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Muneer said
Very interesting blog. A lot of blogs I see these days don't really provide anything that I'm interested in, but I'm most definitely interested in this one. Just thought that I would post and let you know my gmail login
Kaylapie34 said
No this is Patrick! 
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dsf said
I finally found where I got my sig from! ^^;
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isthisthekrustykrab replied
yayy thank you! J-Hope and V are so funny xD

wonwon said
Hey, hows the ol anemia going? I just got out back on iron and it reminded me of you lol
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wonwon replied
not really, I'm really crap at keeping on top of it, probably only have red meat once a week... I have incorporated nuts into my diet though, dunno if that will help haha, do you?

isthisthekrustykrab replied
no, my mum tells me to eat better food so I won't have to take the tablets but it's hard since I'm not a big fan a of meat apart from chicken. I hate fish so that isn't an option either. have you been to a dietitian since being diagnosed? I think I should probably go to one

wonwon replied
Well I was booked in to see one when I got diagnosed but omg! so many dr's fees up until that point! I was so over it so I backed out haha. You should do it if you're not a big meat fan, it kinda makes it hard to find other sources. Like I read almonds are really good for iron but that iron from nuts is quite hard for the body to absorb so who knows if eating all these nuts will make a difference haha. Im sure if I lived with mum she would give me so much shit for my diet lol

isthisthekrustykrab replied
idk why but I don't get alerts from replies on wall posts :/ but yea, I think I'll go to one, you had to pay? I'll be able to get a free visit cause celiac disease is a medical condition. ooh I like almonds lol, I should get some

wonwon replied
ohh yeah it may have been free actually haha they wanted me to make another drs appointment to sign paperwork for it... I was like "im not paying you $77 dollars to sign a piece of paper" lol stubborn. yeah how good are almonds! I forgot how much I liked them haha... oh and definately go for it if you can get an appointment for free

I cannot believe I haven't posted on your wall yet! I'm so sorry
Have some sensual Jaejoong selcas. Pwease forgive me

Wow I could spam Jaejoong every second of my life but I'm tired now. OTL I might come back later to spam more~

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isthisthekrustykrab replied
omfg that sexy little bitch *_* Thank youuu

UlzzangNicky replied
No prob~ Damn that man messes with my ovaries. He couldn't keep me dry even if we were in the middle of the Atacama desert! O.O

isthisthekrustykrab replied
omg loool xD xD

UlzzangNicky replied

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elemeniah said
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isthisthekrustykrab replied
oh hot damn *_*

elemeniah replied
Just for you ;) ♥

Noona said
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littlejay said
I popped ur profile wall cherry
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