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Infinite_Lover It's funny how a LOT of people bashing SM, well I'm sorry, but YG is no better! -I really don't care about the companies, I dislike both of them-
I really love bigbang and 2ne1, their music is good. BUT I must admit they're not THAT talented.

YG stans always say "YG is the best company for talents" "No one is as talented as YG artists"
WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? SERIOUSLY?! YG has 2 groups with a medicore talent as a whole. They don't even do THAT good at live(s).
CL: Her rap isn't good at all. All what she does is screaming live, her voice isn't good either. Idk why YG gave her solo with that voice.
Minzy: She has a good voice, but her dances are so bad. Oh and she has done two plastic surgeries (for people who bash SNSD for PS)
Bom: SHE'S COMPLETELY USELESS! Her voice is so annoying, her plastic surgeries ruined her face and her voice.
Dara: C'mon, she's just a visual with a beautiful face, with a completely NO TALENT. (She's on the same level with Yoona, but at least Yoona can dance)

GD: His composing is really good... but his voice.. his voice just sucks! He doesn't even sing half of the songs live! (At least SM artists try their best to sing live even though their voices are bad)
T.O.P: When he raps.... he's just a dog barking, even though he's hot and sexy, lool xD he's my bias in BB, but I have to admit
Seungri: Medicore voice....
Taeyang: Good voice, but sucks as a rapper. In Ringa Linga live shows, he'd either sing the chorus and ignore the rap or vice versa . -YG stans don't want to admit that he lipsynced most of the song live... why? "of course it's because he's from YG" "He DID sing, but the mics sucks"
Daesung: The only person with a talent in YG.

It feels soooo nice to let that out xD
Post subject: Re: Official Bash the fuck out of Kpop thread Posted: Jan 08, 2014 @ 12:06 pm
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Infinite_Lover I will admit Big Bang are quite fun when performing live but they lip sync sooo much omg. In one of the major music shows (idk which one), they lives were cool & fun but they pretty much lip synced 95% of it. You could hear them trying to hype the audience while they were singing/rapping their parts. And people give EXO shit for lip syncing....

and I'm not a big fan of exo -I just love their songs-, but they'd always go angry and whatsoever just because they lipsynced. Also, I hate how people compare Exo and Bigbang about live performances because Bigbang is no better than Exo! Bigbang lipsyncs 95% of the song without dancing, just standing there and screaming, while Exo, at least, can dance. I remember Exo being chewed just because they lipsynced in MAMA, FFS they had 11 minutes of dancing continuously (the intro, remix, growl and wolf dances), do you know what did they say? "artists shouldn't lipsync no matter what" and then when I told them that Taeyang CLEARLY lipsynced, they said "no, the mics sucks" "the dance is so hard so he can't sing and dance at the same time". And when exo don't lipsync and you can clearly hear their voices and panting whether they sang good or not , they'd say "the backtrack is louder" "they suck at live" "they can't sing" "so not talented". That's what I call DELUSIONAL!
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Chan If you ship this you have no other choice but to ship ChanChan too.
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Jac Haha oh god.
I'm watching Showtime 7.
It's already better than all the previous ones and I'm only 5 minutes in.

This is my commentary on my fave bits: SPOILER ALERT!

On the flags it says: EXO's Baekdo tour.
Lay and his obsession with Baek's grandmother's place. Haha.
Tao gets so excited he starts speaking Chinese by accident.
Lay sad because he can't pee.
Luhan silently freaking out over the cable car.
Tao trying to eat Kris's food.
In the elevator: The galaxy! Don't we go to EXO planet? We've arrived!
Sehun busted for being a womanizer at Namsan Tower.
D.O. buying the drinks.
Kris and Tao buying the wolf plushies. Eureongie and Baby.
Suho reacting to the duck tongue comment by sticking out his tongue.
No one listening to Suho.
Finally gets their attention. Chokes. (Suho is like bad luck Brian)
Kris chokes.
Tao has a Daesung moment. SMMEEELLLL.
Post subject: Re: Official EXO Thread Posted: Jan 11, 2014 @ 9:53 am
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PanicInParadise Can you draw the Galaxy?... lol
Maybe draw scientific things? < excuse my weirdness, I have an exam tomorrow and the only thing in my mind is Chemistry, Biology and Physics, lool
I don't know if I could draw the galaxy but the scientific things I could. Thanks for the suggestion :D
and good luck with your exam ^^
just google random shit like bananas and landscapes and draw them.
did that already XDD
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Five It's called faith; something that drives people to continue living a dignified life with purpose and without doubt. Those people you see praying turn to their spirituality first because that is what holds their life together, it's their tradition and blood regardless of how ignorant it may be perceived from afar. Without it, many wouldn't have 'hope', especially the elderly. People tie their life's worth that closely to their beliefs.

It takes away nothing from the doctor. Many are just as grateful once you give them time to collect themselves. I've seen several former-patients return with outrageous gifts; family heirlooms, giant bears, envelopes stuffed with cash, family portraits etc.
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Calannie Since God created the Heavens and the Earth and everything in it, the doctor, the treatment, everything.. is because he made it possible. What's wrong with praising God. Nothing. You have your beliefs and others have theirs. You say you hate it when folks thank God, well some hate it when you bitch about God. This is nothing but a troll post.
Please lock it or delete it.
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Nova_REMIX I don't see a reason not to thank God , the doctors are already being thanked through their paychecks
Being thanked with a paycheck wouldn't make me feel nearly as good as being thanked by the person. I understand people have their religious views..but at least thank the person that actually did it.
As I Christian, I can say that it's simply common courtesy from the bottom of our hearts that we thank doctors. Not all of us are ungrateful, but of course with our religious beliefs, we do believe that through God, the doctors work to the best of their abilities to put our bodies into a healthy state. Of course we're going to thank doctors in person.

I don't see the point of people criticizing a religious standpoint.
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KrisTheNoonaSlayer I can tell all of them 100% of the time.
Only took me a couple days.
Then again, I like the men with the unique voices.

TOP, Leo, Himchan... etc.

I totally agree with this.

My biases voices are usually very distinguishable.
I have a bias in each group that I love
TOP and Himchan are mine too! ;D We have that in common.
Also, Kris!

Weird though, EXO as a whole is my bias group, I can recognize all of EXO-M's voices, but occasionally I question EXO-K's mainly when Kai and Chanyeol are rapping.
Unlike you, I find Kai and Chanyeol are the easiest to recognize in Exo, loool. Actually all Exo members voices are soooo easy to recognize, I didn't even take a long time to recognize their voices :pp

It's true, they are! But I think I just listen to the chinese versions of the songs waaay more often (especially since they are a little easier to sing lol) when I listen to K version, it just throws me off a little :sad:
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muzaiyan No , I don't believe in aliens.
Post subject: Re: Do you believe in Aliens? Posted: Jan 18, 2014 @ 3:52 am
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french_toast_mafia Welcome to KPS!
Kpop will just ruin your life, loool :p
Who are your bias(s)?

It already did :P
There are so many of them I find cute, but so far the top rated ones are Lay and Kai (EXO), Junsu from JYJ, Moonchul ( Royal Pirates), Hansol and B-Joo (Topp Dogg)~ I cant settle on one guy~ and Leo from VIXX x.x
Post subject: Re: Seems like I should make one of these... Posted: Jan 19, 2014 @ 11:59 am
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Noona Do you really wanna get me started, tho?
You've been warned.
How about those eyes? They make your knees weak, right?


He's got that natural charisma but subtle shyness

His 4D moments

He's talented

He even has a soft spot

He's got a face that was obviously chiseled by greek gods

His airport style is always off the charts


I don't even need to mention his voice, height, hands, hairstyles, and sarcasm because those are obvious
I'd go on but that'd be dangerous. I'm sure KrisTheNoonaSlayer will appreciate this spam.
I could make a master post about Tao also, If I wanted. But my feels with Tao are much different than the feels for Kris.
Post subject: Re: Why Is Your Bias So Perfect? Posted: Jan 20, 2014 @ 12:53 am
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Yaayanee Guys, don't take it so literally, I know no one is perfect. Like have you seen me around this forum.
Post subject: Re: Why Is Your Bias So Perfect? Posted: Jan 19, 2014 @ 10:13 pm
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Yaayanee ^^^
Post subject: Why Is Your Bias So Perfect? Posted: Jan 19, 2014 @ 8:24 pm
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Jac You know what I honestly want to know?
Why the fuck hasn't GD left and formed his own label?


Each member of BB would still thrive under a different label since they all still get love calls for projects and they all still produce music.
The number of trainees he could take with him would be astronomical.
The Seungri Academy could feed into it.

It's not like he doesn't have the money to do it.

I honestly think if he formed his own label he could be competing with the top 3 within the first year.
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Yaayanee So much damn truth. How about we manage YG for a week, or you YG and I'll do SM. Make a rant on SM please. XD
Post subject: Re: I'm frustrated with YGE Posted: Jan 20, 2014 @ 2:12 pm
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Nova_REMIX wrote:
Yaayanee wrote:So much damn truth. How about we manage YG for a week, or you YG and I'll do SM. Make a rant on SM please. XD

OMG, no I wanna see you rant about SME. It's priceless.

I need to, there's just too much to say, but I think my heart would implode.
Post subject: Re: I'm frustrated with YGE Posted: Jan 20, 2014 @ 5:12 pm
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KrisTheNoonaSlayer Kai - strikes me as gay, or at least bi-curious-to-gay in the future. He seems so innocent that he's not even sure what he likes, despite the fact that most people think he's overtly sexual... I just think when he does figure out what he likes, it will be dudes.
Xiumin is probably gay. He was meant to be a girl, not sure how he came out male... guess God made a bit of a booboo? He is just the cutest little girly boy I've ever seen.
Kris - Straight, not just because he's my ultimate bias and I would just die, but because he genuinely doesn't really give off any gay vibes to me. Neither does Chanyeol even with all the Krisyeol stuff. I think they're just close... I'm the same way with my best female friends and I don't have the slightest desire to dive headfirst into any of their vaginas so... why can't it be the same for them ?
Tao - It seems to be the same as with Kai, just really doesn't know wtf is going on between anybody's legs but when he finds out...He's gonna like the penis.
Sehun - Eh, I don't think he's "gay" or even bi-curious... I think he just likes to have his boyparts touched by anybody who will touch them.
Everyone else in EXO is straight. Suho and Chen are the least gay members though.

Everyone in Shinee is bi, except Taemin . He's practically a tranny. (I love him though) But he turns more and more into a female with each

G-Dragon is like Sehun. Just likes everyone and everything. Pansexual.

TOP Straight. TOP likes women, I don't know where the bi-curious implications even take place with him.

Everybody else in Big Bang I also think is straight, except maybe Taeyang ... Does he even have genitals? Does he like anything at all? Honestly he might just be Asexual. (I love him too, no hate)
Post subject: Re: K-Pop "Who is Straight, Homosexual, Bisexual, etc. ? Posted: Jan 21, 2014 @ 6:28 am
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Yaayanee Umm.. what's the difference between Face and Visual?
Visual is mainly about the best looks, while the face of the group is the most popular and stuff like that
This pretty much.

Visual = best looks, and your main talent is in acting/modeling
Face = best looks and/or popular member (popular to public not fans)

That's my understanding of it.
Post subject: Re: EXO members' positions Posted: Jan 22, 2014 @ 9:36 am
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elemeniah They're the ones that catch my eye.
Post subject: Re: Do you have a bias type? Posted: Jan 21, 2014 @ 1:30 pm
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