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My name is Lessie Rodriquez. I am from Austin, Texas. My main job - PR manager at help with writing college application essays service. I do like my work. I like communicate with students. I like classical music and classical literature. I prefer to spend my free time at pool playing waterpolo or learning Italian. Also, my hobby is sewing clothes.


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Essay on Christmas

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! We hear it form everywhere when it is high time to make some presents and enjoy the holiday! The feeling of holiday is spreading and that is why everywhere, even at schools and colleges, people are busy with its preparation.
In order not to forget about studying and at the same time to enjoy Christmas, teachers try to offer students to write about something that you like, about Christmas in this case)!

So, this time we are going to talk about descriptive essays on Christmas! It is not difficult to imagine, as you can find the necessary material for your work everywhere! 
Descriptive essay is a kind of written assignment, where students try to express their ideas concerning Christmas and its customs. As you can guess, you should describe something in your descriptive essays. So, do not hesitate! Write!

What associates in your mind with Christmas? – Christmas tree? – write about your manner of decorating this tree. You may think, that is will be of no interest - it is not true. Any creative approach is always attracts readers’ attention!
In your descriptive essay on Christmas you may describe one of your Christmas days! I can not believe that in your life all holidays are ordinary. Soon or late, there should be something – love, fairy tale, pleasure, anything! You are a student and you know how you can make your essay better and how you can express your thoughts on paper.
So, now you are ready to write your descriptive essay on Christmas and you know that you will write in your essay. Take a pen in your hands and do not waste any minute! Good luck!