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consortguiofhuaxia 臣妾 praises the complexity and wisdom expressed in Your Imperial Majesty's grand schemes! I am impressed!
Post subject: Re: My plan for my proposed Imperial Harem. Posted: Dec 30, 2013 @ 2:06 pm
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consortguiofhuaxia Hello, my name is Feiyan 飞燕 and I am the beloved mistress of the future Emperor Gaozu of Huaxia.
He promises to make me his Consort Gui, a concubine of the second rank, but I do not feel fulfilled. I am not satisfied with being merely a concubine, I want to be his primary spouse and I want all of the Emperor's children to be recognized as legitimately mine!
So I have devised a plan to eliminate the Empress once my partner conquers Zhongyuan and establishes his imperial dynasty!

Him and I have a baby daughter together. Once my husband comes to power, I plan on killing our daughter, and then I will pretend to be grieved over my daughter's death and I will frame the Empress for killing our daughter! If the plan works out, the Empress will eventually be deposed and out of pity for my heartbreak the Emperor may make me his new Empress, and I will be Mother of the Nation!

The next step, I will slowly poison my husband will little doses of arsenic so he gets more and more frail. As he gets more and more frail, he will need more and more medications and with these medications I will place small doses of arsenic. At the same time, I will kill his other concubines' male children, and when new concubine give birth I will have the children strategically swapped for baby girls if the concubines give birth to boys. In the end, Emperor Gaozu will die, ten thousand years to the Emperor may he live forever not , and I will forge his will so that my son will be placed on the throne as a child. As my son will be a child, I, as Empress Dowager, will act as regent, much like Wu Zetian, Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang and Empress Dowager Cixi!

When the right time comes, I plan on overthrowing the Huaxia Dynasty itself and I will establish my own imperial dynasty as a female monarch!
Post subject: Taking someone's husband? Posted: Dec 30, 2013 @ 2:11 pm
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consortguiofhuaxia SHINee deserves more views.
Post subject: Re: Youtube 2013 Top 20 Most Viewed Korean MVs Posted: Dec 31, 2013 @ 3:46 am
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consortguiofhuaxia you go girl

Bengong 本宫 shall go about teaching you some proper li 礼 (ritual/manners).

To praise me for my intelligence and abilities, say "贵妃娘娘英明!" "Guifei niangniang yingming!"
When you see me, you must retreat as I am 君 (imperial) and you are a 臣民 (a common subject) and greet me with auspicious wishes, 贵妃娘娘吉祥!
When I talk to someone of a lower social rank than myself, for example if I speak to you, I will use the first person pronoun bengong as part of li .
When I talk to my superiors, I will use the first person pronoun shenqie , 臣妾.
When you speak to me, you must refer to me in the second person as 娘娘 niangniang .

I may choose to use the common first person pronoun wo 我 which generally in modern usage means "I" or "me". Before the the First Emperor, Emperor Shi of Qin, came to power, wo simply referred to the body in a near third person context, but after the King of Qin conquered the six other major states of Zhongyuan and was declared Emperor in 220BC, he arrogated the original first person pronoun zhen 朕 to his own use only and henceforth all other people had to refer to themselves as wo ("the body") which through time generally became accepted as the first person pronoun "I", but now you know wo originally simply meant "the body" and zhen 朕 was the original Chinese character for "I" which the First Emperor arrogated to only the Emperor's own personal use. After the fall of imperial China in 1911, zhen became archaic.
the fuck is a bengong? ni hao

It is the first person pronoun used my high-ranking members of the imperial harem as their bodies are a palace. "Ben" means self, own, from. "Gong" means palace. I am a palace.
Post subject: Re: Re: Posted: Dec 31, 2013 @ 3:52 am
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Hongbin_Swaggy wrote:The emperor is so lucky. I bet the concubines pussy is on point

Yes, I have a very beautiful and intelligent cat, she is the official imperial pet.
Post subject: Re: Taking someone's husband? Posted: Dec 31, 2013 @ 3:53 am
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consortguiofhuaxia "贵妃娘娘嘉到!"

Greetings, my name is Feiyan 飞燕 and I am the mistress of the future Emperor. My partner is currently making plans to conquer tianxia and establish his own imperial dynasty, and he has already reserved the title of Consort Gui to me.

The imperial title of Gui 贵 is of particular prestige because it is inspired by the imperial title of Yang Yuhuan, better known as Yang Guifei 杨贵妃. Consort Yang was the most beloved concubine of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang after the death of his previous favorite concubine Consort Wu. In fact, Yang was so favoured by Emperor Xuanzong and the legacy of their doomed romance has become so deeply embedded in Chinese culture that 贵妃 later became a rank of its own, translated popularly as "Noble Consort." There is no such rank in my partner's proposed harem plan, but he will honour me with the character of Gui as my imperial title because of the prestige this adjective has attained in Chinese culture.

However, I will not remain a Consort forever. One day, I will have his primary spouse, the future Empress, eliminated and I will dominate the harem and become the Mother of the Nation, 母义天下!
Hey wassup babygirl! Im Hongbin_Swaggy and your pic is mad cute. Hit me up sometime

My allegiance is with the my husband the future Emperor.
Post subject: Re: Announcing the Arrival of Consort Gui! Posted: Dec 31, 2013 @ 3:48 am
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AussiEXOtic wrote:Welcome to KPS ^^

Retreat and bow your head.
Say, "贵妃娘娘吉祥", "Guifei niangniang jixiang." "Auspicity to Her Imperial Highness the Consort Gui."
Post subject: Re: Taking someone's husband? Posted: Dec 31, 2013 @ 8:40 am
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you both like kpop right?

We would certainly like to make Korea a vassal of the Huaxia Empire. Well, he does. He wants to obtain a few distinguished Korean women for his harem.
Interesting... How about the actual music they make?

He has already reserved places in the harem for members of Shaonu Shidai, and would like them to perform "Genie" for him in the rear end of the Hall of Supreme Harmony (in other words his bedchambers). I will have them eliminated for sure, you just watch me.
Post subject: Re: Taking someone's husband? Posted: Jan 01, 2014 @ 5:57 am
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consortguiofhuaxia 我怎麼愛你,你這樣對我......我不會為你落一滴眼淚!
我不明白...我很漂亮,很聰明,很忠誠,一切都很好!但是他只在乎他的妻子, 那我呢?我還是他的妾室, 他的女人。他為什麼要這樣對待我?
我與噁心的男人做愛, 是他命令我去, 他用我當成間諜, 窺探中國政府。因為我愛他,我答應了。他命令我殺他的敵人,我答應。因為他,我失去了我的純潔,我的手都滿了血!

I loved him so, yet he treated me so...I won't let a single tear for him!
I don't understand...I am beautiful, I am intelligent, I am loyal, everything about me is good! Yet he only cares about his wife, what about me? I am his concubine, I am also his woman! Why does he have to treat me like this?
I made love to disgusting men, because he ordered me to, he wanted me to be a spy, to spy on the Chinese government. Because I loved him, I agreed. He ordered me to kill his enemies, I agreed. Because of him, I lost my purity, my hands are stained with blood!
All I want is for him to love me as I loved him, is that too much to ask for?
Post subject: He still loves his wife more than he loves me... Posted: Jan 01, 2014 @ 6:46 am
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consortguiofhuaxia It was all for him! He wanted me to extract information from a foreign ambassador, but the only way I was able to fulfill the task was to have sex with him. The Emperor walked in on my chambers and I had to hide the ambassador for fear of my life. It was all for him.
Post subject: I had an extramarital affair and I think my husband knows but... Posted: Jan 01, 2014 @ 2:25 pm
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consortguiofhuaxia In front of the Emperor, she pretends to be kind, filial, understanding, loyal, generous, warm, giving, pure, innocent, good, charitable, thoughtful, benevolent, virtuous, gracious, affectionate, passionate, tender, lenient, gentle, friendly, tolerant, loving, selfless, beneficent, courteous, content, humble, fair, just and compassionate but really she is wicked, cold, selfish, ambitious, greedy, proud, arrogant, unfeeling, prejudiced, controlling, cruel, murderous, hateful, fake, unsympathetic, self-centered and evil.

While the Emperor was away fighting and training his army to conquer Zhongyuan 中原, the Empress sought out Concubine Li ji 's 李姬 infant child (whom she pretends to be motherly to) and told him to make me a beautiful landscape painting. The little boy did, and gifted the painting to me. Before I was given the painting, the Empress visited and somehow she managed to dispense a miscarriage-inducing poison on to the landscape painting. My eunuch saw her visiting and suspiciously touching the painting. When the painting was brought to my bedchamber in the Hall of Eternal Love 恆情殿 I felt sick. As the night progressed I grew sicker and sicker until I felt a throbbing pain resonate through my body, and I...I lost my imperial child.

I wanted my eunuch to serve as a witness against the Empress' cruel actions, but when I sought him out I found out that the Empress had already executed him for supposedly stealing supplies from the imperial kitchen! Instead, Concubine Li ji was accused of using her infant son to poison me, and she has been immediately executed. Her infant son has also been banished to a secluded area of the Eternal Forbidden Palace City, the Empress is so cunning, with that one move she eliminated two imperial princes and a concubine!

I am so afraid of her :(
Post subject: The Empress caused me to have a miscarriage! Posted: Jan 02, 2014 @ 4:26 am
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Lelyan wrote:" Hyuna has the power to call out all the male idols to watch her or 4minute’s rehearsals on music programs, no matter how tired they are "

so you are one of them heechul :lol:

And I thought he prefers to engage in the "passions of the cut sleeve"...
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Melons wrote:

The Huaxia civilisation!
Post subject: Re: [BREAKING] Lee Seung Gi has been brutally murdered! Posted: Jan 03, 2014 @ 3:34 pm
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consortguiofhuaxia You may or may not know, but ever since the new addition to the Emperor's harem (Im Yoona/Lin Run'e, the Regal Lady Shu) arrived, the Emperor has completely neglected both me and the Empress and is spending all of his time with Lady Shu. Lady Shu is superior in rank to me yet she has been in the palace for mere days.
I've been discussing with the Empress. We have decided to form an alliance together as former love rivals against that Lin Run'e so that we can eliminate her and regain the Emperor's good graces. We take this example from the Book of Tang , which mentions Empress Wang of Gaozong forming an alliance with Consort Xiao in their attempt to eliminate the newly created Consort Wu. That Run'e is not a simple woman, within days she has monopolized the Emperor's love, and we need to get rid of her lest the Empire fall down to its knees!
Post subject: Uniting with my former enemy... Posted: Jan 03, 2014 @ 3:28 pm
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consortguiofhuaxia Homosexual?
Post subject: Re: Ohai guys :D Im new please be nice :D Posted: Jan 04, 2014 @ 6:51 am
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consortguiofhuaxia He looks like Yi Seong-gye
Post subject: Re: Oppa auditions on Xfactor Posted: Jan 04, 2014 @ 4:58 am
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consortguiofhuaxia ^oops used the wrong account unless the consort gui of huaxia is bi and narcissist.... it could be
The troll was busted XD

Perhaps I should...only to make her happy. I might meet someone else. I love the Empress as my loyal wife, and I love Consort Gui as the beauty of all beauties, but it is Yoona I truly love with all my heart and soul.
Smooth. Wrong account, man ^oops used the wrong account unless the consort gui of huaxia is bi and narcissist.... it could be
hahahaha xD ^oops used the wrong account unless the consort gui of huaxia is bi and narcissist.... it could be

Oh no, the Emperor came into my bedchambers and was drunk and said he wanted to borrow my laptop, maybe he forgot to sign out of my account first :L
Post subject: Re: Posted: Jan 05, 2014 @ 2:48 am
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consortguiofhuaxia Although I am 21 years old, I just had sex with the His Imperial Highness the 16 year old Crown Prince Yingjun 英俊皇太子!
He tells me he loves me. The Emperor has locked himself inside his room for three days ever since Yoona left ( ) , and the Huaxia dynasty is in turmoil! General Wu's daughter, the deposed Consort Wu, has hung herself out of shame ( ) , and General Wu has allied with Manchuria, vowing to defeat the Huaxia Empire to avenge his mistreated daughter!
The Emperor is still inside his bedchambers mourning the loss of his beloved Lady Shu. He is not doing anything about the desperate situation! I want him to die, if he dies perhaps the Crown Prince Yingjun can ascend the throne and protect the imperial dynasty!
As per imperial regulations, if the Emperor dies then then I should be able to remain in the palace as Imperial Consort Dowager Gui 贵太妃 because I am a high-ranking consort...yet, after the Emperor's death I will be a lonely widow without imperial children. The Empress, who will become Empress Dowager, both Motherly Divine and Motherly Empress because she gave birth to the Crown Prince, will no doubt bully me for the rest of my life...
Yet...the Crown Prince loves me...the Empress is his mother...perhaps he could protect me after the Emperor's death? I have to ask him.

There are two options:

Option A) Do nothing and wait for the Huaxia Dynasty to collapse. I may be tortured to death -
Option B) Kill the Emperor, become an Imperial Consort Dowager and use the Crown Prince's protection against his mother -

UPDATE - the Crown Prince's protection : I have discussed with the Crown Prince. He says he can assist me to kill his father the Emperor. After that, in order to spare me from being known as his stepmother, he will send me to a nearby nunnery where I will reside as a practicing (not official) Buddhist nun for a few days. Then, he will come to the nunnery and take me as his own high-ranking concubine!
Post subject: I had sex with my stepson...and we're going to kill my husband. Posted: Jan 05, 2014 @ 7:53 am
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consortguiofhuaxia UPDATE - the Crown Prince's protection : I have discussed with the Crown Prince. He says he can assist me to kill his father the Emperor. After that, in order to spare me from being known as his stepmother, he will send me to a nearby nunnery where I will reside as a practicing (not official) Buddhist nun for a few days. Then, he will come to the nunnery and take me as his own high-ranking concubine!

He'll probably end up leaving you at that nunnery and chasing after Yoona because the emperors son is actually Seunggi in disguise but he hasn't revealed it yet, hence why he kidnapped him to see if he was fit to take the thrown. Be careful consort, your own life is at stake here he knows how evil you truly are and he is going to try to take your life, that is unless you can kill him first and rule the dynasty with the other concubines.

Good...good...first, I will assist the Crown Prince in killing the Emperor. Then I will kill my lover the Crown Prince himself, leaving no heirs. Then I will kill the Empress too! That will make me the premier dowager consort in the imperial palace, and, without an heir, there is only one way for the Huaxia Dynasty to carry on: a female monarch will take charge against General Wu and the nomadic invaders! I will prove my abilities, despite being a woman, by exterminating the Wu clan and by destroying Manchuria. I will prove myself more able than even men, and I will be hailed as the new female Emperor of the Huaxia Dynasty! I will be known as the Daughter of Heaven! I will take male concubines aged between 14-40, and produce female heirs! From now on, the Huaxia Dynasty will be known as the first matrilineal dynasty in Chinese history, and I will complete my good-for-nothing husband's dream of conquering Zhongyuan!
Post subject: Re: I had sex with my stepson... Posted: Jan 05, 2014 @ 8:14 am
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consortguiofhuaxia I visited the Emperor in his frail state with the assistance of my lover the Crown Prince ( ) .
He told me to leave.
I said, "Go?" "退下?" and laughed.
Fearfully, the Emperor cried, "Men, come!" "来人!"
I laughed and said, "Men? Was it not the Emperor who decreed that no one can enter your chambers?" "来人? 不是皇上下令所有的人都不能进入你的寝宫吗?"
"What are you doing?!" He coughed and choked violently. "那你想干什么?!"
"Why do you look so scared of me? Don't you love me? don't love me. You love Yoona!" "为什么皇上看起来这么害怕臣妾? 你不爱我吗?对...你不爱我。你喜欢潤娥!"

There was a pause as I couldn't hold the tears back. Suddenly, there was a spark in the Emperor's eyes and everything became still all of a sudden. Time passed. I don't know how long, but suddenly it was calm. Then, he spoke.

" really are a beauty. Your beauty surpasses that of the Empress and Yoona by far, it is true." "飞燕...你真的是一个美人. 你的美丽比皇后和潤娥更光明...
"...Then why don't you love me?! I once loved you..."如果是这样你为什么不爱我?! 我曾经爱过你......"

The Empeor looked at me intently, tears in his eyes.
"What I loved...was not you, it was your beauty.""我爱的...不是你, 是你的美丽。"
I couldn't hold it in anymore and wept.
"I respected the Empress, but I never truly loved her. I respected her because she was my virtuous wife, my loyal wife. I knew she loved me. But Yoona...she never even wanted to be my Lady. I can never earn her heart. So...I was curious. Never has a woman not wanted me. She was different. I loved her, because she loved Seunggi." "我敬爱皇后, 不过我从来没有爱过她。我尊敬她因为她是我的贤妻, 我忠诚的妻子。我知道她是爱我的。但潤娥...根本不想当我的夫人。我永远不能得到她的心。所以......我很好奇。从来没有一个女人不想要我了。她是不同的。我爱她,因为她爱昇基。那你现在明白了吗?"

"I can give you a chance, Your Imperial Majesty," I said, choking on my tears. 我可以给你一个机会
皇上. " "Get up and be an Emperor again. Save us!" "起来拯救我们!"

The Emperor shook his head, and suddenly I felt a fiery anger resonate through my body. How could he do this to us, to himself?

"Without Run'er, I cannot be an Emperor." "没有潤儿, 我不能当皇帝。" "What is that you're holding? My favorite dish!" said the Emperor, pointing at the dish I held in my hands.

"I put poison in it." "这是毒。"

"I remember when you made me that dish. That was the first time I laid eyes on you."

"If the Emperor wants to eat it, the Emperor may eat it."

"Yes, Feiyan. Thank you."

I sat down next to the Emperor, my husband, my 丈夫. I spoonfed him. He ate every last scrap of the meal happily.

And then he closed his eyes. I couldn't look at his face anymore, that handsome face, only 31.
I left the room, while everyone was waiting outside for me.

"皇上...驾崩." I whispered.
The Emperor...has passed.
Post subject: The Emperor is dead! 皇上.驾崩! Posted: Jan 05, 2014 @ 1:13 pm
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