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i love kdramas and started to love kpop for almost 6 years even though i was a kpop fan for a very long time there's still thing that i am not familiar & dont know.I hate most of those kpop fan who are new in this world and acting like they know it all and putting someone in an awkward position . I am hoping to meet lots of good friends here (*^﹏^*) You can reach me through this accounts. Twitter acc.( glamprinceszx@y.c) instagram (glamprinceszx) kakatalk ID: khyim143
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it's Khyim ^^
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Welcome to KPS~
I hope you are having a good stay here so far! Since you are pretty new you can contact the user littlejay and get added to the weekly wall party list. Each week a user (usually new) will be picked and their profile wall with be the setting for a get to know eachother party! This week's party was held at Sonni_Daze's profile wall, you can stop by and show her some love~
It's a great way to bond with other members aside from being active throughout threads!
Anyway, I hope you have a great time here at KPS and hopefully you'll join the next profile party or maybe even get picked to host one!
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