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suvizzz said

you too have Bobby DP <3

I like you <33

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iridescence15 replied
right?? he's just too perfect haha. such a bias list wrecker

suvizzz replied
exactly haha for me there's no bias list anymore thanks to bobby :D

iridescence15 replied
that's what i'm afraid of LOL ;_; what to doooo hahah

suvizzz replied
oh well, who needs other biases when there's baby Bobby who can be everything: cute and hot and omg his rapping :o

iridescence15 replied
that's soooo true hahah. it's weird because i normally don't bias rappers but bobby totally changed everything LOL

Rice said
what genre other than kpop are you a fan of?
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iridescence15 replied
i'll actually be really busy for the next few days, sorry >.< but i'll try to help out as much as I can! ^^

Rice replied
Ok thanks you :)

Rice replied
I think you shouldn't be a member anymore I can create the blog myself and I think it will just make you get more stressed because you said you will be busy but if you still want to be a member you are free to join^_____^. Too bad though you know a lot of genre :)

iridescence15 replied
Okay, that sounds fine to me :) let me know when your blog starts though! I'll definitely support it :]

Rice replied
thank you very much ^____^ I hope you pass the entrance exam and be healthy

Unique said
btwwwwwwwwwwwww I couldn't see your relpy at the "hey white people" thread...
What happened?
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Unique replied
But who was posting at the same time as you?

iridescence15 replied
ohhh, okay, i see.

iridescence15 replied
i think the last person that replied before me was calannie (and her comment was kinda controversial i guess haha)

Unique replied
So she's the one who knows what happened (and probably littlejay since he was the OP)

iridescence15 replied
probably, yeah ^^ you might want to ask her what went down then, haha :P

sangrim143 said
if you are alone,
i'll be your shadow

if you want to cry,
i'll be your shoulder

if you want a hug,
i'll be your pillow.

if you need to be happy,
i'll be your smile.

but any time you need a friend,
i'll just be me ~ ^^  

iridescence15 replied
aw this is so sweet! thank you! :')

sangrim143 replied
your welcome~ !!!!!! ^_^

When my computer finally start to cooperate with me your wall will be the first one I gif
Be ready 
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iridescence15 replied
haha ohh boy XD

1st to comment here~ hehehe xD
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iridescence15 replied
and my first friend too, haha :D

asirambleon replied
Yep~! haha :D