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anjel5521 It's not weird. The demo was better in some ways while the album version was better in others.
The rap in the demo was flawless but the singing in the album version was flawless.
What's great is that I just finished mixing both of those aspects and created Wolf the way it was supposed to be heard.
I'm uploading it to soundcloud now and then I'll make a thread. Check it~
Post subject: Re: [EXO Wolf Finished Product] is it weird that i.... Posted: May 27, 2013 @ 4:27 pm
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huhlo No one posted this yet, right?
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Truekma I'm dying to hear the Chinese versions T.T
I really love Baek and Kyungsoo's voices but at some points I feel like Chen could just push that note a bit further and ugh...<3 I can't wait to hear

babyhippo wrote:Y'all heard EXO M wolf already? I only see EXO K stuff everywhere.

Yeah it's on the K album : )
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anjel5521 Y'all heard EXO M wolf already? I only see EXO K stuff everywhere.
Yeah, I reblogged all of it on my tumblr (yes, this is a link if you wanna hear it) already just so i wouldn't lose it but yeah. M version is 1000 times better than the Korean version, which disappoints me. They should've done the K version just K and made it like M's version, and then they should've done a combined version. I'm so annoyed that the Korean version was done so poorly. T_T
Post subject: Re: Official EXO Thread Posted: May 28, 2013 @ 8:24 am
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laury hey guys :) right here, but only if you want heheh :3

sorry if sth like was posted already :)
Post subject: Re: Official EXO Thread Posted: May 28, 2013 @ 9:22 am
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awhh T.T
Post subject: Re: Official Girl's Generation (소녀시대) Thread Posted: May 27, 2013 @ 4:40 pm
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babyhippo wrote:If SM doesn't troll us that will like 3 or 4 am here. . . . . I dont have anything in the am but still I hate staying up and getting trolled.

Lol no it doesn't seem like they'll troll honestly i think the only reason the mv hasn't been leaked yet is cause they want SM to release it.
Post subject: Re: Official EXO Thread Posted: May 28, 2013 @ 9:49 am
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huhlo well I think they successfully toke down most the leaked songs, all I can find now is Baby Dont Cry and Wolf. . . . this is what I get for listening early now I want to listen to it more and cant cause its no where to be found. This is worst than teasers...
lol Just search for the download link.
It's somewhere on the forums. c:
Post subject: Re: Official EXO Thread Posted: May 28, 2013 @ 9:17 am
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babyhippo wrote:If SM doesn't troll us that will like 3 or 4 am here. . . . . I dont have anything in the am but still I hate staying up and getting trolled.

Thank goodness you aren't a Shawol. omfg
The things we put up with.
Post subject: Re: Official EXO Thread Posted: May 28, 2013 @ 9:45 am
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karutamral I'm not sure about itunes, but you can get the physical album preordered. If you want to know which retail sites are selling, I posted it earlier.

Dang this thread really got moving!

Is itunes letting pre-ordering, cause maybe im just missing something?
no its leaked

haha I know its leaked (been listening to it), but I read an eariler post of people pre-ordering so thats why I asked.
Post subject: Re: Official EXO Thread Posted: May 28, 2013 @ 7:44 pm
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babyhippo wrote:Dang this thread really got moving!

Is itunes letting pre-ordering, cause maybe im just missing something?

i know this is irrelevant but i literally stared at your dp for like 2 minutes
Post subject: Re: Official EXO Thread Posted: May 28, 2013 @ 7:42 pm
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karutamral I would agree with you that MAMA was more cohesive, but I think the new album is way stronger in terms of variety and epicness. With the exception of two moons (and I thought that song was a mess), I thought all the songs felt too safe.

Believe me. Once you listen to this album, ngel won't be your favorite song anymore. It ill be your 4th favorite song. That's how good this album is.
I've already listened to the album. MAMA is still a better album in its entirety compared to XOXO. No competition. But I still am enjoying this album very much. I think it's a great step in the right direction for EXO to define their style. I definitely know what to expect from EXO now after seeing 2 albums from them.

I still consider MAMA my favorite kpop album of all time. It was 100% perfect. Every song on it was perfect. I had a huge thread about it on akp, but it got deleted. I will repost it here at some time.
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karutamral Oh, the mama lyrics we're great by the way. Just too much.
Post subject: Re: Official EXO Thread Posted: May 28, 2013 @ 9:00 pm
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anjel5521 Into Your World (Angel)
I don't have a favorite song on the MAMA album because I actually think that all of the songs are equally good, but I think this song has come the closest to being my favorite. I'm not typically a ballad person, but this song is seriously so beautiful and brings me near tears every time I listen to it so I make exceptions. xD

For starters, the song totally has a dreamy melody to it, right? The piano is like so light and airy and the meleody is so pretty that it paints this picture of an ethereal world or heaven. Again, I think EXO's incorporating their concept by describing life in another world which is not our own. It's not necessarily another planet (like the EXO planet) though you could definitely still interpret it that way.

Right from the start Baekhyun starts singing really softly like an angel. And you know his voice has the capability of being a lot rougher so it's really evident of his versatility the way he's able to tone it down to sing a prettier song like this. It's also really perfect because this song tells a story too, and in it the members are angels. :O So they start talking about being born again which I thought went really nicely with the song because the song already sounds so pristine and what's more pristine than a baby? Nothing.
Then Suho comes in with his signature angel voice again which I loved. And he's talking about how the moment he met this girl his life was kinda flipped upside down because he didn't realize a moment like that could be real.
I think D.O's next line gives some pretty meaningful emphasis, how he keeps repeating the line that he wants to walk on earth with this girl "just once more, just one more time, just one more time." Her world is not a world he was really meant to be a part of, or even really a place that he can stay. Which is why he's saying even if it's just one time, he would really treasure the experience because he's totally in love with her. He wishes he could stay in her world but being from another world (heaven, exo planet, different life circumstances) is sort of preventing him from doing it. So it's relatable while still maintaining that story-like image, and you really get a sense of how much he wants to be with her and experience her world and all that jazz.

We move into the chorus and they're saying they want to walk into this girl's world (earth. Remember they're angels, so falling in love with a girl on earth is probs. against the rules). The imagery here is just so beautiful, this is the part that kinda makes me wanna break into tears because in my head I see like beautiful white clouds and these guys "riding the soft wind" toward earth (your world). And finally this line is my absolute favorite in the whole song. They're saying that the girl innocently asked him where he came from and so he tells her "it's a secret". I think this is partly to remain mysterious and maybe partly to shield her from the pain of his potential disappearance, because in theory they can never be together. An angel and a human. He's going to have to go back to heaven, or his world, where he belongs and she'll have to remain on earth. But then they finish off the chorus by saying all they need to do is just be together and any place will be like heaven. He's saying he definitely doesn't want to leave and go back to where he came from because he's found a new place where he belongs and is needed. He wants to enter her world so that she doesn't have to follow him back to his.
I also wanna highlight another style thing that's really relevant to the feel of the song. The boys all harmonize on these certain lines only like "into your world", "by your side", "where we go", which I think adds a nice feeling of unison and harmony to reiterate that they want to join this girl in her world to experience a new kind of heaven, different from (and maybe even better than) the one they're leaving behind. The harmonies really create that idea of like utopia, paradise, or heaven. This song just has so much of that imagery about living in perfect harmony, and so I think the singing helps complement that idea particularly well.

Okay, next verse.
So they are making some references to the bible to create that celestial atmosphere once again. And they're comparing this girl to Michael and referencing the Garden of Eden because remember, in this song EXO are angels and so they don't necessarily understand earth. This is why they relate the girl to all these heavenly ideas, because they can only understand her in terms of things they already know. I also really love this line that's like "I won't forgive anyone who opposes you" which just shows how devoted they are to this girl (how many of you are that devoted to your bias? *everyone raises their hand* Lol). And they're angels so they must totally have the power to bring down the wrath on those who oppose this girl, right? I love this. I also like how EXO harmonizes on this line too because it puts more power and strength behind the words, almost like this guy has an army on his side to defend this girl's honor.
I also wanna highlight Baekhyun's ending for this verse because when the note changes at around 1:40 or 1:41 and he's singing "항상/hangsang" (always) his voice sounds somewhat desperate and determined, like he's saying he'll protect her no matter what. Then he breaks into a powerful higher note that carries over into the chorus.

Now lemme talk about this second chorus because it's actually different from the first one, which is a nice change. I like that they changed the lyrics here actually because it's getting across more ideas about this world than just the first chorus could do. He has more to say so instead of just repeating the first chorus there's a new one with new declarations. So they say now they they want to be a guardian angel to this girl, like protect her from everything bad in the world. Then they go on to say that they're on this girl's side no matter if everyone else turns their back on her. And then wiping her tears away, so sweet man. Then they repeat the thing about every place being heaven. Great.

The song picks up here right after the second chorus and you can hear it in D.O's voice as he starts singing with a lot more feeling and purpose. He's making this declaration that he's got nothing left to return to in heaven because essentially, he's found everything he needs in this world. And this is the best part I think because he says his wings have been clipped. As an angel he's made the ultimate sacrifice for this girl in order to live a life with her in total bliss because "anywhere they go it'll be like heaven". Baekhyun reiterates this message and I love it. He's like "I've lost my invincibility, but I don't even care because you're my everything/eternity now."

Finally, they go back to the first chorus but they spice it up with some amazing adlibs to add more emotion and feeling to the words. Usually I'm already tearing up around this part, lol. But yeah, the way they repeat all those lines they sang so smoothly in the beginning represents a total change, but a good one at that. Before they kind of had something to lose (their wings/invicibility,etc.) but they've given it all up and now they're running straight for the girl without looking back. There's more conviction and passion behind the words now. Like Baekhyun's intense way of singing "I will ride the wind into your world" totally shows that nothing will stop him. He's gonna ride that wind! xD Even Suho adds some more with his like "oh!" in there at 2:44, lol. And D.O's just like "I tooold you iiitt waaass a seeeeecreeeeettt". And then D.O finally closes off the song the music stops and then some little minute sounds sort of trail off kind of perfectly. I like how the music just abruptly stops but there are like these twinkly sounds heard even as it's over. It's like you can see the couple running off into the sunset or across a meadow or something, leaving a trail of angel dust behind them, lol.

This song is the prettiest on the whole album imo. It tells a beautiful story about an angel who descends to earth from heaven and after discovering love he has this hope to stay in this world with his love rather than ever returning to heaven. He ends up giving up his wings, making the ultimate sacrifice, in order to be with this girl who he's completely fallen for. The song is smooth but strong vocally and carries this idea that love can turn any reality into this perfect, ideal, heaven-like experience.

Two Moons
This song is really funny. If you've ever seen EXOtics saying "roll like a buffalo" and you were confused, this is where it comes from. You won't hear it in the song though but that's another story. xD

What I can say about this song. It's pretty much a hype song. As soon as it opens you start getting pumped. It builds up with the slow beat like "bum bum bum...bum bum bum" and you know something good's coming. Then come in like these little twinkling sounds (that's a weird way to describe it but I think you know what I mean) that totally remind me of like 90s or early 2000s rap in a way (in a good way, lol).
I have a story actually. I was hanging out with some people from my Korean class earlier this year and the girl who organized the gathering was like "let's put on music" (like Korean music) so when it was my turn I of course put on EXO cause they're mah faves. As soon as the song starts up this guy from my class starts bobbing his head and getting really into it. Then the music starts to come in and EXO's like "uh!" and the kid looks at me with his mouth hung open like D: and he says "yo! Anjelita this is so ghetto, what is this?" (he meant this in a very positive way btw, lol) and he starts getting up and dancing and bobbing his head more to it and I was like "heck yeah!"

So yeah, there's just a little anecdote of mine.
Once the music picks up they go into this hyping mode where they keep repeating "Hey!" and it really gets you pumped.

What I really like in from the start of the first verse is Kai's voice. Kai's voice is so unique, imo. He has like this confidence that emanates in everything he does, and it's definitely perfect for this song because it's all about that confidence. Confidence in yourself, confidence in EXO, etc. So he leads the intro, talking about how he saw the moon rising and so now he feels he's ready to go out and take on the world now. Pretty cool theme, and once again they're bringing in their concept with the concept of the two moons, the two worlds, and the moon finally rising is the signal for the EXO boys to reunite and kick ass together. It ties back into that theme you hear in MAMA about the two sides joining forces to be better and stronger as one.

I think it's really cool how they're emphasizing the last words in each line, to sort of give the song some flavor and oomph. They could have done this in a lot of ways but I just personally like the way that is sounds, like it breaks up all of the thoughts into these shorter ones that are more dramatic.
One thing I really like about this first verse is how Chanyeol and Kai are both really playing with that "woah"/"oh" sound. At around 0:34 to 0:37 Kai sings "기다려 애태워, 시간이 가까워" (basically the "....woah.....woah) and then he continues it in the next line too. Chanyeol actually mirrors this sound and his style is much cooler/more mellow than Kai's (which was very powerful and in your face). He's actually singing "woah" here though, not in Korean, so I like how they play with the sounds here. And he continues with the "홀러" (heulleo) and he's talking about this feeling running through his body, and I think him dragging out his words like this gives you that feeling in your body too.
Finally, Sehun comes in and he's mixing up the tempo just a bit with the repetition about the moon rising and then he slows down with the music as the moon is rising and then there's this sort of anticipation where he leaves off and the music stops. Like "what happens now? The moon's rising but what does it mean?"

So now they've got your attention and you're curious about what the significance of it all is so then they hit you with the chorus and there's this sick beat in the background as they play with the words "tonight's the night the two moons rise". I really love the way they repeat the words over and over and it kind of sounds even a bit robotic. It's very unique imo and I just love trying to replicate the sound myself because it's so fast and unnatural to do but it's totally fun. If you listen to the background in this part too (0:53-1:00) you can hear like screams and shouts and like groaning in the background, and to me it sounds a lot like a graveyard? Lol, but lemme explain why I think that's fitting and cool. You get this picture in your head of it being nighttime, right? And then the moons are rising in the sky and it seems like the people (the EXO members) are also rising in a way, from being previously passive or more metaphorically, dead. If you think back to MAMA where I talked about the war and desolation on the EXOplanet then it kind of makes sense, this uprising. It's this move to action, a literal and figurative uprising. It's the same thing they were talking about in History as well. So yeah, in a way I kind of picture EXO like zombies or soldiers or something in this part, because they're being really fierce and the two moons are their signal of strength. The moons are rising and so EXO can rise with them.

So then this little bridge is talking about leaving and never coming back. I feel like it's about moving towards a newer, brighter future and never returning to the once desolate world that they were living in prior to that. Here comes the moon and the light and it's bringing them salvation, and so they want to look forward only. I feel this is reiterated when Sehun starts the second verse and he's talking about the light again, becoming brighter and illuminating their dark world. The next few parts about the sky opening up and stuff plays back into their concept and the bigger picture. EXO's whole concept is this epic story about this world which was torn apart and destroyed by war and technology and other evil things but suddenly there's hope for a reconciliation between the two sides and they can build their world back up together.

When Kai comes in with his line about not having any time to explain, they just have to start their little revolution or w/e, you start getting a feeling for the urgency. They don't have a lot of time to ponder about this because this is their only chance to reunite the two worlds. You can relate this back to anything in your own life which requires urgency and immediate action, and I think the urgency of the sky opening up for only a short amount of time to allow them to complete their task is a really clever way to convey that message of not letting opportunity pass you by.

Finally, Key comes in to spit some awesome English rapping at us, lol. Now it's SM so the English was a bit sloppy but I think I can bring a little clarity to the message they were trying to get across in case you've listened to it a lot and you're still like "wtf?" lol. So I think the selected VIP thing is supposed to indicate how EXO themselves were chosen for a specific purpose (to save the EXO planet) and in a way you could even interpret it as a way of saying that everyone in life has a unique purpose, or that everyone has some sort of great task to accomplish.
The rocket thing, self-explanatory. They're aliens and they fly in spaceships The keeping your seatbelts fastened thing can either mean like "hold on to your seats, cause EXO's gonna crash into your life and destroy it"
or more seriously, that there's this urgency and they're charging towards their goal at an extraordinary speed.
I thought after the whole "two moons" chanting, the "shoulda coulda woulda" line is about how you should take action and be proactive in life. You should do things instead of one day looking back and saying "I should've done this....I could've done that...if I only would've ______ then...". The next part about "seeing the two full moons" and "being the chosen knight" is definitely addressing the listeners and relating them to EXO. It's saying "the next time you see an opportunity (your signal to act/EXO's two moons rising) then you should act (you're the chosen knight, as in you're the only one who can make a difference) because if you waste time the opportunity could pass you by."

Basically, Two Moons is a hype song for EXO but it serves a dual purpose in relaying the same sort of message that was underlying in History. That you should get up off your butt and go make a difference, lol. Moreso just that you shouldn't let opportunities pass you by because you may not come across the same opportunity twice. They use EXO and the two moons rising in the sky as a symbolic way of portraying this message. When the moons rise it is the signal that it is time to act, because the sky may only open up that one time. They must cross into the other's world in order to reunite the sides, that way they can rebuild EXOplant and once again become one world under one moon instead of two. Another epic tale told by EXO and teaching us important life lessons.


And last on the album but certainly not least, we have EXO's Machine. This was a favorite of mine for a couple of weeks after I first heard the album and I think it is probably the most unique song on the whole MAMA album.
First off, the song's called "Machine" and I can vouch for the fact that this song sounds very much like that. The song's about a girl who is so perfect in every way but her personality is cold and mechanical like a machine. I feel like I've heard songs with similar-ish lyrics (though I can't think of any examples right now) but none which have the instrumental side also carry over into the meaning as well as this one.

From the start you hear this mechanical whirring and these gadget-y sounds that feel like they belong to a factory or a robot. There's some light background music that comes in and it's very electronic, still staying very true to that theme of machinery. What's great here is that Baekhyun comes in with his naturally very nasally voice, haha. But this is a good thing. I'm sure there's a little bit of autotune laying over the vocals but most of it is just the natural sound of his voice and the technique he's using to create this very robotic sound. The way he's singing helps too. It's very jagged, with abrupt stops between words as well, adding to that robotic feel of the song, which is perfect because it's about a robot-like girl.

D.O and Suho both come in and add their own cool lines to it. I don't have a lot to say about the style because it's similar to what I talked about before with Baekhyun. I more wanna talk about the imagery and metaphorical language in the lyrics. They say things like "she puts on a cold smile", "does she even breathe air?", "does she have a heart that beats?" These sort of negative things are contrasted and complemented by lyrics like "she's a perfect beauty" or "her skin and hair are surreal." It's like a win-lose, because she's got these really goddess-like qualities to her but then she's cold as ice and it creates this sort of internal conflict: "Well I like her, but she's so hard to read. Do I try to break through that hard exterior or is there really nothing underneath it? Is she human or a machine?"

The chorus is really fitting to the whole meaning of the song. I love the first lyric that this girl is ice cold like a machine. The imagery is really great for describing a cold, metallic, robot-like girl but then it doubles for her personality because no matter what this guy does she's completely unresponsive. The best part about the chorus is the repeated "ma-ma-ma-ma-machine" line, because it mimics those stuttering and jutting movements that machines make when they get some kind of kink in them. When you computer lags, when your washing machine gets stuck on a cycle, when your car engine won't start up, this sound is so reminiscent of those moments.
I also really enjoy the lyric about her being both like a knife and a goddess, because they're saying again that she's this perfect girl but at the same time cold and maybe even cruel enough to hurt them (like a knife).

Sehun's only line in this song comes up next. Let's take a moment to appreciate it. "Ah, yeah".

So the next verse is a lot like the first one so I don't have a lot to say about it, so I'll just point out the lines I really like. The first part about her heart being locked up gives me a nice image of like a safe or lock box and he's saying no matter how hard he tries to crack it he can't get in there. I like the frustrated feeling you get from hearing that line. When they go on to talk about her "glass eyes" being unreadable I go back to the doll-like image they talked about in the first verse, and I start to get a real sense of her being inanimate, because they are comparing her to all of these objects that don't move and can't have emotions. They even ask if she's the type of thing that's capable of love or emotions. Again, I think this really gives you an idea of how much this guy's pining. He's begging for a response of some sort but he thinks she may not even be capable of that.

The rap is my absolute favorite part of this song. Suho leads into it with his "I'll definitely figure her out", and I love that Suho has this line because he's singing it with some desperation like, "I'm gonna try my best, but it's still totally possible that this girl is actually a machine and really just can't be moved by emotions." This is where I find Chanyeol's part of the rap really effective. He's talking about how the password locking up her hard is so complicated that no one can get to it, but then Kai comes in like "well if I can't figure out the password, then I'll just hack my way in. Like with a sledgehammer. " Hahah. I seriously though do like the "hacking, hacking, gotta get to her heart," line because it shows such determination. It's as if he's saying he will find a way in no matter what it takes because underneath all that cold metal exterior (her hardened emotions) he knows there's a softer human side.

That's why the music slowing down and softening here is important. They're trying to say that there's definitely a softer side in there, and in a way you can interpret it as everyone having a softer side to them. Baekhyun's singing that he'll wake her up (out of her hard shell) and make her smile a sincere smile. The harmonizing with all of their voice is also useful in demonstrating that they have the strength to pull the sweet girl out from all of that machine-like exterior.

This song brings in images of machine-like inanimate objects to tie the song's meaning to the music. From the whirring mechanical instrumentals to the robotic voices, EXO paints the image of a girl who is almost too perfect to exist but whose fatal flaw is being closed off in her emotions. They spend the song questioning her ability to experience love or emotions until they finally decide that they will do whatever it takes to break into her heart. Although I feel the interpretation can go either way, I think in the end the girl ends up being broken to some extent by EXO's efforts to crack her, and it ultimately shows that everyone has a softer side to them, even when their exterior looks as cold and hard as a machine.

I told you I'd post this yesterday but it turned out a lot longer than I'd planned. T_T
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anjel5521 *note: I saved this thread from AKP. It was posted on December 8, 2012.

And basically praise it for being flawless.
It's an essay so TL;DRers, I see you. I see you, okay?

This is my official EXO masterpost. I won't ever make a post this long ever again. OTL
I know, I know, I have a lot of time on my hands. But this wasn't created at once, lol.
I've been editing it for days, but surprisingly it was very easy to write since it's a subject I enjoy.
This isn't the "let's all listen to EXO and love them" thread. I mean it's kind of like that, but not in an intentional way.

This is the MAMA album appreciation thread. I am not trying to convert you. I'm trying to inform you.
This thread is for people who either:
a. Have listened to all the songs and just want to bask in the glory of this album (Exotics, I gotchu)
b. Have not listened to all of the songs on the album and want to understand what all the hype is about
c. Have mixed mixed feelings about EXO and want to learn more about their music before forming an opinion

I was inspired to make this thread for two reasons.
The recent influx of unwarranted hate for EXO stemming from the lipsyncing incident at the MAMA awards, which only makes me want to shower them with more love and praise because I think they're worthy of it.
Claims that most EXOtics are just SM stans and that there is absolutely no reason why anyone would like them outside of pretty boy looks and undying devotion to SM.
I'm here to set y'all straight.
I'm going to use EXO-K's versions but the only real differences between the songs sung by K and M are the language (duh) and the vocalists (double duh).

I can only post 5 videos so I'll skip the video for Two Moons and just post a link so you can check it out yourself. I still suggest that you listen to it, because as you'll be able to tell from my analysis of it it's actually deeper than it appears on the surface, but it's probably the closest thing this album has to a filler track (it's really not a filler though) so I'll leave that up to you.
#RLAB <-- nope nope. I had to split it into two posts for KPS but it worked out. 3 and 3.

I know most of you K-pop fans listen to your music passively, and that's fine, but I think you need to understand EXO's songs to fully appreciate them. I chose KookieCane13's lyric videos because I feel like her translations are typically easier to understand for people who don't speak Korean. Not exactly how I'd translate everything but the meanings are fairly accurate imo. I'm going to be analyzing lyrics to help explain how EXO's extraterrestrial concept is embedded into everything they do. I'll also delve into musical techniques and overall style a bit so you can fully appreciate the production on this ablum.

There are 6 songs and it's likely you've already heard 3 of them. Don't be lazy.
Although I'm gonna analyze every song in order as it appears on the album, feel free to pick and choose what you want to read. If there's a particular song you like and you just wanna know what I think about it, just read my essay on it, lol.

I know most of you have already heard this song so I don't have to give you too much background. What I like about this song is that it has a very "epic"feeling. Right from the beginning you hear this amazing, cult-like chanting and purposeful orchestra opening up this pathway that leads you straight onto the EXO planet (don't fight me on this. Just go there. Sit on Exoplanet for 20 minutes while you listen to this album, okay?).

The song isn't your ordinary poetic verse. It's telling a story. It starts with D.O's power opening about this thing that he's lost and he can't do anything to stop it. Then the song breaks into the intense orchestra again, and it's so gloomy and ominous yet still smooth and compelling. The only way I can explain to you why these instrumentals are so awesome is because they paint a picture of this beautiful yet destroyed world. I'll explain more about why the world is destroyed later but as I said before the song tells a story, so you need to fully understand the story to get this song.

So Baekhyun starts asking MAMA (who is like the God of their EXOplanet) for answers about why the world world is so screwed up. You can even interpret this as our own world, but here EXO is using their concept to their advantage. Their world is just another metaphor for our world, but by talking about aliens on another planet they convey the idea that certain problems are universal. Y'know like if there were aliens on another planet (like EXO) they'd be facing the same problems as us. Cool, right? I know. I'll break off into style a little bit here because the way way Baekhyun sings this is very meaningful to the way you interpret the song. He's screaming a bit and sounds angry and bitter, but that's helping to portray that feeling of helplessness, y'know? They're on this planet that's basically a wasteland but all they can do is scream at God and ask "why did you make us this way?"

When Suho comes in around 1:00 his voice is a lot softer. He's listing all the grievances of the people like "well there's this, and then there's this," and then his tone changes up as he starts to sound more frustrated and it's as if he's saying "and they're doing this too! What are you going to do about it god?!?! HELP US! We're kinda dying here." So then everyone's voices come in and it's like they're a choir, representing their whole planet trying to tell god, "Hey, we're here. These are the problems we're facing," and finally Baekhyun comes in to scream at God again "are you frickin' satisfied now god?"

Now we're at the chorus. I think this is a place where I can provide a clearer translation that what the video. It's more like:
Will we no longer meet each other face to face? Will we not communicate? Will we not love?
We shed tears at the painful reality. Please say that we can change.
Please say that everything will be better when things change. Please say it, MAMA.
They're saying they fear that all these ordinary things that people are supposed to do they are worried will become nonexistent.
As you can tell from the lyrics they're saying they're desperate. They feel like they can't ever go back to a beautiful, perfect world. This is why they're asking for help but they're not being acknowledged. In this desperation all they want is answers. They want to know what they can do to fix the world, if there is anything that can be done at all. Is it hopeless to try or do they have something to look forward to? It's just like our world. It's f*cked up, but can we do anything about it? How are we supposed to fix it? Deese questions~

Then Kai comes in talking about how the people have brought it on themselves, and Sehun's next line is especially thought provoking because he's talking about the digital age in which we live. We don't communicate or deal with problems normally but rather fall back on technology. Chanyeol continues this thought with his next line, explaining that we have this fancy way of talking to each other (like the internet, lol irony. Or like texting and stuff) when we could be doing things face to face, experiencing life the way it was meant to be, etc.
Then D.O and the rest of them come in and bring up this idea of experiencing basic human emotions, and basically getting back to the basics. Perhaps if we focused on the important things in life like love, friendship, family, happiness, we wouldn't live in such a desolate world.

repeated chorus. wooh~

Quickly, lemme just mention how the little whirring sounds from 2:47 - 2:52, right before Sehun says "turnback" really actually give you that feeling of turning back. It's like if you were to try to turn a clock backwards. Think of those little timers where you have to turn the dial? That's what it sounds like. I feel like it's a subtle element but it adds something that people like me will catch xD.
Here the music picks up which I totally loved. The guitars come in and throw the whole song into chaos, and in your head you can see the world becoming chaotic as well.

Ok, now this is the part that a lot of people don't like or question why it's there but as a former fan of screamo music I appreciate it and I will forever advocate the relevancy and importance of the screaming in this song.
When Kai starts screaming he's like the one who's representing everyone as he tries to get MAMA's attention. He's screaming because it's the last straw and they're tired of this terrible world they live in with no one able to fix it. The world is crap and their last resort is to yell at MAMA (god) in frustration and plead for help. He's like "there's dying, there's killing, there's fighting, and there's shouting, but we're not even at war. What the hell is this?" I don't know how many of you guys have a trained ear and pay attention to the background music but during Kai's screaming you can hear a stringed instrument (something orchestral like a violin or cello or something) and the notes go higher and higher, slowly increasing and building in intensity til he gets to the end of his line. It's really effective in getting across that frustration because the tension just keeps building every time they raise the note and then it's just intensified by Kai's shouting. Then Chanyeol and Sehun come in to say "come on MAMA. Please help us fix this. There must be something you can do." Kai's screaming again because it's still happening. He's saying people are treating life like they're playing a game but it's not. I think you can even interpret it like Kai's saying that MAMA's treating their lives as if it's a game and he wants it to stop. Finally, D.O's powerful screaming note at the end just tops off their whole message like "just do it MAMA, sheesh! We're tired of living like this, just fix our world. kthnx, bai."

Suho comes in like the little angel he is because he just wants everything to go back to being nice and normal. He's like the softer one pleading for help rather than demanding it. I think Suho's sort of playing into that role as "the voice of reason" in this song a lot, and so that's why the softness of his voice is so suitable here. Baekhyun's a little more frustrated still, continuing on Suho's points that it'd be great if we could go back to an ordinary world. Perhaps EXO wants to come to earth so they can be happier because life on EXO planet sucks right now cause they think MAMA doesn't care about them. Little do they know that life on earth sucks too, lol.
But on a serious note, the song is using EXO's alternate world as a metaphor for our own world. The same thing is happening on earth. We're losing touch with each other and constantly fighting over petty things when life is not a game or a war but rather something to be enjoyed. We need to stop fighting and escaping reality through technology etc. and experience life the way it was meant to be experienced. By being with loved ones and enjoying life. The message of the song is actually really thought provoking and deep.
Ok. We done! Next song.

What is Love
This song highlights EXO's softer side. I like how it starts off with the cool melodies, D.O and Baekhyun really harmonizing together to create that atmosphere of tenderness. The way the notes kind of go up and down the scale also adds a bit of an unsure or uncertain feeling to it, yeah? And that's good because the whole song is posing a question really. I want to point out that you can bring Exo's concept into this song too. It's subtle but I think it's there, especially because the video for What is Love plays it up. The whole concept to EXO (as aliens, y'know) is really foreign and so they're trying to understand why it feels this way. I feel like this is relatable especially because this is something everyone goes through the first time they fall in love, but the feeling is magnified because from an alien perspective it really is crazy to have your heart start beating like crazy when someone knocks you off your feet.

I like how Baekhyun and D.O switch back and forth between lines, really fast. The music mimics it but even better because the percussion is going, then it hits a climax and stops, then starts back up again. It's a bit chaotic and the way I'd describe what it makes you feel is like when you lose your breath and then it comes back or when your heart is suddenly beating fast and then it stops and then it's beating fast again. Like just try to follow the beat of the drum for a few seconds and you can experience what I'm saying. You can totally feel this song. I don't even like slow songs but this one makes me feel everything so intensely that I can't help but love it.

Additionally, I should add that the imagery about love being like a movie, where you can slow down time and rearrange scenes and add dramatic music, etc. is really fascinating. You get this picture in you head of what it could look like and you totally see a dramatic film with a hero and heroine, y'know? This feeling is even better when you watch the music video I think but you can totally appreciate this song even without the video.

The line after the chorus I think is really sweet, and it's basically bragging about how this girl is the best thing to ever happen to him because everyone in the world is jealous of him. You think how strong must that love be if everyone in the world is jealous of it?

They continue to go one about how the love will never change and he wants to be by her side as he becomes better. And then after the second chorus they're talking about how this love is so storybook-like that it's hard to imagine it's real. And thus they want to hold onto it and this girl. It's pretty beautiful imo, though you can call it sappy too xD.

Enough about the lyrics now because it's just your basic love song. It's got a lot of nice imagery and I like the inquisitive take on love, but you guise can check out the lyrics yourself. What I do want to talk about is the overall style of the song. On thing I think was captured really nicely in this song is the idea of love happening slowly, almost as if time stops. Similar lyrics pop up in the song like the "get in slow motion" in the chorus and I think the song's tempo really complements that idea. I already talked about the rhythm being like a heartbeat or like a gasping breath so let's move on to D.O and Baekhyun's singing style. Baekhyun and D.O both use this really emotional and soulful r&b style that helps break down the feelings in the song. The "woo-ah-ooh-aah-ooh" ad libs all over the place are really effective in portraying those strong emotions and they are smooth and calming as well. D.O and Baekhyun also both go into a rougher tone when trying to give off a stronger emotion like around 1:32-1:37 when Baekhyun's singing about being that guy you can trust he's like "I'm that guy you can trust". You know what I'm saying here? He kind like adds that groaning/growling sound to give the line more meaning. D.O does the same thing but Baek's voice is naturally very kinda raspy. D.O's is singing with more ad libs and adding the soul in there like around 3:38 when he's like "my bay-baby bay-baby baybaaayyy". See what I mean? I think both of them bring a lot of emotion and feeling to an otherwise kind of ordinary song.
What is Love is that staple love song, but the lyrics create a nice story-like image about all the things that come with being in love. Wanting to protect that other person, never wanting to lose them, the slowness of time and cherishing every moment together. That on top of the vocals D.O and Baekhyun bring to the song I think make this song a favorite for a lot of people. Another group could sing the same song but whether they could pull it off with the same emotion, I'm not sure. Even comparing to EXO-M, I still prefer Baekhyun and D.O's version because they put sooo much feeling into it, but still I guess that's just a preference. M's version is also pretty good.

History is ALL about EXO's concept. It tells the story of how EXO (fictionally) came to be. They're saying their world was broken up and torn apart by war. I think you can interpret it a lot of different ways like that it's about love or broken friendship, etc. but the way I'm most fond of is that it's about fixing the general problem in our world, which is fighting without reason. We should be sticking together rather than at each others' throats, because we are stronger and better as one.

Let's talk about the music for a minute. I think this song is supposed to be fast and upbeat because the message is inspiring and powerful. It's a power anthem, if you will. You're already feeling the music and probably dancing and Kai's first line is "listen." The music is absent here while you're just listening to the percussion and then he says "Can you feel it?" Right after that you get like this electro-tune coming in after you're like "crap, yeah I feel it!"

Then he talks about how his heart's not beating and Chanyeol's like "it's breaking". Here's where they start getting metaphorical. Some people might interpret this as something to do with love or a girl but I believe it's more about how it's unfortunate that their world (EXOplanet) is divided into two sides. They use black and white/north and south (the two Koreas? Hmm...) imagery to paint that divide in your mind and they're talking about how they're at war with each other. D.O's last line in this verse implies that it's unfortunate that they were divided this way.

As they move into the chorus the story is continuing and they are saying they had to go away from the war to come back and understand that they're better together. They took the time apart to learn and grow and now they want the two sides to reunite and progress together. This is just reiterated in the second verse.

Alright, now this is the part that I really like and it's like a call to action for all the listeners as well for EXO themselves. Kai starts with his "rise, rise, rise", which is basically like "everyone, get the hell up cause we've got sh*t to do and history to make!" Chanyeol and D.O's next lines are saying the same thing like "don't hesitate, you gotta make history now cause you don't know when you'll get another chance to do it."

Now Suho comes in with his angel voice (lol, that's always his role in EXO's songs. Be soft and angelic) and is like encouraging you softly. Baekhyun does the same thing, saying that the two sides (or you can think of it romantically too) are better together than apart.

I really like the rapping part here and Chanyeol, Sehun, and Kai are all present for it. This is the part that kinda makes you wanna get up and start dancing with them because the rap is so good on the ears and is like I said earlier, a call to action. I especially loooooooove Kai's line that's like "the sun broke in two and lost all it's power" and that's like the most amazing imagery/metaphor, I can't even describe it. Like in my head I can see the sun breaking and it slowly becomes less and less luminous until everything is completely dark and worthless. This is totally a metaphor for the two EXO groups being broken up and separated into two worlds. Divided they are weak but when reunited they are completely strong and rejuvenated. It's a really beautiful message about the strength that comes out of teamwork or even the power of love.

In conclusion, History describes the story of EXO's world falling apart because the world was divided. They took some time to reflect and grow and ultimately realized that the only way to gain back their strength and power is to rejoin forces and become one again. It's a metaphor for life or love, that it's better to work together than to oppose each other. The song is a powerful call to action for people to be strong together and make history in the world rather than sitting around and waiting for things to happen.

*continued in next post*
Post subject: In this thread I talk about EXO's MAMA album... Posted: May 28, 2013 @ 11:32 pm
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anjel5521 Don't overcompensate, it's painfully obvious that you're just trying to push your bias up
in terms of lyrcism, melody, production and overall polish, EXO's Mama is nothing close to perfect/flawless w/e
It's not terrible either, but don't over-praise things that don't deserve it
As a kpop fan you must realize that I use the term "flawless" very loosely, right?
As for the album being essentially perfection I still stand by that statement 6 months or so after I originally made this post. It may not be perfect to you as we all have different ideas of what is stellar and what is lackluster from idol groups but I honestly consider MAMA to be one of the best produced albums last year in its entirety when compared with other albums of the same genre. They did something that was quite out of the ordinary and as a result they stood apart from the crowd. It was a very solid album with powerful singles, no filler tracks, and overall great production and execution.
You're free to disagree, but I did provide detailed reasons for why this is my feeling if you care to read them.

No. Effort doesn't make it correct. Effort is not the standard for excellence, otherwise we would be a species of losers. That is not a valid excuse. I put more effort into my posts than ANYONE on these forums, so I call complete bullshit because I can.

This is a biased analysis, not an objective one. This album is no where NEAR perfect. The meaning of all the songs is incredibly weak, and all the songs are so thin in terms of meaning it makes me cringe to consider them to have any meaning at all. Meaning is a song like Soul, Nocturne, or Aphasia. Not this bullshit.
Right now you are being a music snob and trying to force your own opinion on everyone on this thread. Whether you agree or not does not concern me. You're entitled to your own ideas, but you can't invalidate someone's opinion just because it doesn't agree with your own. Your comments are both arrogant and baseless and I'm going to ask you to stop for the sake of maintaining the peace of this thread. If you want a debate on the musical quality of Soul vs MAMA then make a thread and put it in fanwars. This is not the place for that.
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enchantingsmile Mmm.. Hey guys! Well, I'm just a newbie member from a few days ago..Oh well, let's just say I have been inactive... I'm really sorry :embarassed: Thanks for those who welcomed me in this thread :)
For the last few hours of the MAMA era, I wanted to say a few words.
-For a rookie, oh well, let's say they did well but I hope they improve more and even join more variety shows like running man or maybe their own show!
-For our fandom, I know we did a great job supporting them for 426 days and I hope our fandom gets stronger and wider ^_^
-For me, the song that I would miss the most is Angel..It's the song that really got me into exo. It's meaning,lyrics,music..everything is just wonderful T.T

It’s brought us an amazing amount of special moments from our ot12, and bonded us together as a fandom. From dying of feels, to making comeback jokes, the fleeting final moments of this 1 year+ era has finally run its course. Who hasn’t sung along to Jongin’s screamo? And if you say you haven’t skipped that long ass intro to Mama you are a dirty liar.

Now lets look forward to the bright future of high school students with snap backs by day, and wolves that crawl on the ground at night.

Let us never forget the Mama era!
Oh well, That's all. Farewell MAMA ERA, WELCOME XOXO ERA <3

P.S.:For the first time, I guess SMent made a storyline specially for our boys <3;
Gosh, that girl in the vid, lucky and at the same time poor girl. Hope it doesn’t affect much her career..
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nana Well I'm going to sleep, see you guys in 9 h. I hope nothing happens when I'm asleep, please SM T.T
"Little Chen Spam"
Jongin what are you doing :o
His love for Suho will never die <3
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goingtothebeat Hello fellow fans of EXO! I wanted to stop by and say 'hi'! <3
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Its not even 8am in #seoul and look at all the #EXO fans waiting for #MCOUNTDOWN!
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