk had them, whether, or not OTHER people had them doesn't matter. Eunduk had them. End of story.

Now, we have analyze what can be derived as FACT regardless of the statements made. All of these things can be derived purely from posts on the internet/factual evidence and circumstantial reasoning that would 100% hold in a court of law. Anyone who says otherwise come and prove me wrong, I assure you I know more about law than you do. What we must bring in now are the statements made by these companies to discover what is truth, and what are lies. Why? Because you want the TRUTH. That's all we want, and we wan't it now. So here, I will provide it.

Before I actually bring in the "statements" by companies and news sources, let me first say I am a Jew. By that definition I am masterfully versed and trained in the art of media manipulation and control. Jokes aside, the reality is that I am actually well versed in this as I have both investment banking and law training behind my back, the two king professions on media control (entertainment media control is a JOKE compared to what banks, and companies do), as well as intricate levels of philosophical reasoning provided to me by my years of self education and higher education. Now that the humble brags are out of the way, let's start the course on media manipulation and how to prove statements are lies based on reason.

We know a few things. Allkpop directly released this info themselves. Eunduk had these photos as a first party source. Allkpop is already lying that someone approached them with these nudes. Now, let's get a few things straight. Do you think Allkpop didn't predict this outcome? Did you think Johnny and Eunduk said "EVERYONE WILL LOVE US AFTER THIS!" Because I assure you they did not. How can I prove this? A few simple basic media control strategies. First off, they had these photos for months, meaning they actively thought about putting them up and a "rash decision" was not at hand. In a court of law such a thing could pass, and one can be found "non guilty" for making a "uninformed decision" but this right he drops that as a possible alibi. I also assert that allkpop knew they would get massive hate. They knew full well this would have massive backlash on them. How can I prove this? A few things. Let me give you Johnny's twitter posts:
What's important to note here is not that he blatantly lied that Allkpop was "not the source of these photos" (as I have proven within 100% certainty that they WERE in fact the source of these photos), but that Johnny says "we intend to blow some doors open." That sealed your coffin Johnny. Your greatest flaw has always been your self pompous arrogance and your belief you are above the law and others. Included in that is your desire to "beat" others and elevate yourself to a level higher than them by bringing them down. I give you these posts. Keep in mind, while they don't prove anything, they are the remains of things I said from the interview thread we had with him back in, say. April? He had info to reveal, and he has wanted to do it. However, what these imaged DO prove is that he WAS NOT "blowing the doors open" as he has stated he intends to do now. He doesn't specify which sub-units are for that purpose, nor does he go into Tony details. On top of that, ,there were many other things he said SPECIFICALLY alluding to idols and scandals they might have, but he didn't reveal them. Why? Because something changed.
The great downfall of a successful man. Ah it's perfect execution megalomania! ( Now, why is this important you ask? Johnny has the intention to not only defame other idols, but trash his connections within the Kpop world. He intends to completely crush certain figures to the best of his ability. This is not "doing it for the site traffic" this is him wanting to do this. And I quote, from when we asked Johnny on that thread if he could reveal certain info about idols "I know more, but I can't say more otherwise it would hurt my ability to make connections in the industry." That idea has FLOWN out the window. He has made a clear shift from "diplomatic company loving" johnny, to "trash the entertainment industry in korea." While I can't prove what caused this shift, what I can say is that HE PURPOSELY POSTED THIS ARTICLE ABOUT AILEE. Not just that. Johnny knew FULL well that shit was going to go down. He has the intention of doing it, and this was the start. Johnny, and by association Eunduk, are purposely trying to sully their reputation in exchange for money/views, popularity, or just to get their kicks. Remember that whole media tactic thing? Well a few things to note. In the media world this is called "going down with the sinking ship." Johnny is exhausting what little he has left to go for it. His INTENTION with this article was to CAUSE drama and hurt an idols career. This is based on his direct twitter statements that prove as such. He is trying to claim the opposite "Oh we didn't want to hurt her we were just breaking a story!" Bull-fucking-shit Johnny. This was a direct attack on Ailee, and in the future on the entire entertainment industry in Korea. Stop making shit up because we both know I know you better than that and see through you like freshly Windexed patio doors.

More ground rules to set in place. A common misconception is that "companies withhold information about scandals." Wrong. Once a scandal breaks all hell breaks loose (I couldn't think of a better thing to say so I double stated the breaks, sue me). ANY future statements from these parties is either them grasping at straws for attention, or blatant lies. How can I prove this? Do you honestly think Dispatch wouldn't release more info if they knew more? Do you think dispatch wants anything other than views? They want to cash in on this cash cow as much as they can. They did very little, meaning they knew very, very little in the first place. I might even go as far to claim dispatch WAS NEVER APPROACHED by "Ailee's ex-boyfriend" and that is all a hoax on Dispatches part. That will be saved for later. However, any company that COULD INPUT INTO THIS SCANDAL HAS ALREADY. No one else has "new" info, and already released all they know (rather, all they are willing to admit to/stuff they can legally comment on), allkpop included. Anything new I employ you to toss out and trash and be heavily inclined to disbelieve it. That's is the reality of media control.

More rules. Companies have a formula. Release article, get public basklash/start the riot, have claims made against them that defame, or hurt their image, made a tiny comment regarding you releasing said insanely trafficked article that infuriates the greater reporter community, then make a huge long post "with proof and fancy screen shots" that "proves" they were right. In one fell swoop, they shut everyone down, and "prove" they are honest, right, and everyone else is lying. That in itself is media control and absolutely see through. This stuff goes on daily. Johnny is like a second rate, two bit individual. His level of intelligence and skill in this industry has always made me laugh. I have time and time again called him on his bullshit.

There are other things I can outline, but I prefer to do them in context to specific statements made later in the post. Let's get to the analysis, the "grey zone" that isn't actually grey at all. Let's dig in to the jucy stuff! OH BOY, let the butthurt begin to flow! Allkpop's article first.
Link for those that need it:

I already picked apart the first line, but the second paragraph is gold. And I quote:
"We responded to the email stating that we would prefer to talk over the phone."
In other words, you guys don't have any proof this conversation happened? In other words this phone conversation is your made up excuse that "some guy" came to you with photos? Please. I am not some netizen fool. This is clearly you trying to hide the fact no such person exists. You have NO proof this conversation took place, and therefore you are unable to provide us screen shots. You are using the fact "you talked over the phone" as proof that this went down. That isn't proof. Companies do this ALL the time to try and hide scandals and illegal actions, and you have done no different here.

The article goes on to state how he was not in contact with Seoul Sports, or Dispatch, and he said he would go to them if they didn't want it. Then they say they were not interested.

Let's pick that apart, shall we?
That's is a picture of a man claiming to be Ailee's ex-boyfriend, and I quote the following:
"Dispatch: There could be problems if you pass photos that you obtained privately over and get paid for it. You shouldn’t be contacting media over something like this. It’s not even news.
Ex-Boyfriend: Ah, okay. That’s different from what another company said. I’ll go to them then."
Said man was already in contact with "another company" which goes AGAINST what Allkpop has stated . Here they have stated that "they were first" and no other company was reached. Let's play devil advocate, assume that's true. He then goes to dispatch like he claims he would if Allkpop rejected him. He then tells dispatch another company "told them differently." Meaning Allkpop, who were first IN THE STORY ALLKPOP GAVE US, told the man differently from what dispatch said, which I again quote, "Dispatch: There could be problems if you pass photos that you obtained privately over and get paid for it. You shouldn’t be contacting media over something like this. It’s not even news." Therefore AllKpop DID NOT say the above things, proven by the fact said "ex-boyfriend" says, "That’s different from what another company [allkpop] said" and allkpop are lying in their response article they posted by saying they did.

Next the alleged screen shots of their email to YMC. "blurred for privacy reasons." Really? Oh that's funny, because last I checked that is not a thing. There is no law that requires emails be blurred "for privacy reasons." That is you blurring it. Unblur the photo, and give us the real one; otherwise those emails never happened until prove real.

Next snippet
"We very clearly stated that if the photos were to show up online we would have to write the story as that is our job and duty as a news site."
Ya know, that's funny! I seemed to have proven earlier without ANY statements from ANY side of this scandal that Allkpop 100% was the original leak of the photos. Wow! Glad to know you A. lied that you wouldn't leak them. and B. Leaked them yourself to write about them.
Yet more blatant lies.

Let me go on a tangent for a moment here. You remember earlier when I mentioned Toradora posted the "non nude" photo where she covers herself? Well the timeline of Toradora's post does fit with exactly when Allkpop received said teaser from her "ex-boyfriend." What I am assuming going forward with this tangent is two fold. 1. The picture Toradora posted a while ago was ACTUALLY the photo that the "ex-boyfriend" linked to other news sources that he was trying to sell too. Why? Because A it is easy to prove that non-nude is her, and B. it covers her without ANY blurring, which I know for a FACT is a huge requirement for many companies before they "release" nudes. And 2. This photo doesn't align with the one AKP posted. They said THIS was the photo they were linked. That is not the photo Toradora posted, the one where she covers up without a blur at all. That photo leaked around the exact time these claims of a man selling her photos arose. Which means that "covered up ailee" photo got through, but it wasn't enough since it wasn't an actual nude to start a scandal. Note, why did the "guy who had the photos" give AKP a teaser (which they then forwarded to YMC, according to them), but not Dispatch, especially when according to BOTH Dispatch and AKP stories Dispatch was contacted second? It doesn't align, meaning they are two different guys/one doesn't exist. AKP was GIVEN A PHOTO by said man, but Dispatch wasn't? The agenda doesn't allign, and one never happened. Based on the proof, AKP never contacted YMC, and that blurred photo of Ailee they sent to her was actually their original copy they blurred themselves. Also, a small point, but the blur they "sent to YMC" is the same black box style of blur AKP used when they posted the thread. I'm just saying.

On an end note for that tangent. You may ask me "Why is there anyone going around trying to sell Ailee's nudes? You say one is fact, meaning one is true!" Yes, one is true. In this case Dispatches comment is true (both based on the tangent outline, as well as the previous fact I stated if Dispatch had ANY further news about Ailee they would ABSOLUTELY cash in on this). Now, why did anyone contact Dispatch? Eunduk wanted to unload the photos. Why? Because he and johnny INTENDED TO RELEASE THEM. As I stated already, this is NOT about their site, or fame. This is about THEM GETTING REVENGE and ruining a career (or at least attempting too). That same point is supported by the fact Eunduk would PREFER to go to Dispatch, or another Korean media outlet BEFORE they posted it to AKP. AKP was their last resort. Why? Because no one in Korea would take the photo! Why? Because it's illegal in Korea. Why did Eunduk want Korea to post first? Because it wouldn't RUIN AllKpop (giving credibility to their next reveals) and it wouldn't "point the finger" at them. All they wanted are these photos public. That's it. They couldn't get anyone else to do it (the better option) so they resorted to having to post it themselves. *Basically* the only American Kpop new source, and 100% the largest followed and trafficked.

None of that tangent matters though, as it has a LARGE amount of improvable conjecture (which I said I wanted to shy away from), but I posted it because any reasonable individual would see those all as being TOO convenient. ANY of that being true, any single fact adds to it. Even the fact it sounds shadow helps support the REAL facts I have provided throughout this entire post, and will continue to do so.

Now, that picks apart what AKP said. Another little snippet for you guys, my little love bunnies. Know how Johnny says "If legally requested by YMC, we will provide all information to the proper authorities, to ensure that the truth of the matter is revealed."
Yeh, that's like the 4000th time a company said that little doozy. You know what that translates too in legal talk? You have no obligation to reveal PUBLICLY the truth. You can reveal things to YMC/Authorities, but I assure you that is you OPENLY stating the public will never see "the real emails." Those emails will never see the light of day, if they even exist. AKP NEVER claimed they would "release them to the public for proof" only that they would release them privately, which proves nothing and gives no evidence they are true in the first place. If anything it proves that they DONT exist, as that is a classic move made by companies. Put up a fake email, say you will release the real one, but not public. That 98% of the time means there are no emails. It is them covering their asses with a "statement of cooperation" that companies give in times like these. Allkpop made a move so that they never had to reveal this to the public with that statement, and made it clear they have NO intention of PUBLICLY settling this matter. It will go down privately, if it even get's settled, which I assure you if YMC knows what they are doing they will ruin Johnny.

Now, YMC's. While the entire thing about "a nude photo shoot" crap is an absolute lie, that was a smart move. They are appealing to the CONSUMERS of their product. They want the public on their side. What does that mean? Well in Korea, the public is basically ALL that matters. You can get in trouble for stuff even when nothing proves you did it over there. Public opinion is the hallmark of Korean culture, and I assure you YMC knew this. They wanted the public, they didn't want anything BUT Ailee to have a career. Yes, it was a a lie, sorry to say, but it was a smart lie that helped deter damages Ailee's career would face. This end statement by YMC is class A. gold. They know how to win.
"We fear that Ailee may once again receive a large wound from the hurtful memory when she had forgotten the painful past and had been looking towards her dreams."

Johnny. You know who I am. Stop hiding behind what you think is an impenetrable wall of fame and money. I assure you there are always those smarter, and better than you could ever be. You know damn well the shade you threw, and you can't handle the backlash on this one. You aren't better than us Johnny. You want to think you are, your actions with me and other's in the past has proved that as fact. Let me just tell you this Johnny.

You fucked with the wrong bias of mine.
Post subject: Definitive Analysis Regarding Ailee and Allkpop Posted: Nov 11, 2013 @ 4:26 pm
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