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laury wrote:hey everyone, oooh god :( i was just not there on friday and saturday evening and then BAM everyone's gone -____-
how did I even find this forum lol hahaha ^,^ so glad I found you guys

hey laury :)
welcome here:D
glad you found us <3
Post subject: Re: Official LC9 Thread Posted: May 21, 2013 @ 1:01 pm
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PanicInParadise hey everyone, oooh god :( i was just not there on friday and saturday evening and then BAM everyone's gone -____-
how did I even find this forum lol hahaha ^,^ so glad I found you guys
hey laury :)
welcome here:D
glad you found us <3

the new AKP forums sucks so much oh god, I found the old thread but it's a mess, you can't go back pages or direct though it in any way ..
I thought I would never be able to find somebody again <,<
ah it's good that you came here tho <3
but we wish we could get the other people here as well T_T
Post subject: Re: Official LC9 Thread Posted: May 21, 2013 @ 1:08 pm
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Chanceykk we migrated from forum to forum... and we ended up here <3 most of us at least xDD
Yeah, I only lurked on the other forums more to see if there were any updates on what's going on but I like this site. It's comfortable and plus the smilies are so freakin' cute. xD But I'm glad everyone is kind of coming together now at least. <3
Post subject: Re: Re: Posted: May 21, 2013 @ 4:57 am
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Sephy wrote:The selca uploading thing is addicting as hell, too :embarassed:

I haven't uploaded any yet but I've approved so many that I'm level 2 now, lol. :embarassed:
Post subject: Re: Re: Posted: May 21, 2013 @ 5:02 am
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Chanceykk Lmao, those two~ xD

Post subject: Re: Official LC9 Thread Posted: May 21, 2013 @ 11:45 pm
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Chanceykk @Parco

.... /dead.
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Chanceykk Unfortunately I can't go back to the older posts on the AKP thread so I can't really catch up on what we were talking about before :(
They just made a huuuuuge mistake with changing the forum. But here is fine after all :)

Where are the gifs with the dance practice from >:O i can't find that video anywhere.. :sad:
I think they deleted half of our thread though.
Because a lot of post were missing when I managed to get on for a little bit yesterday. -____-

But I don't think you missed too much tbh.
Couple of twitter updates and pictures and then just all of talking about random things, I think, lol.
I guess we'll just have to see how it goes when it's completely back up again. I hate the downvote button though. ;______;
Post subject: Re: Official LC9 Thread Posted: May 22, 2013 @ 12:16 am
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Chanceykk idk, i can't cope with the layout and the navigation at all :/
I probably missed discussions about the fanclub name ^___^

I just watched that video it's sooooo awesome :D aaaah WHAT A GOOD DAY :P
just went to school for one lesson <,< and I got off earlier than I thought ^,^
Saame. It confuses me, lol. Too many changes to be honest, I liked it better when it was more of a simple layout.
We didn't get to that discussion on AKP. The forum went down before the fanclub name was revealed.
I still can't get used to Love Beat. I'm a Love Beat~ o____o

What one? But I'm glad you're having a good day and lucky you for getting off early~ <3
Post subject: Re: Official LC9 Thread Posted: May 22, 2013 @ 12:26 am
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Sephy I just want to say that Eden looks really really good in the dance MV :nervous:
Post subject: Re: Official LC9 Thread Posted: May 22, 2013 @ 12:25 am
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Chanceykk Hehehe, yeah it's a little weird, but I wasn't a big fan of Luxury either, so I don't really care <,<

I was supposed to have 2 hours of english optional subject, but the teacher decided that we only needed one today, haha..
well, wouldn't have made a big difference, that's pretty much what all of my days look like lately..

what about you, how are you :D :D ?
I liked Luxury/Luxuries. But I guess I'll just have to get used to Love Beat. C:
When is your next exam again? :3

I'm good thank you. <3
Since it's my day off I'm just relaxing and debating whether or not to go out later since it's a nice day again today~
But I'm not sure if I can be bothered going out. >///<
Post subject: Re: Official LC9 Thread Posted: May 22, 2013 @ 12:36 am
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Parco [130522] Korean Wave INA Interview

Q: Could you tell us the meaning of LC9?
Rasa: LC9 is an abbreviation of League of Competition. It means that all of us competed together since we were still trainees and the competition will still continue even after we have debuted, in order to be the real idols.

Q: How long did you prepare for this debut and what did you do before that?
J-hyo: Each member was trained for around 2-6 years and the six of us have been prepared to debut in the past year.

Q: Could you tell the meaning behind your debut song “Mama Beat”?
King: Ma ma beat is actually derived from Ride ma beat. Where the word Ma on the chorus part is repeated so it becomes Ma ma beat.

Q: How do you feel about being able to collaborate with your senior, BEG’s Gain, for the song ‘Mama Beat’?
E.den: First of all we are very grateful for this chance given and we learned a lot from her experience. She helped us so much throughout the process of recording this song.

Q: Your debut MV “Mama Beat” has a 19+ rating. Why did you choose such concept?
Jun: Actually it wasn’t our choice that matters, but the concept of the video itself is supposed to portray about fighting heroes. I think there a lot of people who misunderstood this thing by the time that video was released.

Q: Is there any unforgettable moment when you were shooting this MV?
AO: Generally all the scenes and activities that were done throughout shooting this MV were unforgettable for us, but the most memorable one was the part where the members were being lifted up with sling shots for the perfect flying effects.

Q: How about your contribution in the making of ‘Skirmish’ album?
RASA: Thanks to the company, we are given the chance to provide many inputs when we were to pick a title for this mini album, and also to try so many things during the recording process.

Q: What are your favorite songs in this mini album “Skirmish” and why?
E.den: My favorite song is the title track “Mama Beat” because it is the most addictive tracks among the rest in this album.
King: I also like the title track the most because it has a new and distinguished genre.
RASA: “Mama Beat”. I like this song since the first time I heard it and I knew that it would be the title track for this album.
AO: I like the first song in the mini album “Skirmish” because in this song we could show off our vocal qualities as a whole.
J-hyo: I like “Hold On” because I really love listening to ballads.
Jun: I personally like “Mama Beat” because not only addictive, every time I heard this song I always wanted to dance.

Q: Name a musician who influenced your music taste the most!
J-hyo: We all adore Michael Jackson, because he is very brilliant in so many aspects and always he shows something different in each of his album. Every thing he did looks like something fresh and different. We are trying to equal or even exceeding this thing for ourselves.

Q: So as a boy group, who is your favorite girl group?
KING: As a group, we like 2NE1 because of their constantly cool performances on stage. Also their fashion sense is something we are always looking forward to.
(OMGGGGG my favorite boy group, LC9, likes my ultimate fave girl group 2NE1. Ahhhhhh!!!! <3 <3 <3)

Q: LC9 is one of the groups that are very active in communicating with the fans through social medias. What is the meaning of fans to you?
Jun: Fans mean everything to us. Even though we haven’t debuted for too long, they never stopped giving us supports and we are very thankful for all they have done for us.

Q: What is LC9’s hope for the future?
J-hyo: In the mean time we are hoping for our mini album to get a good response and we will make an earnest preparation for our next single. Other than that, we are also longing for the rookie group award, which is an annual award that only occurs once a year. In the future we want to be a group that could last 10-15 years from now. We realized very well that the current competition isn’t the matter of who is the fastest, but who could survive until the longest time.

Q: Could you give a foreword for Indonesian “Love Beats”?
E.den: First of all, thank you for all the interest and support that you guys have given to us. We never knew that we have so many foreign fans that are looking for us. Meanwhile, we are trying to make a solid base with the fans from South Korea. After that, we are really looking forward to travel around many countries to share our music. Indonesia is, of course, a country that we really wanted to be very active in and to be visited soon.
cr: fyeah-eden
Post subject: Re: Official LC9 Thread Posted: May 22, 2013 @ 4:23 am
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I hope everything goes well with it all. C:
Same here. Well, it's always like that here, lol. We can have sun and then not even an hour later, it'll be pouring down and absolutely freezing. Dunno yet, it's not warm enough to just go outside and relax but I might just go up to the high street with my friend and go do some shopping. xD

Hm... true, it could have been. And the clothes they wear do seem easier to dance in tbh.

LOL, I wasn't expecting it so when I came on I was like yaaaay, new videos. ❤
I fell asleep when I was still on here, I was waiting for someone to reply and so I lay down on my bed while I was waiting and then... I fell asleep, lmao. >////<

That's weird. I've never had that happen to mine. ?____?

Hehe, thank you :3 I think it will, I wouldn't say that the teachers make it easy in purpose, but they ask their question so it's manageable.
Oh shopping sounds nice ^_^ maybe i'll go tomorrow after I went to that organisation for my gap year, since I have to go the city anyway.

Hehe, :D really? That's cute.. Just happened to me right now because I slept so little last night.

Idk, maybe because when I clicked submit it didn't post it right away, so I went a page back, but what I wrote wasn't in the post anymore.. I didn't notice that and posted it like that withouth an answer..

I missed you ;__;
Post subject: Re: Official LC9 Thread Posted: May 22, 2013 @ 6:48 am
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I hope it's nothing serious... ;______;

Me too~~ And J.Hyo was just so lsa;jfklashfkafaklhf;ajlshfaskl. They all were. >////<
Jun looked so different when it came to his solo parts on the dance version. o_____o

He's so adorable~~

Yeah let's hope so .__.

And the maknae looked so cuuute, like a little puppy~ ♥

I thought so too, he looks really handsome o_o his hair looks good that way.
Post subject: Re: Official LC9 Thread Posted: May 22, 2013 @ 6:50 am
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He really was~~ ;____;
First thing I did was make this gif;
As soon as that part came on, I couldn't not do it. /dead.

Omg, I know, he was freakin' adorable~~ <3

Me too, I thought he looked a lot more handsome with his hair like that and then cuter when he went back to having his fringe like normal and wearing his cap. ❤

Yeah XD
I was squealing like a little pig LOL when he made that ''rrahh'' noise.

Exactly~ Jun can apparently do many styles.
And first he looks like a cute, pretty little flower but then he starts talking and that deep sexy voice omfg<3
Post subject: Re: Official LC9 Thread Posted: May 22, 2013 @ 7:18 am
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So happy :D and you used your old name :3 <3

Idk, if the forum keeps that awful layout, definetely not.
I can log in and post, but everything's still buggy, and a lot of users have complained.. and nobody really is on the LC9 thread o,o So there's no reason to use the forum at the moment..

Haha, yep, I thought should I choose another name or use this one....then I noticed a lot of old AKP users are here too and everyone pretty much are using same kind of names, so I decided to keep it~

I agree....the layout is awful .__. everything is too big and messy...
They said they're improving the forum now when it's up but IDK T_T
Post subject: Re: Official LC9 Thread Posted: May 22, 2013 @ 7:21 am
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Chanceykk That makes me feel glad that my classmates and all have a pretty good relationship and communication with our teachers, we can also chat about miscellaneous things and joke around and stuff like that, I'm really grateful for that :)

Me too, *-* earlier that year I think I took a nap everyday after school, because it's so cold in my room that I just have to cuddle into my blanket, hehe it's just heaven hehe :P
I just like sleeping when it's still light outside,.. Lying down again, before noon, when you were already up, is SO GOOD *_* :drool:
Yeah, last year I had teachers' like that but this year I haven't been too lucky. But since I have a good relationship with most my teacher from last year, I can at least go to them when I need help etc. C:

I know what you mean. I was the exact same. Or well, still am, lol. And I have so many cushions on my bed, so I always wrap myself in my blanket and then cuddle in amongst all the cushions to get comfy and then... just fall asleep. >////<

It really is~~ at least I'm not alone there. All my friends and family like being up really early and getting on with the day and then going to bed early too. I just can't, I don't enjoy it. xD
Post subject: Re: Official LC9 Thread Posted: May 22, 2013 @ 7:34 am
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i almost squealed when I saw familiar usernames on here ^-^

The thing is i just started posting and being active when LC9 debuted, and I got used to it so quickly, but when I look at it now, I really feel lost.
It doesn't really look like a forum anymore.
It's just so bad to navigate, when I go to the thread I can't go back in pages, I can just view oldest and newest posts..
we'll see anyways, if it stays like that, I'm probably not gonna use it anymore, but I still visit the main page..
That's how I got to the Dance ver MV heheh. :3

Me too, me too, it was so nice to see a lot of familiar people here C:

Yep exactly, it's not a forum anymore T_T
The main page is alright I guess, just need to visit it more now so can get used to it, but the forum is a bit different thing .__.
It's not nice to post around anymore sigh.

But this place seems to be pretty cool, so we will see, maybe we will stay here even tho AKP would improve etc.
Post subject: Re: Official LC9 Thread Posted: May 22, 2013 @ 7:44 am
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LOL, a little pig... xD
I always love that bit in the performances. He's just so kasfjslaf'aslhfasjlfhk;aslfha;... perfect. ;_____;
OMG, how perfect would that be!! I really wish they would, I mean they look so amazing in those. ❤

Yeah, that seems to be the case. I like him with his hair like that. I think it makes him stand out more too. C:
His voice.... omg. He really has a charming voice~~ ❤

That part sounds so cool, esp. when he does it really loud~ sexy mofo.

YESSS THEY DO ♥ Rasa just looks so hot I can't *--*

It really does.
Of course he looks good with all kind of hairstyles, he's the visual after all...
but it's a shame he hides half of his face under his hair when he could keep his bangs up like that and reveal his pretty face to us more C:
Post subject: Re: Official LC9 Thread Posted: May 22, 2013 @ 7:46 am
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Chanceykk Do your teachers change every year? My german & history teacher - I had her since my first day of 'middle school'/5th grade (i guess?) - so for 8 years, we know each other pretty well ^-^
But still i've undergone quite a lot of changes, I think I had 4 english teachers, 4 math teachers, 3 french teachers.. etc.

Do you know that feeling, when you come home & you aren't THAT tired.. but you already know that you'll sleeping in half an hour hehehe :D ?

People always think that it's a waste of time or wasting your day, .. but what difference does it make when I'm up late therefore hehe (: My sleeping schedule has been a mess for a while now, and I actually really like it <3 When I take a nap during the day, I sitll don't have a problem getting up in the morning, even if I stay late up - and when I come I get tired, so that's pretty fine I think, lol :D
Not all of them. But because I'm doing legal classes as well as my business classes, I got a lot of new teachers this year and a couple from last year. It's good when you have the same teacher (as long as you get along with them) because at least they know you and what you're like when it comes to learning and everything. C:

Of course! I always have that, lol. As I said I love sleeping, so I can pretty much sleep even when I'm not that tired. >////<
So anytime, I can pretty much fall asleep as long as I'm comfy and feel safe, lmao. :3

Yeah, my parents are like that. I always get lectures about not messing up my sleeping pattern since I have commitments like college and work, but I mean it's not like I don't do those two things, I just sleep when I want and get on with it. o_____o
I know, I love sleeping during the day or at least napping a lot and then being more awake at night. Same here, I don't even have one to be honest. I hate getting up early but I can still do it and I don't have that much problem with it. Except for I have to have time to chill after waking up, like listening to music or that when I'm on my way to college if I had to get up early... >////<
Post subject: Re: Official LC9 Thread Posted: May 22, 2013 @ 7:59 am
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Omg, right? Every time I hear it... /dead. x.x

I really hope they wear them at least once. I want to see them perform in those outfits so bad. ;______;
I agree, I think he can pull both off but I personally like seeing him with his hair like it is on the dance version. ♥

So you still torn between Junnie and King? C:

Hope so, and those shorts and hoodies are getting a bit lame already, time to change a bit~ C:

Me too !
During the exclusive soompi video (I think it was soompi....) when they were practicing I noticed how small and skinny Jun actually is x____x
So tiny....

Haha, it hasn't changed, still hard to choose XD Jun is getting closer tho, but King is just ughh....can't decide XD


lollipoop's here too now? : D

Yesss I am XD haha.
Post subject: Re: Official LC9 Thread Posted: May 22, 2013 @ 8:19 am
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