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CoolestBitch Im the #1 attention whore in our country
but i just got banned in th so pls accept me

Post subject: Hello Putas Posted: May 20, 2013 @ 1:54 am
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CoolestBitch wow
im impressed at how good you are at pissing off your users
Post subject: Johnny closed down TH without reopening AKP Posted: May 20, 2013 @ 5:12 am
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Veritas wrote:It's just 2-3 hours
:drool: :drool:

2-3 hours????????????

more like 2-never coming back
Post subject: Re: Johnny closed down TH without reopening AKP Posted: May 20, 2013 @ 5:15 am
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The_Real_Ipdakchyuh wrote:
CoolestBitch wrote:i dont think i'll stay there like i used to.
im just soo disappointed

remember the time you posted porn in the TH shoutbox and HB banned you
hahahahahahha best moment on TH

good thing i did something iconic before it closed down :C
Post subject: Re: Are you still coming back to Allgaypop Forums? Posted: May 20, 2013 @ 5:26 am
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CoolestBitch Personally, the layout is much better than what akp ever had but i don't like the community up there. They're too prim and bitchy for me~

not bashing them or smth
Post subject: Do U guys like OneHallyu? Posted: May 20, 2013 @ 5:40 am
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CoolestBitch i want to be on top.
How do i attention whore my way up there???????? Can't let lesser hoes be on top :grin:
Post subject: How do i get on the most thanked list? Posted: May 20, 2013 @ 5:46 am
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Veritas wrote:Nobody is thankful for someone like you

ohhh T.T
Post subject: Re: How do i get on the most thanked list? Posted: May 20, 2013 @ 5:48 am
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MORE LIKE 2-3 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Post subject: NOT EVEN THOSE HALF CUTE BEAGLE PICS CAN CONTROL MY RAGE Posted: May 20, 2013 @ 5:58 am
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Post subject: Re: 2-3 hours my ass AKP >< Posted: May 20, 2013 @ 6:02 am
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CoolestBitch hope they do so they can see that their old and loyal members are doing fine even if they threw us out like we do meth or something
Post subject: Does anyone in 6theory know about this site? Posted: May 20, 2013 @ 6:06 am
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CoolestBitch The gap between a post and the sig is too big, it would be more economical if we shortened that gap
another thing, Fonts cute and unique fonts would be nice. A forum chatbox would also be cool

I hope that we can customize stuff in the future like the color scheme or add our own background img

But overall even if everything is too big for me,the layout is nice, the management & the admins are very pleasant and community of is pretty fun. But i think ya'll should designate qualified mods so they can monitor the activity of ppl here.
Post subject: Worthless suggestions Posted: May 20, 2013 @ 6:24 am
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But ppl still hate tomato??? Dafuqqq move on bitchessss
Post subject: Re: High five if you aren't on the AKP unwanted list Posted: May 20, 2013 @ 6:32 am
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CoolestBitch voldy, im confused
Post subject: Re: Does this forum still needs mods? Posted: May 20, 2013 @ 6:36 am
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CoolestBitch their layout is pretty gay tbh
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CoolestBitch *surprise*
Jump to post Posted: May 20, 2013 @ 6:40 am
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CoolestBitch u sound deluded

i didnt read it through

ur under my wing now
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CoolestBitch ohhhhhhh
Post subject: Re: Remember when Johnny said Kcon was a mess? Posted: May 20, 2013 @ 6:49 am
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CoolestBitch KPOP Groups(with official fanclub name and colour)
Group/Singer’s name: Fan Club name / Official Fan Color
1TYM: Hip Hop Village / Black (towels/handkerchiefs)

2AM: I AM / Metallic Grey

2NE1: Blackjacks (Korea); Blackjack Nolza (Japan) / Hot Pink (towels)

2PM: Hottest / Metallic Grey

24K: 24U

4Minute: 4NIA / Pearl Violet (for all solo members)

8eight: Sweet Voice

AA (Double A): W

A-JAX: A-Light

AOA: Elvis

A-Pink: Pink Panda / Pink

Apeace:Hana-one (Japan)

A-Prince: A-Land

AST’1: Eustice / Pearl Purple

After School: Playgirlz/Boyz / Yellow

B1A4: Bana / Pastel Apple Lime

Baby V.O.X: Baby Angels / Pearl Baby Pink

Baby V.O.X Re.V: Second Wing / Pink

Baek Ji Young: Red

Bae Seul Gi: Red (heart-shaped balloons)

B.A.P: Baby / Spring Green [considered semi-official for the time being]

Battle: Battle Destiny / Pearl Gold

BEAST: B2UTY (Beauty) / Dark Grey

Big Bang: V.I.P / NOTE: Big Bang has no official color. Instead V.I.Ps wave black and white handkerchiefs (in lieu of balloons) or yellow crown lightsticks

BlackBeat: Soul Black / Pearl Black

Black Pearl: Pearl Black

Blady: Hi Ade

Block B: BBC (Block B Club) / Khaki

BoA: Jumping BoA (Korea); Soul (Japan) / Pearl Yellow

Boyfriend: Best Friend

BPPOP: Sweet Pop

Brave Girls: FEARLESS

Brown Eyed Girls: Everlasting / Yellow and Black

BTOB: Melody / Slow Blue

Buzz: Buzz’s Happy People / Blue (lightsticks)

Byul: Purple

C-Clown: Crown / Pearl Forrest Green

Chakra: Goddess / Purple (all solo members included)

Chae Yeon: Apricot

chAOS: chaoNYX

CHI-CHI: Shy Girl/Boy

Chocolat: Chocolatier

Click B: NIZI / Green

C.N. Blue: Boice / Blue

Code-V: V-intage

Crayon Pop: Cutie


Dal☆Shabet: Darling

Davichi: Girls High

Diva: Pearl Purple

DMTN: Dalmate

Dragon N Tiger (DNT): DAY / Chocolate

D-Unit: Unique

Epik High: High Skool / Black

Eru: Hi Eru / Pearl Green

Eun Ji Won: G-CREW / Silver

e.via [Tymee]: e.Vil / Pink and Black


F.Cuz: For U / Twinkle Light Silver


Fin.K.L: Pinky / Pearl Red

F.I.X: Polaris

Fly to the Sky: Fly High / Sky Blue

F.T Island: Primadonna / Yellow (Pentastick)

f(x): Pearl Light Periwinkle [considered semi-official for the time being]

Gavy NJ: Happiness

Girls Day: DAI5Y

Girls Generation: S♥ne (Sone, pronounced So-won) / Pastel Rose Pink (heart shaped balloons)

g.o.d: Fan god / Sky Blue

Gong Yoo: Yoo & I

G.NA: G.NI / Pink

GP Basic: Basically / Purple

Hello Venus: Hello Cupid / Lime Green

H.O.T: Club H.O.T (fans referred to as White Angels) / White (all solo members included)
└ Kangta: Club K.I.T
└ Lee Jaewon: Lee Style
└ Moon Hee Jun: Club H.I.T (former); JUNIST (current)
└ Tony: From Tony
└ Jang Woohyuk: Woohyuk 35

Hyori: HyoRish / Red

Infinite: Inspirit / Metal Gold Pearl

Isak N Jiyeon: Pearl Wine

I The Tri-Tops: TriStar

Ivy: Ivynus / Lime Green

Jang Nara: Fly [Nara] Love / Pearl Blue

Jaurim: Hee Hee NakRock

Jay Park: Jaywalkerz / Black and Yellow

Jewelry: Jewel Box / Blue

JinuSean: Red

JJ Project: JOYOUS

Jo Sung Mo: Sungmo Maria / Transparent

jtL: From JTL / White

Juniel: Banila

J-Walk: Police / Yellow

JYJ: Pearl Red

KARA: Kamilia / Pearl Peach

KCM: Pearl Emerald Green

Kim Jong Kook: Papitus

KINO: Leaf

Koyote: Little Sun / Pearl Blue

K-pop: K-popcon / Pearl Peach

LED Apple: L.E.D.A / Pearl Teal

Lee Jung Hyun: Feel2ya / Gold

Lee Seunggi: Airen / Pearl Mint

Lee Soo Young: Crystal / Pink

LeeU: Syndrome (Japan)

MBLAQ: A+ / Pearl Chocolate

MC Mong: Dream-kids / Pearl Peach

MC The MAX: Ivory

M.I.B: Buster

M.I.L.K: Milky Way / Pink

miss A: Say A

Monster: Black

M.Peror: Kingdom

MR.MR: Miso


Nine Muses: Mine / Black

NRG: Cheonjae Ilwoo / Pink

N:SONIC: Supersonic

N-Train: Eternal

NU’EST: L.O.Λ.E (pronounced Love) / Neon Pink

One Way: One Love

Papaya: Pink

Paran: Blue Ciel / Pearl Sapphire Sky Blue

Park Hyo Shin: Soul Tree / Green

PSY: PSYcho / Black

Rain: Clouds / Silver

Rainbow: Rain-nous / 7-colored rainbow

RaNia: A1ST (pronounced A-First)

S#arp: Red

SE7EN: Lucky 7 / Lime Green (7-shaped glowsticks)

Sechskies: DSF (Dear Seichskies Friend) / Yellow

Secret: SECRETTIME / White

SeeYa: SeeYa With You / Pearl Light Pink

Seo Taiji: Yellow (hankerchiefs)

S.E.S: Friend / Pearl Purple (all solo members included)

SG Wannabe: Love Room / Pearl Gold

SHE’Z: Holic

SHINee: SHINee World (Shawol) / Pearlescent Sky Blue

Shinhwa: Shinhwa Changjo / Orange (all solo members included)

Shinvi: Linos / Pearl Teal

SHU-I: WAS-I / Purple

SISTAR: STAR1 (pronounced Style) / Fuchsia


Son Dambi: DBLV


SPICA: Mercury

SS501: Triple S (Korea), Triple S Japan / Pearl Light Green (all solo members included)
└ Hyungjoon: Jjunaway
└ Hyunjoong: Henecia
└ Kyujong: ThanKyu
└ Youngsaeng: Y.E.S (Youngsaeng’s Eternal Supporters)

STORM: Pearl Chocolate

Sugar: Sugar Island / Apricot

Sung Si Kyung: Purple Ocean / Dark Purple

Sunny Hill: H:LLËR / Sunshine Yellow

Super Junior: E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friend) / Pearl Sapphire Blue
└ Heechul: Petals (also referred to as Undeads by Heechul)
└ Henry: Strings
└ Zhou Mi: Mitangs (Honeys)

Supernova: Stardust (Korea), Milky Way (Japan) / Pearl

TAHITI: Black Pearl

Take: TAKEzone / Red (heart-shaped balloons)

T-ARA: QUEEN’S (Korea), Sweet Treasure (Japan) / Pearl Ivory

Tasty: 2wings

TEEN TOP: Angel / Pearl Light Lavender

Tei: Tenia / Pearl Blue

The BOSS: MASTER / Pearl Terracotta

The Grace: Shapley / Pearl Pink
└ Dana: DANA 4 U / Pastel Pink

Tim: Pearl Sapphire Blue

T-Max: Mighty Max / Pearl Midnight Blue

TRAX: TRAXIAN / Pearl Cobalt Blue

TVXQ: Cassiopeia (Korea); Bigeast (Japan) / Pearl Red

Two-X: Doubling

U-KISS: Kiss Me / Pearl Fuchsia

UN: UN-i / Pearl Fushia


V.O.S: Soulmate / Pearl Burgundy

Wonder Girls: Wonderfuls / Pearl Burgundy

Yoo Seungjoon: West Side / Red

Younha: YounHapia / Light Pink

ZE:A: ZE:A Style (ZE:A’S) / Jade Green

Zhang Li Yin: Chocolate / Metal Pearl Light Gold

2NE1 투애니원 (3 Generation)
- Gong Minji 공민지 [Minzy 민지]; Main dancer, Lead vocalist, Maknae
- Lee Chaerin [CL 씨엘]; Main rapper, Leader
- Sandara Park 산다라박; Visual
- Park Bom 박봄; Main vocalist

4Minute 포민잇 (3 Generation)
- Heo Gayoon 허가윤; Main vocalist
- Jeon Jiyoon 전지윤; Lead vocalist, Lead rapper
- Kim Hyuna 김현아; Main rapper, Main dancer, Visual
- Kwon Sohyun 권소현; Maknae
- Nam Jihyun 남지현; Lead dancer, Leader

5Dolls 파이브돌스 (3 Generation)
- Han Nayeon 한나연; Visual
- Heo Chanmi 허찬미 (former member)
- Jin Hyewon 진혜원; Lead rapper
- Lee Soomi 이수미 (former member)
- Ryu Hyoyoung 류효영; Main rapper
- Seo Eunkyo 서은교; Lead vocalist, Main dancer
- Shannon Williams; Main vocalist, Maknae

15& 피프틴앤드 (3 Generation)
- Baek Yerin 백예린
- Park Jimin 박지민

84LY 에잇플리 (3 Generation)
- Boseon 보선; Main vocalist
- Daya 다야
- Lia 리아
- Minyoung 민영; Main vocalist
- Solip 소립
- Sooah 수아

A-Pink 에이핑크 (3 Generation)
- Hong Yookyung 홍유경; Main rapper
- Jung Eunji 정은지; Main vocalist
- Kim Namjoo 김남주; Lead vocalist, Lead rapper
- Oh Hayoung 오하영; Maknae
- Park Chorong 박초롱; Leader
- Son Na Eun 손나은; Lead dancer, Visual
- Yoon Bomi 윤보미; Lead vocalist, Main dancer

After School 애프터스쿨 (3 Generation)
- Im Jinah 임진아 [Nana 나나]; Visual
- Kim Jungah 김정아; Main vocalist, Lead dancer, Leader
- Kim Yoojin 김유진 [U-ie 유이]
- Lee Gaeun 이가은 [Kaeun 가은]; Maknae
- Lee Jooyeon 이주연; Visual
- No Leeyoung 노이영 [E-Young]
- Oh Hyerin 오혜린 [Raina 레이나]; Main vocalist
- Park Jiyoung 박지영[Kahi 카히] (former member)
- Park Sooyoung 박수영 [Lizzy 리지]; Lead rapper
- Rebekah Kim 레베카 김 [Bekah 베카] (former member)
- Yoo Soyoung 유소영 (former member)

AOA 에이오에이 (3 Generation)
- Kim Chanmi 김찬미 [Chanmi T.T 찬미 티.티]; Main dancer, Maknae
- Kim Seolhyun 김설현 [Seolhyunari 설현아리]; Lead dancer, Visual
- Kwon Mina 권미나[Minaring 미나링]; Lead rapper
- Park Choah 박초아 [Choaya 초아야]; Main vocalist
- Seo Youkyung 서유경 [Y]
- Seo Yuna 서유나 [Yunaria 유나리아]; Lead vocalist
- Shin Hyejung 신혜정 [Hyejung.Linus 혜정.리너스]; Visual
- Shin Jimin 신지민 [Jiminel 지민엘]; Main rapper, Leader

April Kiss 에이프릴 키스 (3 Generation)
- Heazn 해즌; Main rapper, Lead dancer
- Julie 줄리
- Coo.G 쿠지; Main vocalist
- Sara Eckhoff 사라; Maknae
- Xiho 시호; Leader
- Sumin 수민; Lead vocalist, Main dancer

[Baby V.O.X 베이비 복스] (1 Generation)
- Cha Yu Mi 차유미 (former member)
- Jang Hyun Jung 장현정 (former member)
- Jung Shi-woon 정시운 (former member)
- Kan Miyeon 간미연; Main vocal
- Kim Eiji 김이지 [Kim EZ]; Leader
- Lee Gai 이가이 (former member)
- Lee Heejin 이희진; Main vocal
- Shim Eunjin 신은진; Lead vocal
- Yoon Eunhye 윤은혜; Maknae

[Baby V.O.X Re.V 베이비 복스 레브] (2 Generation)
- An Jinkyung 안진경 (former member)
- Han Aeri 한애리 (former member)
- Hwang Younkyung 황윤경경; Lead vocalist
- Myung Sarang 명사랑 (former member)
- Oh Minjin 오민진; Lead rapper
- Park Sori 박소리; Maknae
- Yang Eunji 양은지 (former member)

BBde Girl 비비걸 (3 Generation)
- Jo Yekyung 조예경 / Christine 크리스틴
- Kim Nana 김나나
- Kim Seyeon 김세연 [E-sea 이새]; Main rapper
- Lee Ryulin 이류린 [Lyulin]
- Park Sujin 박수진 [Li-V 리브]; Main vocalist
- So Hana 소하나; Leader

B.Dolls 비돌스 (3 Generation)
- Han Jisung 한지성 [Seo I 서이]; Lead rapper, Maknae
- Jang Geunyoung 장근영; Lead vocalist, Leader
- Lee Seunghee 이승희 [Hayeon 하연]
- Lee Sihyun 이시현 [Seungjoo 승주] (former member)
- Lee Yoomi 이유미 [Yewon 예원]
- Park Taeyoon 박태윤 (former member)

Bebe Mignon 베베미뇽 (3 Generation)
- Lee Eun Young 이은영 [Ben 벤]
- Oh Hae Geum 오해금
- Park Ga Eul 박가을; Maknae

Bella 벨라 (3 Generation)
- Kani 칸희
- Lucy 루시; Leader
- Miu 미우

Big Mama 빅마마 (2 Generation)
- Lee Jiyoung 이지영
- Lee Younghyun 이영현
- Park Minhye 박민혜 (former member)
- Shin Yeona 신연아 (former member)

[Black Pearl 블랙펄] (2 Generation)
- Jung Min 정민
- Kim Hwieun 김희은; Maknae
- Na Yeongjoo 나영주
- Oh Nami 오남이; Leader
- Woo Mijin 우미진 [Mika 미카] (former member)

BPPOP 비피팝 (3 Generation)
- Jung Yoojin 정유진
- Kang Inkyung 강인경
- Lee Jooyoung 이주영 [Jane 제인]
- Lee Shiyoon 이시윤 [CU 시유]
- Pyun Sooji 편수지 [Pyunji 편지]; Main vocalist, Leader

Brave Girls 브레이브걸스 (3 Generation)
- Han Yejin 한예진
- Kim Yoojin 김유진; Lead rapper
- No Hyeran 노혜란; Main rapper, Main dancer, Maknae
- Seo Ah 서아; Lead dancer
- Park Eunyoung 박은영; Main vocalist, Leader

Brown Eyed Girls (2 Generation)
- Jo Mihae 조미해 [Miryo 미료]; Main rapper
- Kim Hyojin 김효진 [JeA 제아]; Main vocalist, Leader
- Park Hyojin 박효진 [Narsha 나르샤]; Lead vocalist, Lead dancer
- Son Ga In 손가인; Main dancer, Maknae

CHI-CHI (3 Generation)
- Baek Soyoung 백소영 [Azi 아지]; Lead rapper, Main dancer
- Jia 지아아 [Shine 샤인]; Lead vocalist
- Kim Sori 김소리 [Sui 수이]; Lead vocalist, Maknae, Leader
- Lee Boreum 이보름; Main vocalist, Main rapper
- Lee Yoonji 이윤지 [Ji-U 지우] (former member)
- Park Semi 박세미; Lead dancer
- Son Jongae 손종애 [Peach 피치] (former member)
- Yoon Hyewon 윤혜원 [Nara 나라] (former member)

[Chocolate] 초코릿 (3 Generation)
- Cheryl 쉐럴
- Jeon Bongi 전본기 [Bom 봄]
- Lee Hyuna 이현아 [Hena 헤나] (former member)
- Park Jiyeon 박지연 [Sui 수이]
- Zhang Li Meng 장리맹 / Meng 맹

ChoColat 쇼코라 (3 Generation)
- Lee Euijung 이의정 [Jaeyoon 재윤]; Main vocal
- Juliane Aflieri 쥬리앤 알피에리
- Melanie Lee 멜라니 이; Lead vocal, Maknae
- Choi Minji 최민지 [Min Soa 민소아]; Lead vocalist, Leader
- Tia Cuevas 티아 쿠에바스; Main dancer, Visual

Coin Jackson 코인잭슨 (3 Generation)
- Jang Jinshil 장진실 [Maxi 맥시]
- Jung Eun Gyo 정은교 [Eunbit 은빗]
- Park Minji 박민지 [Jihoo 지후]
- Uhm Yeojin 엄여진 [Kora 코라]
- Yang Sehyun 양세현 [Mari 마리]; Leader
- Yoo Seolhwa 유설화 [Wooyoo 우유]; Maknae

Crayon Pop 크레용 팝 (3 Generation)
- Baek Boram 백보람 [Gummi 금미]; Lead dancer, Leader
- Heo Minjin 허민진 [ChoA 초아]; Main vocalist
- Heo Minseon 허민선 [Way 웨이]; Lead rapper
- Kim Minyoung 김민영 [Ellin 엘린]; Lead dancer
- Park Hyekyung 박혜경 [Soyool 소율]; Main rapper, Maknae

C-REAL 씨리얼 (3 Generation)
- Jo Yeowoon 조여운 [Ann J 앤제이]
- Kim Yongwon 김영원 [Chemi 체미]; Leader
- Lee Dahee 이다희 [Re Dee 레디]
- Lee Jihoon 이지훈 [Effie 에피]
- Lee Yoojin 이유진 [Lenny 레니]; Maknae

CSJH the Grace 천상지희 더 그레이스 (2 Generation)
- Hong Sungmi 홍성미 [Dana 다나]
- Jin Seoyoon 진서윤 [Sunday 선데이]
- Kim Bokyung 김보경 / Stephanie Kim 스테파니 김; Maknae
- Lee Jiyeon 이지연 [Lina 리나나]

Dal★Shabet 달샤벳 (3 Generation)
- Bae Woohee 배우희
- Cho Ga Eun 초가은; Lead rapper
- Cho Jayoung 초자영 [Ah Young 아영]
- Kang Eun Hye 강은혜 [Viki 비키] (former member)
- Park Miyeon 박미연 [Serri 세리]; Main vocalist, Lead dancer
- Park Subin 박수빈; Lead vocalist, Maknae
- Yang Jung Yoon 양정윤 [Jiyul 지율]; Lead dancer, Visual

Davichi 다비치 (2 Generation)
- Kang Minkyung 강민경; Maknae
- Lee Haeri 이해리; Leader

E-I (Top)

E2RE 이투알이
- Kim Eunsoo 김은수 [Silver 실버]
- Lee Heejung 이희정
- Oh Yoorim 오유림
- Seo Jihye 서지혜 [I.lin 이린]

EvoL 이블 (3 Generation)
- Kim Joohee 김주희 [Jucy 쥬시]
- Kim Yeonjoo 김연주 [J-Da 제이다]
- Kwon Sohee 권소희 [Say 세이]
- Lim Yoori 임유리 [Yull 율]
- Yoon Hayana 윤하야나 / Kristine Yoon 크리스틴 윤

EXID 이엑스아이디 (3 Generation)
- An Heeyeon 안희연 [Honey 하니]
- An Hyojin 안효진 [LE 엘이]
- Heo Solji 허솔지
- Jung Yooji 정유지 (former member)
- Kang Hyewon 강혜원 [Dami 다미] (former member)
- Na Haeryung 나해령 (former member)
- Park Junghwa 박정화
- Seo Hyerin 서혜린

Fiestar 피에스타 (3 Generation)
- Ahn Minji 안민지 / Francesca Ahn 프란체스카 안 [Cheska 체스카]
- Cao Lu 차오루
- Kim Hyemi 김혜미
- Kim Jinhee 김진희 [Jei 제이]; Leader
- Lee Yeji 이예지 [Yezi]; Maknae
- Lim Minji 임민지 [Linzy 린지]; Lead vocalist

[Fin.K.L 핑클] (1 Generation)
- Lee Hyori 이효리; Leader
- Lee Jin 이진
- Ock Juhyun 옥주현; Lead vocalist
- Sung Yuri 성유리; Maknae

f(x) 에프에스(3 Generation)
- Choi Jinri 최진리 [Sulli 설리]; Visual
- Jung Soojung 정수정 / Krystal Jung 크리스탈 정; Lead vocalist
- Liu Yi Yun / Amber Liu 엠버; Main rapper
- Park Sunyoung 박선영 [Luna 루나]; Main vocalist, Lead dancer
- Song Qian / Victoria Song 빅토리아 송; Main dancer, Leader

Gangkiz 강키즈 (3 Generation)
- Choi Sooeun 최수은; Lead rapper
- Esther 에스터; Main vocalist
- Hwang Jihyun 황지현; Main vocalist, Leader
- Jo Eunbyul 조은별; Main rapper
- Kim Hyeji 김혜지
- Lee Jiyoung 이지영 [Haein 해인]
- Somin 소민; Lead vocalist

Gavy NJ 가비엔제이 (2 Generation)
- Geonji 건지
- Jang Heeyoung 장희영 (former member)
- Jenny 젠니
- Jeong Hyemin 정혜민 (former member)
- No Sihyun 노시현; Maknae

Girl2School 걸2스쿨(3 Generation)
- Aram 아람 (former member)
- Baek Jinsun 백진선
- Choi Jina 최지나
- Dayeon 다연 (former member)
- Han Woori 한우리
- Heryang 헤량 (former member)
- Jihe 지헤 (former member)
- Jiwon 지원 (former member)
- Kim Taekyung 김태경
- Kyunghee경희 (former member)
- Lee Jihye 이지혜 (former member)
- Mina 미나 (former member)
- Minha 민하 (former member)
- Sara 세라 (former member)
- Soyoung 소영 (former member)
- Yeeun 예은 (former member)
- Yoo Seungmi 유승미 (former member)

Girl’s Day 걸스데이 (3 Generation)
- Bang Minah 방민아; Main vocalist, Visual
- Hwang Jisun 황지선 (former member)
- Kim Ahyoung 김아영 [Yura 유라]; Lead rapper, Lead dancer
- Lee Haeri 이해리; Maknae
- Lee Ji In 이지인 (former member)
- Park Sojin 박소진; Lead vocalist, Leader
- Woo Jihae 우지해 (former member)

Girl’s Generation 소녀시대 (2 Generation)
- Choi Sooyoung 최수영
- Hwang Miyoung 황미영 / Stephanie Hwang 스테피니 황 [Tiffany 티파니]; Lead vocalist, Main rapper
- Im Yoona 임윤아; Visual
- Jung Sooyeon 정수연/ Jessica Jung 제시카 정; Main vocalist
- Kim Taeyeon 김태연; Main vocalist, Leader
- Kim Hyoyeon 김효연; Main dancer
- Kwon Yuri 권유리; Lead dancer
- Lee Sunkyu 이선규 [Sunny 써니]; Lead vocalist
- Seo Joohyun 서주현 [Seohyun 서현]; Lead vocalist, Maknae

GLAM 글램(3 Generation)
- Kim Dahee 김다희
- Kim Jinhee 김진희 [Zinni 진니]; Main rapper
- Lee Miso 이미소; Maknae
- Park Jiyeon 박지연; Lead rapper, Leader
- Yoon Soojin 윤수진 [Trinity 트리니티] (former member)

Goddess 가디스 (3 Generation)
- Bitna 빛나
- Eunji 은지
- Sojung 소정
- Yejin 예진

GP Basic 지피 베이직 (3 Generation)
- Byun Seungmi 방승미 [Janey 제이니]; Maknae
- Jeon Yeju 전예주 [Hannah 하나] (former member)
- Jung Hyesun 정혜선 [Trinity 트리니티]
- Kim Mui 김무이; Main dancer
- Kim Yoonhyun 김윤현 [Leah 레아]; Main vocalist, Leader
- Park Sohee 박소희 [Zion 자이온]
- Yeon Hee 연희 [Amet 에메트]; Main vocalist

HAM (Heart and Mind) 햄 (3 Generation)
- Gayeon 가연; Maknae
- Kim Jihyun 김지현 [Hyoni 효니]; Main rapper
- Miyu 미유 (former member)
- Park Sujin 박주진; Main vocal

Hello Venus 헬로 비너스 (3 Generation)
- Alice 앨리스; Lead vocalist, Lead dancer
- Kim Hyelim 김혜림 [Lime 라임]; Lead vocalist, Main rapper
- Kwon Nara 권나라; Lead dancer, Visual
- Park Junghwa 박정화 [Yooyoung 유영]; Main dancer, Maknae
- Shin Yoonjo 신윤조; Main vocalist
- Yoo Ara 유아라; Main vocalist, Leader

[i-13 아이-13] (2 Generation)
- Ahn Jungyoon 안정윤 [Oh 오]
- Baek Eunhye 백은혜 [Chuk 축]
- Geum Gaeun 금가은 [In 인]
- Im Hyojin 임효진 [You 유]
- Jo Yunjin 조윤진 [Sul 술]
- Kim Borim 김보림 [Myo 묘]
- Kim Boryun 김보련 [Mo 모]
- Kim Songee 김송이 [Mi 미]
- Kim Sujin 김수진 [Jae 재]
- Lee Jieun 이지은[Ja 자]; Leader
- Nam Miri 남미리 [Sin 신]
- Park Kajin 박가진 [Sa 사]
- Park Minjung 박민정 [Jin 잔]

INY 아이니 (3 Generation)
- Ella 엘라 (former member)
- Inseon 인선
- Maxi 맥시
- Miyoo 미유 (former member)
- Ren 렌
- Woorin 우린

J-N (Top)

Jewelry 쥬얼리 (1 Generation)
- Cho Minah 조민아 (former member)
- Ha Jooyeon 하주연 [Baby J 베이비 제이]; Main rapper, Main dancer
- Jun Eunmi 준은미 (former member)
- Jung Yoojin정유진 (former member)
- Kim Eunjung 김은정; Lead vocalist, Leader
- Kim Yewon 김예원; Lead vocalist, Lead rapper
- Lee Jihyun 이지현 (former member)
- Park Jungah 박정아 (former member)
- Park Semi 박세미; Main vocalist, Lead dancer, Visual, Maknae
- Seo Inyoung 서인영 (former member)

[JQT 제이큐티] (3 Generation)
- Joo Minsun 주민선 (former member)
- Lee Jieun 이지은; Main vocalist
- Lee Jinkyung 이진경; Maknae
- Park Gajin 박가진; Main rapper
- Park Minjung 박민정; Lead vocalist, Lead rapper, Leader

KARA 카라 (2 Generation)
- Goo Hara 구하라; Lead dancer
- Han Sungyeon 한승연; Main vocalist
- Kang Jiyoung 강지영; Maknae
- Kim Sunghee 김성희 (former member)
- Nicole Jung 니콜 정; Main rapper, Main dancer
- Park Gyuri 박규리; Lead vocalist, Leader

Lady Collection 레이디 코렉션 (3 Generation)
- Kim Soojung 김수정 [Ally 앨리]; Main vocalist
- Kim Jieun 김지은 [JC 제이시]; Main vocalist
- Lee Sooyoung 이수영 [Sei 세이]; Main vocalist, Maknae

LA.G 라지 (3 Generation)
- Choi Jae Eun 최재은 [Dahee 다희]
- Song Hojung 송호정 [ 이안]
- Ra Hyuna 라현아 [Rahyun 라현]
- Lua 루아
- Kim Taeyoung 김태영 [Tanya 타냐]

Leader’S T 리더스 티 (3 Generation)
- Chae Dahae 최다해; Leader
- Choi Yesol 최예솔 (former member)
- Jang Yeonjoo 장연주 [Serin 세린] (former member)
- Jung Seolji 정설지
- Kang Kyungjin 강경진 [Chaeyool 채율]
- Lee Kyungsuk 이경석
- Shin Jihye 신지혜 [Cindy 신디]
- Yeonshil 연실 (former member)

LXIA 릭시아 (3 Generation)
- Go Eun 고은
- Haejin 해진
- Jini 지니; Leader
- Sion 시온

MaskOT 마스코트 (3 Generation)
- Lee Haeri 이해리 (former member)
- Lee Rei 이레이
- Jin Ai 진아이; Maknae
- Oh Mina 오미나
- Sofia 소피아

[M.I.L.K 밀크] (1 Generation)
- Bae Yumi 배유미 / Jessica Yumi Bae 제시카 유미배 (former member)
- Kim Bomi 김보미
- Park Jaeyoung 박재영; Leader
- Seo Hyunjin 서현진; Lead vocalist

Miss $ 미스에스 (2 Generation)
- Jace 제이스
- Kang Minhee 강민희
- Tae Hyesun 태혜선 (former member)
- Oh Sangeun 오상은 [Nemo 니모] (former member)
- Oh Yumi 오유미

miss A 미스 에이 (3 Generation)
- Lee Minyoung 이민영 [Min 민]; Main dancer
- Meng Jia 맹지아; Lead dancer
- Bae Suji 배수지 [Suzy 수지]; Lead vocalist, Maknae
- Wang Fei Fei 왕페이페이 [Fei 페이]; Main vocalist, Leader

New.F.O. 뉴에프오 (3 Generation)
- Song Danah 송다나
- Hwang Jisun 황지선 [JN 제이엔; Leader
- Kim Jiyoon 김지윤 [Mima 미마]; Lead vocalist
- Kim Narae 김나래
- Son Soyi 손소이

NIA 니아 (3 Generation)
- Choi Youngshin 최영신
- Hwangbo Narae 황보나래
- Joon Soyeon 준소연
- Seo Jiyeon 서지연 [Sseoji 써지] ; Leader

Nine Muses 나인 뮤지스 (3 Generation)
- Jung Seoyoung 정서영 [Jaekyung 재경] (former member)
- Kim Rana 김라나 (former member)
- Lee Hyebin 이혜빈 [Bini 비니] (former member)
- Lee Hyemin 이혜민 [Euaerin 이유애린]; Lead dancer
- Lee Hyunju 이현주 [Sam 샘]; Main rapper
- Moon Hyuna 문현아; Lead vocalist
- Park Eunji 박은지; Main dancer
- Park Kyungri 박경리; Lead vocalist
- Park Minha 박민하; Maknae
- Pyo Hyemi 표혜미; Main vocalist
- Ryu Sera 류세라; Main vocalist
- Son Sungah 손성아

O-S (Top)

Pandora 판도라 (3 Generation)
- Bowon 보원
- Karyn 캐린
- Kim Jinyoo 김진유
- Miri 미리
- Sooah 수아 (former member)

Pascol 파스칼 (3 Generation)
- Baek Jinsun 백신선 [J-sun 제이썬]
- Jo Moonbin 조문빈; Leader
- Yuna 유나

Piggy Dolls 피가돌스 (3 Generation)
- Kim Minsun 김민선; Maknae
- Lee Jiyeon 이지연
- Park Jieun 박지은

Playa 플레야 (3 Generation)
- Jang Heejang 장희장 [Ahjung 아정]
- Lee Hyunjin 이현진 [Love 라보]
- Park Sangyeon 박상연 [Dayeon 다연]; Maknae

P.O.P Con 팝콘 (3 Generation)
- Choi Meara 최메아라
- Goo Seulee 구슬이
- Lee Areum 이아름
- Lee Rumi 이루미
- Mimi 미미

Rainbow 레인보 (3 Generation)
- Go Woori 고우리; Main rapper, Main dancer, Visual
- Jang Jisoo 장지수 (former member)
- Jo Hyunyoung 조현영; Main vocalist, Maknae
- Jung Yoonhye 정윤혜; Lead rapper
- Kim Jaekyung 김재경; Lead vocalist, Lead dancer, Leader
- Kim Jisook 김지숙; Main vocalist
- Lee Joobin 이주빈 (former member)
- Min Jihye 민지혜 (former member)
- No Eul 노을; Visual
- Oh Seungah 오승아; Lead vocalist

RaNia 라니아 (3 Generation)
- Chang Yi Jiao [LeeJo 이조] (former member)
- Jang Jinyoung 장진영 [Xia 시아]; Maknae
- Jutames Wichai [Joy 조이] (former member)
- Kim Da Rae 김다래 [Di 디]; Main rapper, Lead dancer
- Kim Jooyeon 김주연 [Riko 리코]; Lead vocalist
- Lee Seulmi 이슬미 [T-ae 티애]; Main dancer
- Yoo Jooyi 유주이; Main vocalist, Lead rapper
- Hwang Semi 황세미 [Saem 샘]; Leader

Ruby 루비 (3 Generation)
- Hyunjung 현정
- Jooyoung 주영
- Jori 조리
- Soojin 수진
- Yeseul 예슬

[Seeya 씨야야] (2 Generation)
- Kim Yeonji 김연지; Main vocalist, Maknae
- Lee Boram 이보람; Lead vocalist, Leader
- Lee Soomi 이수미 (former member)
- Nam Gyuri 남규리 (former member)

[S.E.S 에스이에스] (1 Generation)
- Choi Sunghee 최성희 [Bada 바다]; Lead singer, Leader
- Kim Yoojin 김유진 [Eugene 유진]; Visual
- You Sooyoung 유수영 [Shoo 슈]; Maknae

Secret 시크릿 (3 Generation)
- Han Sunhwa 한선화; Visual, Maknae
- Jeon Hyosung 전효성; Lead vocalist, Leader
- Song Jieun 송지은; Main vocalist
- Jung Hana 정하나 [Zinger 징거]; Main rapper

SHE’Z 쉬즈 (3 Generation)
- Kim Jiyoung 김지영
- Kim Seyeon 김세연; Leader
- Lee Jinah 이진아
- Lee Taeyeon 이태연

Sistar 씨스타 (2 Generation)
- Kang Jihyun 강지현 [Soyou 소유]; Lead vocalist
- Kim Dasom 김다솜; Maknae
- Kim Hyojung 김효정 [Hyorin 효린]; Main vocalist, Main dancer, Lead rapper, Leader
- Yoon Bora 윤보라; Main rapper, Lead dancer, Visual

SKarf 스카프 (3 Generation)
- Elaine Wong [Yuki 유키] (former member)
- Ferlyn Wong 페린 웡; Main rapper, Main dancer
- Hana 하나
- Lee Jooyoung 이주영 [Jenny 제니]; Lead vocalist, Maknae
- Natasha Low 나타샤 로 [Tasha 타샤]; Lead dancer, Lead rapper, Lead vocalist, Leader
- Jeong Sol 정솔 (former member)
- Jooah 주아

SPICA 스피카 (3 Generation)
- Kim Boa 김보아; Main vocalist, Leader
- Kim Bohyung 김보형; Lead vocalist, Maknae
- Park Joohyun 박주현
- Park Narae 박나래
- Yang Jiwon 양지원; Visual

SpinEL 스핀엘 (3 Generation)
- Kim Yeonjun 김연준 [EL 엘]
- Sung Yoojin 성유진 [Spin 스핀]

[Sugar 슈가] (1 Generation)
- Ayumi Lee 아유미 이 [Ahyoomee]; Main vocalist
- Lee Halin 이하린 [Haleen]
- Hwang Jungeum 황정음 (former member)
- Park Soojin 박수진 (former member)
- Yook Hyeseung 육혜승 [Saebyul 새별]

Sunny Days 써니 데이즈 (3 Generation)
- Hwang Jihee 황지히
- Jung Soojung 정주정
- Kim Soohyun 김수현
- Lee Sunkyung 이선경; Leader
- Seoyeon 서연

Sweet Revenge 스윗 리벤지 (3 Generation)
- Jang Hyuna 장현아
- Kim Mijung 김미정
- Kim Soyoung 김소영
- Lee Hwayoung 이화영

Swing Girls 스윙 걸스 (3 Generation)
- A Ran 아란
- Bach 바하
- Eunyul 은율
- Jenny 제니
- Sunin 선인; Leader

[Swi.T 스위.티] (2 Generation)
- Ahn Haeyoung 안해영; Main vocalist
- Lee Unjoo 이운주
- Sung Mihyun 성미현

T-Z (Top)

Tahiti 타히티 (3 Generation)
- Ari 아리
- Dasom 다솜 (former member)
- Heo Eunjung 허은정 [E.J 이제이] (former member)
- Jin 진
- Miso 미소
- Shin Jisoo 신지주
- Shin Minjae 진민재
- Ye Eun 예은 (former member)
- Yoon Jungbin 윤정빈; Leader

T-ARA 티아라 (3 Generation)
- Ham Eunjung 함은정; Lead rapper
- Jeon Boram 전보람
- Lee Areum 이아름; Maknae
- Lee Jiae 이지애 (former member)
- Lee Jihyun 이지현 [Qri 큐리]
- Park Injung 박인정 [Soyeon 소연]; Main vocalist, Lead dancer, Visual, Leader
- Park Jiyeon 박지연; Main dancer
- Park Sunyoung 박선영 [Hyomin 효민]; Lead vocalist
- Ryu Hwayoung 류화영 (former member)
- Yang Jiwon 양지원 (former member)

The SeeYa 더 씨야 (3 Generation)
- Heo Youngjoo 허영주
- Oh Yeonkyung 오연경; Lead vocalist, Maknae
- Song Minkyung 송민경; Leader
- Sung Yoojin 성유진; Main vocalist

Two-X 투엑스 (3 Generation)
- Eun 은
- Joo Eunyoun 주은연; Maknae
- Jiyoo 지유; Main vocalist, Leader
- Minjoo 민주
- Soorin 수린

[VNT 브이엔티] (3 Generation)
- Lil.J 릴 제이 (former member)
- Tina 티나
- Yumi 유미

Wind Hold Venus 와인홀비너스(3 Generation)
- Ha Young 하영
- Soojung 수정
- Tamra 탐라
- Yeo Wool 여울; Leader

Woman Power 우먼파워 (3 Generation)
- Kim Greem 김그림
- Lee Boram 이보람
- Suki 숙희

Wonder Girls 원더걸스 (2 Generation)
- Ahn Sohee 안소희; Main dancer, Visual
- Kim Hyunah 김현아 (former member)
- Kim Yoobin 김유빈; Main rapper
- Lee Sun Mi 이선미 (former member)
- Min Sunye 민성예; Main vocalist, Lead dancer, Leader
- Park Ye Eun 박예은; Lead vocalist
- Woo Hyelim 우혜림림; Maknae

1TYM 원타임 (1 Generation)
- Im Taebin 임태빈 / Danny Im 대니임; Lead vocalist, Maknae
- Oh Jinhwan 오진환
- Park Hongjun 박홍준 / Teddy Park 테디박; Leader
- Song Baekkyoung 송백경

2AM 투에이엠 (2 Generation)
- Im Seulong 임슬옹; Lead rapper, Visual
- Jung Jinwoon 정진운; Main rapper, Maknae
- Jo Kwon 조권; Lead vocalist, Leader
- Lee Changmin 이창민; Main vocalist

2PM 투피엠 (2 Generation)
- Hwang Chansung 황찬성; Maknae
- Jang Wooyoung 장우영; Lead vocalist, Main dancer
- Kim Minjun 김민준; Main vocalist
- Lee Junho 이준호; Lead vocalist, Lead dancer
- Nichkhun 닉쿤 / Nickhun Buck Horvejkul; Visual
- Ok Taecyeon 옥택연; Main rapper
- Park Jaebum 박재범 / Jay Park 제이박 (former member) *

[3Chongsa 삼총사] (3 Generation)
- Son Hyunseok 손현석 [Hwarang 화랑]; Leader
- Jung Haewon 정해원 [Sasya 사쌰]
- Shin Kangwoo 신강우; Maknae

4K 포케이(3 Generation)
- Cory 코리
- Choi Kisoo 최기수
- Sukjoon 석준
- Yoo Sungoh 유성오

4Men 포멘 (1 Generation)
- Han Hyeonhee 한현희 (former member)
- J1 제이원 (former member)
- Jeong Seyoung 정세영 (former member)
- Kim Wonjoo 김원주
- Kim Youngjae 김영재; Maknae
- Lee Jeongho 이정호 (former member)
- Shin Yongjae 신용재; Leader
- Yoon Minsoo 양민수 (former member) 칠구사이 (3 Generation)
- Jo Hoon 조후
- Kim Eungjoo 김응주; Maknae
- Lim Jonghyun 임종현
- Yoo Haenghoon 유행훈; Leader

24K 투포케이 (3 Generation)
- Cory 코리
- Choi Kisoo 최기수
- Kim Daeil 김대일
- Park Byungho 박병호
- Yoo Sungoh 휴성오

100% 백퍼센트 (3 Generation)
- Jang Hyukjin 장혁진
- Jo Jonghwan 조종황
- Kim Chanyong 김찬용
- Kim Rokhyun 심록현; Main vocalist
- Lee Sanghoon 이상훈; Maknae
- Seo Minwoo 서민우
- Woo Changbum 우창범

A.cian 에이션 (3 Generation)
- Chanhee 찬희
- Jang Woongshik 장웅식 [Crooge 크루지]
- Sanghyun 상현
- Sehee 세희; Main vocalist
- Seulgi 슬기; Leader

AA (Double A 더블에이) (3 Generation)
- Hwang Juwon 황주원
- Jung Hoik 정호익; Visual
- Park Geun Ee 박근이 [Aoora 아우라]
- Woo Sangsu 우상수 [Woosang 우상]; Leader
- Yoo Ye Hyanggi 유예향기 [Kimchi 김치]; Maknae

Airplane 에이어프레인 (3 Generation)
- Jung Boril 정보릴 [Bokiri 보기리]
- Park Sungjoon 박성준 [mNine]; Leader
- Sung Minki 성민기

A-JAX 에이잭스 (3 Generation)
- Ham Seungjin 함승진
- Kim Hyunggon 심형곤; Leader
- Lee Seungyeop 히승엽; Maknae
- Maeng Yoonyoung 맹윤영; Lead vocalist
- Moon Hyojoon 문효준
- Park Sungmin 박성민; Main vocalist
- Seo Jaehyung 서재형

Apeace 에이피스 (3 Generation)
- Choi Yeongwon 최영원
- Hangyeol 한결
- Ha Geonhee 하건희
- Heo Changwoo 허창우
- Hong Seungho 홍승호
- Hwang Doohwan 황두환
- Hwang Seokhyun 황석현 (former member)
- Hyeontae 현태
- Ji Hyunsung 지현성
- Jung Eunho 정은호(former member)
- Jung Hoyoung 정호영
- Jung Mansu 정만수 (former member)
- Jung Youngwook 정영욱; Maknae
- Junsik 준식
- Kim Daegeon 김대건 (former member)
- Kim Jinwoo 김진우
- Kim Seunghyung 김승형
- Kim Seunghwan 김승환
- Kim Wanchul 김완철
- Kim Wonsik 김원식
- Lee Haneul 이하늘 (former member)
- Lee Myungeun 이면근
- Lee Sungwoo 이성우 (former member)
- Lee Taewoo 이태우
- Lim Hojun 임호준 (former member)
- Lim Younggyun 임영견 (former member)
- Min Jinhong 민진홍
- Moon Byeonghun 문병훈
- Oh Sehyun 오세현
- Park Jaewon 박재원
- Son Yuchang 손유창 (former member)
- Song Seunghyuk 송승현
- Yoo Dongho 유동호; Leader

A-Prince 에이프린스 (3 Generation)
- Kim Minhyuk 김민혁
- Siyoon 시윤
- Seungjoon 승준
- Sung Jangyong 성장용 [Sungwon 성원]; Leader
- Woobin 우빈

[A’ST1 에이스타일] (2 Generation)
- Azuma Tomoki [Tomo 토모]
- Byun Jangmoon 변장문
- Ding Hai Ming 딩하이밍
- Lim Hanbyul 임한별; Maknae
- Park Jungjin 박정진; Leader
- Sung Ingyu 성인규

Attack 어택 (3 Generation)
- A 에이
- Changwoo 창우
- Jiyong 지용
- Jonghun 종훈
- Seunghwan 승환; Leader

B1A4 비원에이포 (3 Generation)
- Cha Sunwoo 차선우 [Baro 바로]; Main rapper
- Gong Chanshik 공찬식 [Gongchan 공찬]; Visual, Maknae
- Jung Jinyoung 정진영; Lead vocalist, Leader
- Lee Jung Hwan 이정환 [Sandeul 산들]; Main vocalist
- Shin Dongwoo 심동우 [CNU]; Lead rapper

[Battle 배틀] (2 Generation)
- Jeong Hyungrok 정형록 / Chris Jeong 크리스정; Maknae
- Jin Taehwa 진태화
- Kim Taekwan 김태관 [Hwichan 회찬]
- Park Jiwoon 박지운 [Lio 리오]
- Shin Kihyun 신기현 (former member)
- Won Seungjae 원승재 [Ryu 류]; Leader

BB.Boys 비비보이즈 (3 Generation)
- Lee Taehee 이태희; Leader
- Seo Younghoon 서영훈 [Jino 지노]
- Song Minchul 송민철 [Siwoo 시우]; Maknae

BEAST 비스트 (3 Generation)
- Jang Hyunseung 장현승; Lead vocalist, Lead dancer
- Lee Kikwang 이기광; Lead vocalist, Main dancer, Visual
- Son Dongwoon 손동운; Maknae
- Yang Yoseob 양요섭; Main vocalist
- Yong Junhyung 용준형; Main rapper
- Yoon Doo Joon 윤두준; Leader

BIG BANG 빅뱅 (2 Generation)
- Choi Seunghyun 최승현 [T.O.P 탑]; Lead rapper
- Dong Youngbae 동영배 [Taeyang 태양]; Main vocalist, Main dancer
- Kang Daesung 강대성; Lead vocalist
- Kwon Jiyong 권지용 [G-Dragon 지드래곤]; Main rapper, Leader
- Lee Seunghyun 이승현 [Seungri 승리]; Lead dancer, Maknae

BigStar 빅스타 (3 Generation)
- Jung Sunghak 정성학
- Kim Donghyun 김동현 [Jude 쥬드]
- Kim Raehwan 김래환
- Lee Youngjoon 이영준 [Baram 바람]
- Oh Kwangseok 오광석 [FeelDog 필독]

Block B 블락비 (3 Generation)
- Ahn Jaehyo 안재효; Lead vocalist, Visual
- Kim Yoo Kwon 김유권 [U-Kwon 유권]; Lead dancer
- Lee Taeil 이태일; Main vocalist
- Lee Minhyuk 이민혁 [B-Bomb 비밤]; Main dancer
- Park Kyung 박경; Lead rapper
- Pyo Ji Hoon 표지훈 [P.O 피오]; Maknae
- Woo Jiho 우지호 [Zico 지코]; Main rapper, Leader

BOB4 비오비포 (3 Generation)
- Choi Minsoo 최민수
- Hwang Inhee 황인희
- Kim Myungkyu 김명규
- Lee Sungik 이성익 [Sung Yoobin 성유빈]

B.o.M 비오엠 (3 Generation)
- Kim Raesung 김래성 [Raewon 래원] (former member)
- Lee Jisu 이지수
- Maeng Sechang 맹세창; Leader
- Song Minho 송민호 [Tagoon 타군]
- Yoo Kyungmok 유경목 [Yua 유아]; Maknae

Boyfriend 보이브렌드 (3 Generation)
- Jo Kwangmin 조광민; Main rapper, Visual
- Jo Youngmin 조영민; Lead dancer, Visual
- Kim Donghyun 김동현; Lead vocalist, Leader
- Lee Jeongmin 이정민; Lead vocalist
- No Minwoo; 노민우 Main dancer, Lead rapper, Maknae
- Shim Hyunseong 심현성; Main vocalist

Boyz 보이즈(3 Generation)
- Cheolhee 철희 [Cheori 초리]
- Haru 하루 (former member)
- Hwang Junwon 황준원 [Jun.1 준원]
- Kim Donghyun 김동현 [Hanwool] 한울
- Sa Seokmin 사설민 [Noah 노아]
- Yoon Changyoung 윤창영 [Enoch 에녹]; Leader
- Yoondam 윤담 (former member)

Browneyed Soul 브라운아이드소을 (2 Generation)
- Ahn Jungyeop 안정엽; Leader
- Go Youngjoon 고영준
- Yoo Na Eul 유나을; Main vocalist
- Seonghoon 성훈; Maknae

BTOB 비투비 (3 Generation)
- Jung Ilhoon 정일훈
- Lee Changseop 이창섭
- Lee Minhyuk 이민혁
- Lim Hyunshik 임현식
- Seo Eunkwang 서은광; Main vocalist, Leader
- Shin Donggeun 신동근 [Peniel 프니엘]
- Yook Sungjae 육성재; Maknae

CN Blue 씨엔브루 (3 Generation)
- Jung Yonghwa 정용화; Lead vocalist, Main rapper, Leader
- Kang Minhyuk 강민혁; Maknae
- Kwon Kang Jin 권강진 (former member)
- Lee Jonghyun 이종현; Lead guitarist
- Lee Jungshin 이정신

Code V 코드브이 (2 Generation)
- Kim Sol 김솔
- Kim Sunhee 김선희 [Naro 나로]
- Nam Sangwoo 남상우
- Seo Jaewon 서재원; Maknae
- Seo Minho 서민호
- Uhm Taemin 엄태민 (former member)

C-Clown 씨크라운 (3 Generation)
- Kangjoon 강준; Main vocalist
- Kim Hyunil 김현일 [Ray 레이]
- Kim Taemin 김태민 [Siwoo 시우]
- Lee Jaejoon 이재준 [Maru 마루]; Maknae
- Lee Minwoo 이민우 [T.K 태케이]
- Yoo Barom 유바롬 [Rome 롬]; Leader

Cross Gene 크러스진 (3 Generation)
- Chi Xiao Xiang / C. True 씨트루 [Casper 캐스퍼]
- Kim Sangmin 김성민
- Kim Yongseok 김영석
- Gao Jianing [J.G 제이지]; Main vocalist, Maknae
- Shin Wonho 신원호 [Shin 신]; Visual
- Terada Takuya 테라다 타쿠야; Leader

DMTN 디엠티엔 (3 Generation)
- Daniel Chae 다니엘 최; Lead vocalist, Maknae
- David Kim 다비드 김 [DayDay 데이데이] (former member)
- Jang Intae 장인태 [Inati 이나티]; Lead rapper, Leader
- Lee Dari 이다리; Main rapper
- Lee Donglim 이동림
- Park Jisu 박지수 [Jee Su 지수] (Main vocalist)
- Simon 사이몬

Dragon N Tiger 드래곤 앤 타이거 (3 Generation)
- Jung Chiho 정치호
- Karin카린 (former member)
- Kwon Taeku 권태구 (former member)
- Lee Dongwook 이동욱 (former member)
- Lee Jungjo 이정조
- Moon Junyoung 문준영; Leader
- Park Byungkyu 박병규

E-I (Top)

E7 이세븐 (3 Generation)
- Kim Bokeun 김복은
- Kim Hyun 김현 [Iri 이리]
- Kwon Hyungmin 권형민 [GoUp 고업]
- Lee Sangyoung 이상영[Lucky 러키]
- Woo Youngsoo 우영수 [Woosu 우수]
- Yoo Insung 유인성 [Iz 이즈]; Main vocalist

EgoBomb 이고밤 (3 Generation)
- Choi Kwanwoo 최권우; Maknae
- Kwon Eul 권을; Leader

Epik High 에픽하이 (2 Generation)
- Choi Jin 최진 [Mithra 미쓰라]; Maknae
- Jeong Sikkim 정식김 [DJ Tukutz DJ 투컷즈]
- Lee Sunwoong 이선웅 / Daniel Lee 다니엘이 [Tablo 타블로]; Leader

EXO 엑소 (3 Generation)
- Byun Baekhyun 변백현; Main vocalist <K>
- Do Kyungsu 도경수 [D.O 디오]; Lead vocalist <K>
- Huang Zi Tao 황지타우 / Edison Huang 에디손 황 [Tao 타오]; Main rapper, Maknae <M>
- Kim Jongdae 김종대 [Chen 첸]; Main vocal <M>
- Kim Jongin 김종인 [Kai 카이]; Main dancer, Lead rapper, Visual <K>
- Kim Junmyun 김준면 [Suho 수호]; Lead vocalist, Leader <K>
- Lu Han 루한; Lead vocalist, Lead dancer, Visual <M>
- Oh Sehun 오세훈; Lead dancer, Maknae <K>
- Park Chanyeol 박찬열; Main rapper <K>
- Wu Fan 우판 / Kevin Wu 케빈우 (Li 이) [Kris 크리스]; Lead rapper, Leader <M>
- Kim Minseok 김민석 [Xiu Min 시우민]; Lead vocalist <M>
- Zhang Yixing 장이싱 [Lay 레이]; Main dancer <M>

F.CUZ 포커즈 (3 Generation)
- Choi Younghak 최영학 [Kan 캔]; Lead vocalist, Main dancer
- Kim Daegeon 김대건; Main vocalist
- Kim Jinchul 김진철 [Jinon 진온]; Main rapper, Leader
- Kim Raehyun 김래현
- Lee Seunghyun 이승현 [LeeU 이유] (former member)
- Shim Yejun 심예준; Main vocalist, Maknae

F.I.X 픽스(3 Generation)
- Kim Jungwook 김정욱; Maknae
- Bae Nuri 배누리; Leader
- Oh Song 오송
- Jo Sungwoo 조성우 (former member)

[Fly to the Sky 프라이 투 더 스카이] (1 Generation)
- Hwang Yoonsuk 황윤석 [Hwanhee 환희]
- Joo Minkyu 주민규 / Brian Joo 브라이언주

FT Island FT 아일랜드(2 Generation)
- Choi Jonghun 최종훈; Lead guitarist, Leader
- Choi Minhwan 최민환; Maknae
- Lee Hongki 이홍기; Lead vocalist, Visual
- Lee Jaejin 이재진
- Oh Wonbin 오원빈 (former member)
- Song Seunghyun 송승현

G.IAM 지아이엠 (3 Generation)
- Bae Jungkyoon 배정균 [Vega 베가]
- Choi Youngkyu 최영규 [A-TOM 에이톰]; Leader
- Jang Sehwan 장세환 [Paul 바울]
- Joo Daehyun 주대현 [Eunyool 은율]; Maknae
- Lim Yoowon 임유원 [U1 유원]
- Yoo Kyulshil 유결실

[g.o.d 지오디] (1 Generation)
- Ahn Shinwon 안신원 / Danny Ahn 대니 안
- Kim Taewoo 김태우; Main vocalist, Maknae
- Park Junhyung 박준형; Leader
- Son Hoyoung 손호영 / Andrew Son 안드류손
- Yoon Kyesang 윤계상 (former member)

HITT 히트 (3 Generation)
- Cho Hyunjun 초현준
- Choi Howon 최호원; Maknae
- Ji Hayong 지하용; Leader
- Kim Wooram 김우람
- Oh Juntaek 오준택; Lead vocalist
- Sung Jaehoon 성재운

[H.O.T 에이쵸티] (1 Generation)
- Ahn Chilhyun 안칠현 [Kangta 강타]; Main vocalist
- An Seungho 안승호 / Tony An 토니안; Lead vocalist
- Jang Woohyuk 장우혁; Main rapper
- Lee Jaewon 이재원; Maknae
- Moon Hee Jun 문희준; Leader

Impact 임팍트 (3 Generation)
- Byun Jangmoon 변장문; Maknae
- Kang Sungho 강성호
- Kwang Muni 광무니
- Phillip Ryu 필립 류

Infinite 인피니트 (3 Generation)
- Jang Dongwoo 장동우; Main rapper, Lead dancer
- Kim Myungsoo 김명수 [L 엘]; Lead vocalist, Visual
- Kim Sungkyu 김성규; Main vocalist, Leader
- Lee Howon 이호원 [Hoya 호야]; Lead rapper, Main dancer
- Lee Sungjong 이성종; Maknae
- Lee Sungyeol 이성열
- Nam Woohyun 남우현; Main vocalist

J-N (Top)

Jackpot 잭팟 (3 Generation)
- An Jaewoo 안재우 [JaeA 재아]
- Jung Kyungrok 정경록 [R.O.K 록]; Leader
- Junhyun 준현
- Kim Jaeho 김재호; Main vocalist
- Kim Jinshik 김진식 [CIN 신]
- Kim Soohan 김수한 [Swan 솬]
- Lee Donggun 이동검 [BI 비아이]; Main vocalist
- Park Youngseok 박영석
- Song Hyunwoo 송현우 [Vow 바우]

Jinusean 지누션 (1 Generation)
- Jinu Kim 지누김
- Sean Noh 션노

JJ Project 제이제이프로젝트 (3 Generation)
- Lim Jaebum 임재범 [JB 제이비]; Leader
- Park Jinyoung 박진영 [Jr. 쥬니어]; Maknae

K-Boys 케이보이즈 (3 Generation)
- DohyunR 도현R
- GwanghunO 광훈O
- JongchanE 종찬E
- KohyunK 고현K; Main rapper
- SungriA 성리A

[KINO 키노] (3 Generation)
- Baek Seungjae 백승재; Maknae
- Joo Jonghoon 주종훈
- Kwak Yonghwan 곽용환
- No Songhwan 노송환; Lead vocalist
- Yan Haemin 얀해민; Leader

LEDApple 레드애플 (2 Generation)
- Choi Jaehoon 최재훈 (former member)
- Jang Hanbyul 장한별; Main vocalist
- Jeon Kiwook 전기욱 [I-OH 이오] (former member)
- Kim Hyosuk 김효석
- Kim Kwangyeon 김광연; Lead rapper
- Lee Kyumin 이규민; Lead vocalist, Main rapper, Maknae
- Minyong 민용(former member)
- Park Gunwoo 박건우 [KeonU 건우]
- Seo Youngjun 서영준; Leader
- Seunghyun 승현 (former member)

Leessang 리쌍 (2 Generation)
- Gil Sungjoon 길성준 [Gil 길]; Main vocalist
- Kang Heegun 강희건 [Gary 개리]; Main rapper

Lunafly 루나프라이 (3 Generation)
- Han Seungyoon 한승윤 [Yun 윤]
- Sam Carter 샘카터; Leader
- Shin Taeho 신태호 [Teo 티오]

M.peror 엠페로 (3 Generation)
- Sangyun 상윤 [Chanran 찬란] (former member)
- Lee Hyundong 이현동 / Tommy Lee [D.Kash 디캐시]
- Lee Donghyun [Eunchan] (former member)
- Hanyoung 한영 [Aaron 에론]
- Kang Sumin 강수민 [Jaeil 재일]
- Jang Kyungmin 장경민 [Jaerim 재림]
- Jung Janghyun 정장현 [Kangon 강온]; Main vocalist, Leader
- Kang Daesam 강대삼 [Taeho 태호]
- Hwang Junyoung 황준영 [Zach 제크]; Maknae

MBLAQ 엠블랙 (3 Generation)
- Bang Chulyong 방철용 [Mir 미르]; Main rapper, Maknae
- Jung Byunghee 정병희 [G.O 지오]; Main vocalist
- Lee Changsun 이창선 [Joon 준]; Main dancer, Visual
- Park Sanghyun 박상현 [Thunder 청둥]; Lead rapper, Lead dancer, Visual
- Yang Seungho 양승호; Lead vocalist, Lead dancer, Leader

MC the Max 엠씨 더 맥스 (1 Generation)
- Heo Jungmin 허정민 (former member)
- Jeyun 제윤 [J. Yoon 제이윤]
- Jun Minhyuk 전민혁; Maknae
- Lee Soo 이수

M.I.B 엠아이비 (3 Generation)
- Kim Hangil 김한길 [5Zic 5직]; Leader
- Kim Kiseok 김기석 [Cream 크림]
- Namekawa Yasuo [KangNam 강남]; Lead vocalist
- Shim Jongsu 심종수 [SIMS 심스]; Maknae

Mighty Mouth 마이티 마우스 (2 Generation)
- Lee Sangchul 이상칠 [237 / Sangchu 상추]; Leader
- So Junseop 소준섭 [Shorry J 쇼리제이]; Maknae

MR.MR 미스터 미스터 (3 Generation)
- Han Jihyun 한지현 [Tei 테이]
- Jin 진; Leader
- Kwon Doyeon 권도연
- Lee Changjae 이창재
- Oh Gitaek 오기택 [Ryu 류]

Mr.Slam 미스터 스램 (3 Generation)
- Bae Choongseok 배충석 [Yongjin 용진]
- Choi Taeseon 최태선; Lead vocalist, Maknae
- Jung Kwanghyun 정광현 [Jacky 잭키]; Main dancer
- Kim Joonyeon 김준영 [Joon 준]
- Saeho 새호; Main vocalist

MYNAME 마이네임 (3 Generation)
- Chae Jinsuk 최진석 [Chaejin 채진]; Maknae
- Kang Insoo 강인수; Lead vocalist
- Kang Junkyu 강준규 [JunQ 준큐]
- Kim Seyong 김세용
- Lee Gunwoo 이건우; Lead vocalist, Leader

Never Mind 네버마인드 (3 Generation)
- Kang Jihoon 강지훈
- Kang Jiwon 지원 [G.ONE 지원]; Leader
- Lee Changha 이차하
- Son Inho 손인호 [Ino 이노]

N:SONIC 엔소닉 (3 Generation)
- Choi Byeol 최별
- Kim Inseok 김인석 [Eunho 은호]
- Kwon Jaehwan 권재환 [J.Heart 제이하트]; Main vocalist, Leader
- Lee Bongjun 이봉준 [Black J 블랙제이]; Maknae
- Park Jonguk 박존국; Visual

N-Train 엔트레인 (3 Generation)
- Jung Jungkyun 정정견; Leader
- Jung Seunghyun 정승현
- Kim Sangwoo 김상우; Main vocalist, Maknae
- Lee Songmi 이송미 [Soul J 소울제이]; Main vocalist
- Song Yujin 송유진; Maknae

NU’EST 뉴에스트 (3 Generation)
- Aron Kwak 아론곽; Lead rapper
- Choi Minki 최민기 [Ren 렌]; Maknae
- Hwang Minhyun 황민현; Lead vocalist, Visuals
- Kang Dongho 강동호 [Baekho 백호]; Main vocalist
- Kim Jonghyun 김종현 [JR 쥬니어]; Main rapper, Main dancer, Leader

O-S (Top)

Offroad 오프로드 (3 Generation)
- Baek Seunghun 백승훈
- Jung Dongsoo 정동수 [RIO 리오]
- Kim Namhyun 김남현
- Park Sangmin 박상민 [Sihwan 시환]
- So Seulgi 소슬기 [G.I 지아이]

One Way 원웨이 (3 Generation)
- Cho Junyoung 초준영 [Young Sky 영스카이]; Main rapper, Maknae
- Peter Hyun 피터현; Main vocalist
- Kim Michael Jung [Chance 찬스]; Lead vocalist, Leader

[Sechskies 섹스키스] (1 Generation)
- Eun Jiwon 은지원; Leader
- Go Jiyong 고지용
- Jang Suwon 장수원; Maknae
- Kang Sunghoon 강성훈; Lead vocalist
- Kim Jaeduk 김재덕
- Lee Jaejin 이재진

SG Wannabe SG워너비 (2 Generation)
- Chae Dongha 최동하(former member)
- Kim Jinho 김진호; Lead vocalist, Maknae
- Kim Yongjun 김용준; Leader
- Lee Seokhun 이석훈

SHINee 샤이니 (2 Generation)
- Choi Minho 최민호; Main rapper
- Kim Jonghyun 김종현; Main vocalist
- Kim Kibum 김기범 [Key 키]; Lead rapper, Lead dancer
- Lee Jinki 이진기 [Onew 온유]; Lead vocalist, Leader
- Lee Taemin 이태민; Main dancer, Maknae

Shinhwa 신화 (1 Generation)
- Jung Pilkyo 정필교 [Shin Hyesung 신혜성]; Main vocalist
- Kim Dongwan 김동완; Lead vocalist
- Lee Minwoo 이민우
- Lee Sunho 이선호 / Andy Lee 앤디이; Maknae
- Moon Junhyuk 문준혁 / Eric Moon 에릭문; Main rapper, Leader
- Park Choongjae 박충재 [Jun Jin 전진]

SHU-I 슈아니 (3 Generation)
- Hwang Inseok 황인석; Leader
- Jeon Changhyun 전창현
- Park Hyungjun 박형준; Visual
- Park Jinseok 박진석; Maknae
- Park Minho 박민호; Main vocalist

S.L.I.M 스림 (3 Generation)
- Bu Chanshik 부찬식
- Ham Yoonshik 함윤식 [Junwoo 전우]
- Lim Jaeyong 임재용
- Yang Heumlim 양흠림

SMASH 스매쉬 (2 Generation)
- Hanbang 한방
- Kim Minsoo 김민수 [Hero 히로]
- Nam Hyunjoo 남현주 [World 월드]
- Naru 나루
- Shim Mingyu 심민규 [Jerry 제리]

SPEED 스피드 (3 Generation)
- Choi Sungmin 최성민
- Kang Inoh 강인오 [Noori 누리] (former member)
- Kim Jungwoo 김정우 [Yoosung 윳성]
- Kim Yoohwan 김유환
- Lee Kwanghaeng 이광행 (former member)
- Oh Sungjong 오성종 [Taeha 태하]
- Park Sejoon 박세준
- Shin Jongkook 신종국
- Woo Jiseok 우지석 [Taewoon] 태운

SS501 다블에스501 (2 Generation)
- Heo Youngsaeng 허영생; Lead vocalist
- Kim Hyungjun 김형준; Main rapper, Main vocalist, Main dancer, Maknae
- Kim Hyunjung 김현중; Lead dancer, Lead rapper, Leader
- Kim Kyujong 김규종; Main vocalist
- Park Jungmin 박정민; Main vocalist

[StonySkunk 스토니스컹] (1 Generation)
- Jo Sungjin 조성진 [Skull 스컬]
- Kim Byunghun 김병훈 [Kush 쿠쉬]

Super Junior 슈퍼쥬니어 (2 Generation)
- Choi Siwon 최시원; Visual
- Cho Kyuhyun 초규현; Main vocalist, Lead dancer, Maknae
- Han Geng [Han Kyung 한경] (former member)
- Henry Lau 헨리 (sub-group Super Junior-M); Main dancer, Lead rapper
- Kim Heechul 김희철
- Kim Jongwoon 김종운 [Yesung 예성]; Main vocalist
- Kim Kibum 김기범; Main rapper
- Kim Ryeowook 김려욱; Main vocalist
- Kim Youngwoon 김영원 [Kangin 강인]
- Lee Donghae 이동해; Lead vocalist, Main dancer
- Lee Hyukjae 이혁재 [Eunhyuk 은혁]; Main rapper, Main dancer
- Lee Sungmin 이성민; Lead vocalist, Lead dancer
- Park Jungsu 박정수 [Leeteuk 이특]; Leader
- Shin Donghee 신동희 [Shindong 신동]; Lead rapper, Lead dancer
- Zhou Mi 조미 (sub-group Super Junior-M); Lead vocalist

Supernova 초신성 (2 Generation)
- Jung Yoonhak 정윤학 [Spica]; Lead vocalist, Leader
- Kim Kwangsu 김광수 [Becrux]; Lead rapper
- Kim Sungje 김성재[Sirius]; Main vocalist, Lead dancer, Leader (temporary)
- Park Geonil 박건일 [Canopus]; Main rapper, Main dancer, Maknae
- Song Hyunyoung 송현영 [Song Jihyuk / Acrux]
- Yoon Sungmo 윤성모 [Vega]

Supreme Team 슈프림팀 (3 Generation)
- Jeong Kiseok 정기석 [Simon D 사이몬 디]; Leader
- Kang Minho 강민호 [E-sens 이센스]

T-Z (Top)

[TAKEN 테이컨] (3 Generation)
- Kim Gunwoo 김건우; Maknae
- Kim Minhyuk 김민혁 [Da On 다온]
- Kim Taeshik 김태식 [Yoojun 유준]
- Kwak Taehyuk 곽태혁
- Park Seungyeol 박승열
- Seong Changyong 성창용 [Seongwon 성원]; Leader

Tasty 테이스티
- Jung Daeryong 정대룡
- Jung Soryong 정소룡

Teen Top 틴탑 (3 Generation)
- Bang Minsoo 방민수 [C.A.P 캅]; Main rapper, Leader
- Choi Jonghyun 최종현 [Changjo 창조]; Main dancer
- Daniel Ahn 다니엘안 [Niel 니얼]; Main vocalist
- Lee Byunghyun 이병현[L.Joe 엘조]; Lead rapper
- Lee Chanhee 이찬희 [Chunji 천지]; Lead vocalist
- Yoo Changhyun 유창현 [Ricky 리키]; Lead dancer

The Boss 대국남아 (3 Generation)
- Jeon Jihwan 정지환 [Jay 제이]; Main dancer, Lead rapper, Maknae
- Lee Injun 이인준
- Lee Suhoon 이수훈 [Mika 미카]; Main vocalist, Leader
- Park Hyunchul 박현철 [Karam 카람]; Main dancer
- Woo Hyunmin 우현민; Lead vocalist

[T-Max 티 맥스] (2 Generation)
- Joo Chanyang 주찬양; Main vocalist
- Kim Hyungjun 김형준 [Jun 준]; Main rapper
- Park Hanbi 박한비; Lead vocalist, Lead rapper, Maknae
- Park Yunhwa 박윤화 (former member)
- Shin Minchul 신민철; Lead vocalist, Leader

Touch 터치 (3 Generation)
- Cha Younghoon 차영훈; Maknae
- Choi Dabin 최다빈 (former member)
- Jeon Junyong 정준용; Main vocalist
- Kim Minseok 긴민석
- Kim Sunwoong 김선웅
- Meng Hanjun 멩한준 / Chris Meng 크리스멩; Leader
- Park Sungyong 박성용

TOXIC 톡식 (3 Generation)
- Kim Jungwoo 김정우
- Kim Seulong 김슬옹

TRAX 트랙스(2 Generation)
- Jay Kim 제이김 [Typhoon 태풍]; Main vocalist, Leader
- Kang Jungwoo 강정우 [Attack 어택] (former member)
- Kim Jungmo 김정모 [X-Mas 크리스마스]; Maknae
- No Minwoo 노민우 [Rose 로스] (former member)

[Turbo 터보] (Generation 0)
- Jo Myung Ik 조명익 [Mikey 마이키] (former member)
- Kim Jungnam 김정남
- Kim Jongkook 김종국; Main vocalist

TVXQ 동방신기 (2 Generation)
- Jung Yunho 정윤호 [U-Know 유노윤호]; Lead dancer, Leader
- Kim Jaejoong 김재중 [Hero 영웅재중] (former member)
- Kim Junsu 김준수 [Xiah 시아준수] (former member)
- Park Yoochun 박유천 [Micky 믹키유천] (former member)
- Shim Changmin 심창민 [Max 최강창민]; Lead vocalist, Maknae

Twi-light 트와이라잇 (3 Generation)
- Black 브랙
- Choi Sangryul 최상렬 [Siwan 사완]; Main dancer
- Heechun 희천
- Kim Dowon 김도원 [Siwoo 시우] (former member)
- Lee Sangmin 이상민 (former member)
- Lim Jaesuk 임재석 [Jaeyoon 재윤]
- Min Hyungki 민형기 [Zeno 제노] (former member)
- Minyoung 민영
- Taesung 태성
- TN 티엔

U-KISS 유키스 (2 Generation)
- Alexander Eusebio 알엑산더 (former member)
- Kim Jaeseop 김재섭 [AJ 에이제이]; Lead rapper, Lead dancer
- Kim Kibum 김기범 (former member)
- Kim Kyungjae 십경재 / Elison Kim 엘리손김 [Eli 이라이]; Main rapper
- Lee Kiseop 이기섭; Main dancer, Visual
- Shin Dongho 신동호; Maknae
- Shin Soohyun 신수현; Main vocalist, Leader
- Woo Seunghyun 우승현 / Kevin Woo 케빈우; Lead vocalist
- Yoo Hoonmin 윤훈민 [Hoon 훈]; Lead vocalist

VIXX 빅스 (3 Generation)
- Cha Hakyeon 차학연 [N 엔]; Leader
- Han Sanghyuk 한상혁 [Hyuk 혁]; Maknae
- Lee Hongbin 이홍빈
- Lee Jaewon 이재원 [Ken 켄]
- Jung Taekwoon 정택운 [Leo 리오]; Main vocalist
- Kim Wonshik 김원식 [Ravi 라비]

V.O.S 브이오에스(2 Generation)
- Choi Hyunjun 최현준
- Kim Kyungrok 김경록; Maknae
- Park Jiheon 박지헌 (former member)

Wonder Boyz 원더보이즈 (3 Generation)
- Kim Taehyun 김태현 [K 케이]
- Park Chigi 박치기 [Bak Chi Gi 박치기]; Leader
- Won Yoonjoon 원윤준 [Master One 마스터원]; Maknae
- Woo Minyoung 우민영 [Young Boy 영보이]; Visual

X-5 엑스-파이브(3 Generation)
- Jin Hyeonjin 진현진 [Zin 진]
- Jung Haewon 정해원
- Kim Jinwan 김진완 [Sulhu 설후]; Maknae
- Lee Donghyun 이동현 [Taefung 태풍] (main vocalist)
- Son Hyunseok 손현석 [Ghun 건]; Leader

[XING 싱] (2 Generation)
- Choi Sungsoo 최성수 [Cheon Hyesung 천혜성] (former member)
- Hwang Doohwan 황두환
- Jeon Jihwan 전지환 [Kipalang 기파랑] (former member)
- Kim Donggeun 김동근
- Kim Hyunjin 김현진
- Kim Jinwan 김진완
- Kim Jisang 김지상 [Yoon 윤] (former member)
- Kim Kibum 김기범 [Marumir 마루미르] (former member)
- Kim Wanchul 김완철
- Kim Youngkyoung 김영경 [Yume 유메] (former member)
- Lee Injun 이인준 [Soul 소울] (former member)
- Lee Suhoon 이수훈 [White 화이트] (former member)
- Nam Jinhyun 남진현 [Zen 젠] (former member)
- Park Hyunchul 박현철 [Rising 라이징] (former member)
- Shin Gwangchul 신광철 [Gun 건] (former member)
- Woo Hyunmin 우현민 [Husky 허스키] (former member)
- Woo Seunghyun 우승현 / Kevin Woo 케빈우 (former member)
- Yong Junhyung 용준형 [Poppin’ Dragon 팝핀 드래곤] (former member)

ZE:A 제국의 아이들 (3 Generation)
- Ha Minwoo 하민우; Main dancer
- Hwang Kwanghee 황광희; Visual
- Im Woongjae 임웅재 [Siwan 시완]
- Jung Heechul 정희철; Lead rapper
- Kim Dongjun 김동준; Lead vocalist, Maknae
- Kim Jiyeop 김지엽 / Kevin Kim 케빈김; Main vocalist
- Kim Taeheon 김태헌; Main rapper
- Moon Junyoung 문준영; Leader
- Park Hyungshik 박형식; Main vocalist

List of Music Show Wins (MuBank, Inki, M!Countdown, MuCore, Show!Champion) (Listed by Company)
1) SM Entertainment – 384 Wins
Girls Generation – 69
Super Junior – 48
TVXQ – 42
SHINee – 36
Shinhwa – 30
BoA – 29
S.E.S – 29
H.O.T – 25
F(x) – 19
Jang Nara – 17
TaeTiSeo - 12
Fly to the Sky – 6
Kim Min-Jong – 6
Lee Ji Hoon – 4
S – 4
CSJH – 3
Kangta – 3
Zhang Liyin – 1

2) YG Entertainment – 219 Wins
Big Bang – 55
2NE1 – 30
Se7en – 23
Wheesung – 22
PSY - 22
G-Dragon – 14
Taeyang – 12
1TYM – 12
Seungri – 11
Lee Hi - 7
G-Dragon & TOP – 3
Lexy – 2
Gummy – 2
Gummy & TOP – 2
Jinusean – 2
YG Family – 1
Yang Hyun Suk – 1

3) JYP Entertainment – 186 Wins
G.O.D. – 50
2PM – 39
Wonder Girls – 37
Rain – 18
Miss A – 12 (AQ Ent)
2AM – 10 (Big Hit)
Rain – 9 (J. Tune Ent)
J.Y. Park – 4
Jo Kwon – 3 (Big Hit)
Son Ho-Young – 2
Seulong – 1 (Big Hit)
Changmin – 1 (Big Hit)

4) Mnet Media – 166 Wins
T-ara – 29(Core Contents Media)
Jo Sungmo – 24 (Core Contents Media)
CNBLUE – 22 (FNC Music)
SG Wannabe – 21
F.T. Island – 21 (FNC Music)
Davichi – 16 (Core Contents Media)
Lee Hyori – 15
Seeya – 6
Kim Jong Kook – 4
Yangpa – 4 (Core Contents Media)
Lee Seung-Chul – 4

5) DSP Media – 99 Wins
Fin.kl – 30
Kara – 21
Sechs Kies – 20
SS501 – 17
Lee Hyori – 9
Click B – 2

Cho Yong-pil - 73

7) LOEN Entertainment – 52 Wins
IU – 19
Baek Ji-Young – 18
Lee Ki-chan – 11
HaHa – 2
Kim Dong Ryul – 1
Ga-in - 1

8) Cube Entertainment – 50 Wins
BEAST – 17
4Minute – 12
G.NA – 7
Troublemaker – 5
B2ST's Yoseob - 5
Huh Gak – 2 (ACube Ent)
A Pink – 1 (ACube Ent)

9) Yejeon Media – 43 Wins
Kim Hyun-Jung – 35
JTL – 6
Chae Yeon – 2

10) Brothers Entertainment – 42 Wins
Yoo Seung Jun – 42

11) CJ Media – 32 Wins
Kim Jong Kook – 12
Hong Kyung Min – 10
Kim Gun-Mo – 9
Seo In Gook – 1

12) Woolim Entertainment – 26 Wins
Infinite - 18
Epik High – 8

13) Wellmade STARM – 24 Wins
Im Chang-jung – 24

14) Starship Entertainment – 23 Wins
Sistar – 10
Sistar19 - 7
K.Will – 6

15) Star Empire Entertainment – 21 Wins
Jewelry – 15i
V.O.S. – 4
Seo In Young – 1
Park Ji-Hun – 1

16) Good Entertainment – 21 Wins
Shinhwa – 10
Shin Hye Sung – 6
Minwoo – 2
Lyn – 1
Jun Jin – 1
Dongwan – 1

17) Seoul Records – 19 Wins
Sung Si-Kyung – 8
Park Ji-yoon – 5
Roo’ra – 3
J – 3

18) Aidi Media – 18 Wins
Cool – 18

19) Hook Entertainment – 17 Wins
Lee Seung Gi – 17

20) M.A Wilddog Entertainment – 17 Wins
MC Mong – 17

21) Yuri Entertainment – 17 Wins
Koyote – 17

22) HNST Entertainment – 17 Wins
Lee Sooyoung – 17

23) Kiss Creative – 17 Wins
Tei – 17

24) EMI Group – 15 Wins
M.C. the MAX – 15

25) NegaNetwork – 15 Wins
Brown Eyed Girls – 12
Ga-in – 3

26) LNLT Entertainment – 14 Wins
PSY – 14

27) World Music Entertainment – 13 Wins
S#arp – 13

28) Jellyfish Entertainment – 11 Wins
Park Hyo-Shin – 7
Kim Hyun Joong – 4

29) Pledis Entertainment – 9 Wins
Son Dambi – 6
After School – 3

30) Santa Music – 9 Wins
Brown Eyes – 7
Brown Eyed Soul – 2

31) Sidus HQ – 9 Wins
Cha Tae Hyun – 6
Jay Park – 3

32) H.S. Media Co. – 8 Wins
Lee Jung Hyun – 8

33) DaEum Company – 7 Wins
Yoon Do-Hyun – 7

34) IS Entertainment – 7 Wins
Country Kko Kko – 7

35) PFull Entertainment – 7 Wins
Fly to the Sky – 6
Brian Joo – 1

36) Jungle Entertainment – 7 Wins
Leessang – 4
Drunken Tiger – 2
Tasha (Yoon Mirae) – 1

37) Fantom Entertainment – 6 Wins
Ivy – 6

38) Soul Shop Entertainment – 6 Wins
Kim Tae Woo – 6

39) TS Entertainment – 6 Wins
Secret – 6

40) J-Entercom – 6 Wins
Wax – 6

41) A1 Entertainment – 6 Wins
Buzz – 6

42) DR Music – 6 Wins
Baby V.O.X. – 6

43) Star Fox Entertainment – 6 Wins
Position – 6

44) Seo Tae Music – 5 Wins
Turbo – 5

45) KeyEast – 5 Wins
Kim Hyun Joong – 5

46) Universal Music Korea – 5 Wins
Uhm Jung-Hwa – 5

47) Brand New Stardom – 5 Wins
Cho PD – 5

48) Sony Music Entertainment Korea – 5 Wins
Tim – 5

49) Buda Sound – 4 Wins
DJ DOC – 4

50) Seo Taiji Company – 4 Wins
Seo Taiji – 4

51) Dorosi Records – 4 Wins
Shin Seung-hoon – 4

52) KC Harmony – 4 Wins
Clone – 4

53) J. Tune Camp – 3 Wins

54) Mersenne Entertainment – 3 Wins
UN – 3

55) JinAh Entertainment – 3 Wins
Eru – 3

56) Starsum – 3 Wins
CAN – 3

57) Cream Records – 2 Wins
Chakra – 2

58) Pine Tree Ent – 2 Wins
Turtles – 2

59) BooHwal Entertainment – 2 Wins
Boohwal – 2

60) Doosun Entertainment – 2 Wins
SKY – 2

61) T.O.P. Media – 2 Wins
Teen Top – 2

62) Doremi Media – 2 Wins
Moonchild – 2

63) Inwoo Production – 2 Wins
Jang Yoon Jung – 2

64) Stam Entertainment – 2 Wins
Younha – 2

65) Orange Shock Entertainment - 2 Wins
Wheesung - 2

66) YMC Entertainment - 2 Wins
Ailee - 1
Baechigi - 1

67) Music Farm - 1 Win
John Park - 1

68) Antenna Music – 1 Win
Toy – 1

69) Goesoo Indigene – 1 Win
Nell – 1

70) PS Entertainment – 1 Win
Moon Heejun – 1

71) Seoul In Production – 1 Win
DIVA – 1

72) Seubyonji Entertainment – 1 Win
Jang Woo-Hyuk – 1

73) TN Entertainment – 1 Win
Tony An – 1

74) Jable Entertainment – 1 Win
Ahn Jae-wook – 1

75) Blue Sky – 1 Win
Insooni – 1

76) Green Country – 1 Win
Bijou – 1

77) T Entertainment – 1 Win
Lena Park – 1

78) Spring Entertainment – 1 Win
Byul – 1

79) Beetle Entertainment – 1 Win
Kim Jang Hoon – 1

80) Independence Label - 1 Win
Busker Busker - 1

81) Shinhwa Company - 1 Win
Shinhwa - 1

82) Pop Up Entertainment - 1 Win
Wheesung - 1

83) WM Entertainment - 1 Win
B1A4 - 1

84) Unidentified Label - 1 Win
Roy Kim - 1


~Still under constructions, just request if u want something else to be listed
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CoolestBitch she's still a mod of akp gorl~~
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CoolestBitch HISTORY
HISTORY/HIS STORY (히스토리) is a 5 member Korean group (member profiles) under the label LOEN Entertainment. LOEN Entertainment is home to such artists like IU, Gain, Fiestar and Sunny Hill. HISTORY will be LOEN Entertainment’s first Boy Group.

It was announced on 12th of April that,“LOEN will show a quintet boy alternative group HISTORY to the public for the first time.” The members were promoted through their Teasers.

Their official fanclub name is STORIA

They debuted on the 26th of April 2013 and performed on KBS 2TV’s Music Bank
“History (히스토리) was taken from the phrase ‘His Story,’ and the group aims to appeal to music fans with its unique music and sincere performances. The title of ‘alternative group’ attached to its name doesn’t apply to the music genre, but to the group’s attitude toward music. The title embodies the identity of History and shows how it aims to leap ahead of traditional sounds and standardized performances to bring a new paradigm to K-Pop.”

Real Name: Song Kyung Il (송경일)

Age: 24
Born: November 28, 1987
Height: 183cm
Weight: 72kg
Position: Leader, Rapper & Sub-Vocals

Description: He is the man of man that even members agree on. Although he has a very strong face, he also has a very sensitive and kind personality. He has the wholeheartedness and sincerity that makes him move as soon as he decides to do something, and he is a man who achieves it too. His vocal is attractive, but his dance is just as amazing since he has studied modern dance. If you want to see him dancing, please check out IU’s Japan song ‘Beautiful Dancer’ music video.
Official SNS:
Twitter: _songkyungil
Was a model
Part of Nuthang (pronounced ‘new-thang’), a group of close friends that includes Big Bang’s G-Dragon & TOP, along with Lee Hyuksoo (model), Yang Seungho (model), and other famous people including actors, models, law students, stylists, and more.
Majored in modern dance
Real Name : Jang Yi Jeong

Age: 19
Born: September 10, 1993
Height: 173cm
Weight: 58kg
Position: Main Vocal
Description : If you think about the time when he was on MBC ‘Star Audition:the Great Birth II’, you will remember his cute face. His special voice moved our heart. At the same time, he was courageous enough to not so much as shake, even on his first time appearing on TV. For the last one year, Jang Yi Jeong’s special attraction has gotten stronger. Fans will finally get the assurance that their insight was right.
Official SNS:
Twitter: _jangyijeong
Predebut: Jang Yi-Jung was previously on MBC’s audition program ‘Birth of a Great star 2’
Real Name: Kim Si Hyoung (경일)

Age: 20
Born: May 15, 1992
Education: Busan High School of Arts
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 63kg
Position: Rapper & Visual
Description: He has an amazing appearance that looks like he just jumped out of a comic book. This man became famous even before his debut, having his own fan page. But don’t be fooled by his chic appearance. His amazing smile might take your heart away. By the way, his voice is amazing too.
Official SNS:
Twitter: _kimsihyoung
Ulzzang and previously a model for showganzi
Was a cast member of Ulzzang Shidae 3
Chosen as “New Ulzzang” out of 4000 people
Mistaken as SHINee Taemin’s older brother.
Real Name: Na Do Kyun (나도균)

Born: February 1, 1991
Age: 22
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Position: Main Vocals
Description: He says singing makes him the most happy. When he is singing, he is beautiful. His voice is so sweet that you might want to give him his heart when you hear it. His handsome features and good manners make him look like a model student, but his another attraction might be him becoming talkative when he’s with his members. He prepared very diligently and he waited for this more than anyone. This man is coming to you to capture your heart.
Pre debut:
‘Love Rain’ OST: Because it’s You
His former agency was A1People
Debut: 2010, Fuzz*Buzz Album
Volume 4 [4집] Fuzz*Buzz
‣ 1. 여자가 싫다 (feat. Venny) 2. 남자를 몰라 3. Buzzing Rock 4. 사랑이 멈춘 시간 5. 용서에 관한 짧은 필름 6. 거인 7. 이별수집가 8. 나에게로 떠나는 여행 9. 겁쟁이 10. 여자가 싫다 (feat. Venny) Radio Ver.
Was Part of Korean Rock Band, Buzz
Went by the stage name of Nayul
Served as the Main Vocalist for BUZZ
Real Name: Kim Jaeho (김재호)

Age: 20
Born: September 17, 1992
Height: 174cm
Weight: 58kg
Position: Rapper, sub-vocal
Description: He has the ability to make himself the main character with his dancing, singing and rapping skills. He has a positive mindset, believing in ‘I can do it’. He has a bright personality where he always smiles, and has happy virus to spread happiness. You won’t be able to swim away from his attractiveness that will come in to you slowly.
Official SNS:
Twitter: _kimjaeho
Predebut: ?

Title tracks & other releases

Debut title " Dreamer "

1st mini album title "Tell Me Love" "

2nd single "What Am I To You" "
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