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Junstarr lost in this site XD lol but hi I'm Jun from NYC woot~!
So yeahh I been into kpop about 7 years starting with Shinhwa and moving up to the newer groups.
I pretty much do a ton of things such as drawing, singing, dancing, acting, and I write poetry or music.
I do enjoy going on kakaotalk a lot so spare time......uh kakaotalk, games, online, eat and sleep so call it a day :lol:
A photo of yourself: hm I'm not sure how to and probably required a link so nvm going on XD
Who are your favorite k-pop groups? Tough to choose since sometimes a great band has bad songs so your fav group changes
but, my favorite ones are B.A.P , Infinite: including Infinite H, VIXX, Beast, and Block B. I have a lot more bands that I like such as Dalmatian, Bigstar, Bigbang, or TVXQ but they arent my favorite top 5. My new fandom could be Toppdogg next since Yano and Genissi is awesome but anyways I am better in male groups but for female groups I mainly like hellovenus, girls day, AOA Black, Kara, 2ne1, T-ara, and EXID. Thats all I have in the top of my head lol
My kpop bias.....well I think rappers are coolest in the group most of the time :serious:
Bap: Bang Yongguk
Infinite: Dongwoo
Vixx: Ravi
Beast: Junhyung
Block B: Zico and P.O ( yeah I cant choose OTL)
Hellovenus: Yoonjo ( second would be lime) both hot >:D
Bigbang: GD ( I switched outta Taeyang) sry peeps :shock:
Bigstar: Feeldog (WEIRD NAME) good rapper though
The rest too bored to list :drool: just talk and yeah haha nice to meet cha all
Post subject: Hi world! ^o^ Posted: Jan 07, 2014 @ 1:04 pm
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Junstarr hi bap fans ^_^
Post subject: Re: Official B.A.P Thread Posted: Jan 07, 2014 @ 6:22 pm
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Junstarr Welcome <3
AOA Black? Do you have a bias in AOA?!! <3
I like 2ne1, Big Bang, Bap, Infinite, Vixx and Block B too :) And of course AOA Black xD
bias in AOA....uh sorry but I dont know much of the members that much but I do like Choa since shes in AOA Black too. :embarassed: she looks the best in AOA i think haha
Post subject: Re: Posted: Jan 09, 2014 @ 10:54 am
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