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I'm in love with an alien named Kim Taehyung♡

Rapmonster and Maru are my side affairs.

Suga is my pimp daddy.

I have a thing for tall ass makanes, beast rappers and dope dancers.


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Apr 23, 2015 @ 9:19 pm

“"Please don't die and be a witness of my success"”

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Nobody said
As soon as your selfie is uploaded I'm nominating you for selca princess 
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kila_kim replied
omg thank you so much! >/////

littlejay said
can i be ur bf? ur hot
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littlejay said
those park sora selcas are hot. keep them coming.
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Pitu-chan said
Hello again  I tried to open the pm but it doesn't let me  so I hope you don't mind writing on your wall better 
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Pitu-chan replied
Ohhh right Suju how could I forget them OTL I got into kpop because of FT island but with Big Bang I actually learned more about other groups and stuff :3

kila_kim replied
Lol same here. They were like my crash course in the world of K-Pop

Pitu-chan replied
They are :3 and it's good to know more groups too :D. How long have you been a fan?

kila_kim replied
For about 2 years.

Pitu-chan replied
Oh I have been a fan about three years and a half ^--^