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Kpopselca This has been added to the todo list. Thanks for your feedback!
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Kpopselca This has been added to the todo list. Thanks for your suggestion! :smooch:
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Kpopselca This has been added to the todo list. Thanks for your feedback!
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Kpopselca This has been added to the todo list. Thanks for your feedback!
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Kpopselca We don't have a "last seen" feature but we do have a feature that shows what they are currently doing. If you go to the Who's Online to the right, you can click on the "More" button and it will show what forum location they are currently at. Not sure if this is enough though, if more people want this, we can possibly add it. ^_^*
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Kpopselca Thanks, we just fixed this issue so it points to the right URL now, Great catch! :embarassed:
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tabloholic wrote:

Am I the only one who keeps getting this?
Or is that how it's supposed to be?

I'm on it right now, thanks for the catch! :embarassed:
Post subject: Re: Is this a bug? Idek. Posted: May 19, 2013 @ 2:38 pm
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Kpopselca Oops! That was my bad :shock:
I was fixing a few bugs and I caught the error like right away when it happened.
My heart was racing as well, think of it as a free rollercoaster ride :P
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Kpopselca So the current messaging is confusing and after only a short conversation you have like a hundred Re:, it's really messy. Not to try to turn this place into AKP, but the pm on there was very easy to use and I like how it was laid out. Maybe a PM similar to that, where you can see past replies instead of having to leave just a single message each time would be an improvement IMO

Great suggestion, nested messages will go into our todo list.
Stamp of Approval!
Post subject: Re: Private Messaging Posted: May 19, 2013 @ 2:53 pm
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Kpopselca Thanks! We're glad you all like the site! :smooch:
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Kpopselca Just fixed this bug, sorry it took awhile, we had a few errands to run before fixing this.
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Kpopselca Glad it all got resolved, you guys are quick on the answers :shock:
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justvagina wrote:
Quirky wrote:I'm on my ipad right now and it's working fine...

Glad it's working on ipads.

I'm just going to figure out myself how to log in lol

If you can't log in using the drop down menu, you can try going directly to
Post subject: Re: Re: Posted: May 19, 2013 @ 7:51 pm
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Kpopselca In the future, we will moderate the selcas for duplicates and also have a feature were members can report duplicates once they are approved. This will allow us to determine if a selca needs to be removed and also (not definite yet) penalize the member that uploads duplicates.
Post subject: Re: Okay, something has to be done about this. Posted: May 20, 2013 @ 10:59 am
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Kpopselca We will check this out, make sure your phone accepts cookies, not chocolate chip cookies :drool:
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Kpopselca Confirmed. We will fix this, thanks for the bug report~
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Kpopselca We just added a notification on top, which tells the user that the buttons below is for voting that selca so they don't get confused as a pagination or a navigation menu. We also included a "Skip" selca link which tackles A and F mentioned. We plan on having a single sign-on in the future with the disqus comments so you can use the same kpopselca account to leave comments. Thanks for all your great feedback! :mesmer:
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Kpopselca Great suggestion, we will work on making these features more noticeable.
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Kpopselca Heinwa and I are the creators of this website. We are twin brothers and I am the older one by a few minutes ^_^*
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Kpopselca Hello KPS Family!

This is where we will keep a history of changes we do to the website and also upcoming features and fixes. Please Leave Feedback if you have any suggestions or found a bug.

For the Upcoming Features and Bugs, anything highlighted in green is currently in progress and once it's completed, we will remove them from the list and they will fall under the Changelog block.

Implement WYSIWYG Editor in the forum [new feature]
Split Alerts from Private Messages [new feature]
Disallow proxy access [security]
Zero Interactions with Blocked Users [new feature]
Asynchronous Thanks button, disable reloading page when giving thanks [update]
Delete button for all alerts/messages [new feature]

[August 29, 2014] - Colored icons, edit signature update and big image fix [update] 
[August 27, 2014] - Bigger smilies and YT mobile video fix [update] 
[August 20, 2014] - New quick reply editor and voting poll bug fixed! [update] 
[August 18, 2014] - The new post editor for KPS forum is out! [update]
 [July 19, 2014] Web elements empty or flickering - [bug fix] 
[July 4, 2014] - Topic refresh/auto bump if no new activity (trial) [new feature]
[June 26, 2014] - Page numbers of threads in page titles and Twitter image update [update]
[June 15, 2014] - The KPS News platform [new feature]
[April 10, 2014] - New Alert for Replies on Your Profile Wall [update]
[April 7, 2014] - Profile wall time stamp freezing and apostrophe issue in replies [bug fix]
[April 7, 2014] - auto-complete menu displaying in top left corner [bug fix]
[April 7, 2014] - Profile Walls beta has launched! [new feature]
[March 24, 2014] - Hotlinking for selcas, new topic prefixes and removal of post template in Members 411 forum [update]
[March 19, 2014] - Sharing forum thread links on Facebook [bug fix]
[March 19, 2014] - Forum topics are now published on our Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr [update]
[March 15, 2014] - Increased poll options from 10 to 30 [update]
[March 15, 2014] - Change of background and font style [update]
[March 9, 2014] - Automatic Timezone [update]
[March 8, 2014] - Temporary solution for mobile-friendly website [update]
[February 26, 2014] - Kpopselca Newsletter [update]
[November 24, 2013] - Search artists/groups that have ":" colon [bug fix]
[November 19, 2013] - Scheduled Server Maintenance Successful [upgrade]
[October 26, 2013] - Replaced users online with registered users [update]
[October 15, 2013] - New post template for introduction threads in Members 411 [update]
[October 12, 2013] - Maximum signature links increased to 3 [update]
[October 6, 2013] - Real-time metrics bar now has dividers [revision]
[October 5, 2013] - New real-time site metrics bar [update]
[October 2, 2013] - Approved/denied selca notifications showed wrong time stamp [bug fix]
[September 29, 2013] - Fixed Level column in Most Thanked list [bug fix]
[September 23, 2013] - Fixed Notification Alerts [bug fix]
[September 18, 2013] - New social media counters and avatar tooltip problem fixed on sidebar [update]
[September 17, 2013] - Avatar link in Comments block was invalid [bug fix]
[September 15, 2013] - Selca comments tab added [update]
[September 13, 2013] - Takes two attempts to delete private messages [bug fix]
[September 13, 2013] - Nested private message and speech to text recognition [update]
[September 10, 2013] - Thanks list scroll bar is now visible for Firefox [bug fix]
[September 6, 2013] - Alert message when submitting drafts [bug fix]
[September 3, 2013] - Pagination for bookmarks [bug fix]
[September 3, 2013] - Forum session issue [update]
[September 2, 2013] - Optimized forum sessions [update]
[August 18, 2013] - New chat tab in right sidebar and Tinychat topic prefix [update]
[August 7, 2013] - Forum log out issue fixed [bug fixed]
[August 5, 2013] - Optimized "Most Thanked" Block [update]
[August 4, 2013] - New similar topics design when creating new topics [update]
[August 2, 2013] - Kpopselca accounts are now integrated with the selca comment system [update]
[July 28, 2013] - Extended active/new topics sidebar [update]
[July 27, 2013] - New design for Most Thanked, Who's Online, and a few updates [revision]
[July 19, 2013] - Optimized database server and scheduled backups [update]
[July 13, 2013] - Fixed a bug with 'Anonymous' user [bug fix]
[July 7, 2013] - Users rating zeros in selcas [bug fix/exploit]
[July 3, 2013] - Mentions sending alerts when quoting someone with more than single line of text [bug fix]
[July 2, 2013] - Server Error when mentioning users [bug fix]
[July 2, 2013] - Email notifications sent out when mentioned [bug fix]
[July 2, 2013] - Mentions not sending alerts (Fix #3) [bug fix]
[July 1, 2013] - Quoting someone in a thread with latin characters [bug fix]
[June 30, 2013] - Username Exploit Fix [security]
[June 30, 2013] - "Has Thanked" results not working properly [bug fix]
[June 28, 2013] - Increased maximum characters and images allowed in signatures [update]
[June 27, 2013] - Optimized Images in Forum [update]
[June 27, 2013] - Some IMG urls causing infinite loop [bug fix]
[June 25, 2013] - New Topics block added to front page [revision]
[June 23, 2013] - unread icon and prefix not working in New Topics block [bug fix]
[June 23, 2013] - New Topics block, rounded corners, and compact forum panel [revision]
[June 22, 2013] - Added FAQ thread [update]
[June 22, 2013] - Updated forum guidelines [update]
[June 21, 2013] - Fixed links for avatars in forum search results [bug fix]
[June 20, 2013] - Twitter feed for new selcas [update]
[June 19, 2013] - Mentions not sending alerts (Fix #2) [bug fix]
[June 18, 2013] - IP bans are working now [bug fix]
[June 18, 2013] - Re-added Upcoming Features and Bugs [update]
[June 18, 2013] - New design for the report page and more reasons added [update]
[June 18, 2013] - Removed little pink box under "Post a reply" button [bug fix]
[June 18, 2013] - Updated design for ModCP -> Banning [update]
[June 18, 2013] - Moved fanfic topic prefix to Fan Creations forum [update]
[June 15, 2013] - Fixed footer issue for sub forums [bug fix]
[June 14, 2013] - Mod CP has been implemented [update]
[June 11, 2013] - Removed Options bar from posting editor (it was empty) [update]
[June 11, 2013] - Links in preview block opens in current window [bug fix]
[June 11, 2013] - Mention users with hyphens now works properly [bug fix]
[June 10, 2013] - Bookmarking topics will not send email notifications [bug fix]
[June 9, 2013] - Fixed Mentions not sending alerts to a few users [bug fix]
[June 8, 2013] - Mention feature added to forum [new feature]
[June 7, 2013] - Enable/Disable Thanks Notifications in Forum Settings [new feature]
[June 7, 2013] - Inbox shows 20 alerts/PMs per page now [update]
[June 7, 2013] - Thank Notifications added [new feature]
[June 5, 2013] - Forum search index [update]
[June 4, 2013] - Added guest block for log in and sign up [new feature]
[June 3, 2013] - Fixed special characters causing "General Error" in topics [bug fix]
[June 3, 2013] - Clicking on topics in forum statistics block now shows from latest to oldest [update]
[June 2, 2013] - New design for forum statistics block [update/new feature]
[June 2, 2013] - Reply notification alerts added [new feature]
[June 1, 2013] - Time stamp of Active Topics block on main site now matches forum time [bug fixed]
[June 1, 2013] - Increased amount of topics shown in Active Topics [update]
[June 1, 2013] - Updated Moderator Panel design and fixed a few bugs [bug fix/update]
[May 31, 2013] - Concerts & Events forum closed, moved topics to K-pop Music [update]
[May 31, 2013] - Added a new forum called Body & Fitness in the Beauty category [update]
[May 31, 2013] - Added a new subforum called Chat Threads to General Discussions [update]
[May 30, 2013] - Disabled WYSIWYG for Nokia phones [update]
[May 30, 2013] - Friends notification alerts added [new feature]
[May 30, 2013] - Removed share a post feature and redesign Thanks block [update]
[May 29, 2013] - Removed option to disable bbcode/smilies [bug fixed]
[May 29, 2013] - Share a post feature + increased thanks in posts [new feature]
[May 29, 2013] - Added new topic options, new look [update]
[May 29, 2013] - Pending selca timer bug [bug fix]
[May 28, 2013] - disabled WYSIWYG editor for smartphones and tablets [update]
[May 28, 2013] - The last edited bar in posts is now disabled for users [bug fix/update]
[May 28, 2013] - New PM editor that should work for all browsers [bug fix/update]
[May 28, 2013] - Removed delete messages from Sentbox [update]
[May 28, 2013] - Fixed selca search bug [bug fix]
[May 26, 2013] - Added Vocaroo bbcode [new feature]
[May 26, 2013] -Fixed blank/cut off PM bug and added WYSIWYG editor to PM [bug fix/new feature]
[May 25, 2013] - Alignment issue that caused problems with posts [bug fix]
[May 25, 2013] - Added more buttons, included "My Posts", "Drafts", and changed Subscriptions to Bookmarks [update]
[May 25, 2013] - Forum Settings now has Manage drafts [update]
[May 25, 2013] - Added "jump to last unread post" in Active Topics block [update]
[May 25, 2013] - Fixed selca tags that have period(s) in them [bug fix]
[May 25, 2013] - Pagination fixed for topics with many pages [update]
[May 25, 2013] - Spoiler issue that caused problems with posts [bug fix]
[May 25, 2013] - light gray border was added to the left of posting preview & review block [update]
[May 24, 2013] - Post notification removed, quote system improved and similar topics feature [new features]
[May 24, 2013] - Some external links won't ask you if you want to continue [update]
[May 24, 2013] - Added new bbcodes for soundcloud, viki, dailymotion and vimeo [new features]
[May 24, 2013] - Pagination fixed in Subscriptions page[bug fix]
[May 24, 2013] - Review/Drafts button added to posting editor [update]
[May 23, 2013] - Increase character limit in topic titles from 60 to 80 [update]
[May 22, 2013] - Poll Creations moved to a noticeable spot when posting new topics (added icons as well) [new feature]
[May 22, 2013] - New BBCodes: strikethrough, left align, center align, right align, break line [new feature]
[May 21, 2013] - Make our subscriptions more accessible [new feature]
[May 21, 2013] - Selca approve/deny PM and penalization [bug fix]
[May 18, 2013] - Website launched! @ 2:38pm PST
We enjoy reading all of your feedback and would like to thank everyone who has participated in shaping this community into something marvelous!

Post subject: New Features and Bug Fixes Posted: May 21, 2013 @ 2:03 pm
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