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Hi there! I’m Dacota and I want to present you my company We produce best reviews about dog wheelchair for back legs and other important thing for animals.


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petsneedit said
Have you ever seen such caring K-pop daddies?

What can also greatly warm the soul of fans, as the care of K-pop idols? Of course the idols care about their pets. Many of them raised their pets, which eventually became full-fledged members of the groups. Fans love their dogs as much as they love them. Let's look at these lovely puppies and their caring "daddies."

1. EXO’s Sukho & Böhl

EXO Leader Suho proud father of his daughter Beul. He is so proud of her that he even starred with her for W Magazine.

2. WINNER’s SeungHun & Otto

Son Hoon loves his son Otto so much that he even made his Instagram page for him. While the idol travels around the world, his friends look after the dog.
petsneedit said
There are many nuances in the behavior of paralyzed dogs: some crawl and erase their paws on the hocks or hips; some do not tolerate the diapers under themselves, tear them apart and end up in a pool of urine, which guarantees the formation of pressure sores even overnight; Often, dogs that have lost the ability to move normally, are very worried, they cannot accept the new situation and literally gnaw their paws on their joints because they are simply nervous. Regardless of whether the dog walks in a wheelchair or has no strength even to stand on it, the place of the animal must be replaced with an anti-decubitus mattress. Ordinary beds will no longer fit. Ideally, cover the anti-decubitus mattress with reusable or disposable diapers that need to be changed as it gets dirty (and, preferably, in a timely manner
petsneedit said
Many experienced dog owners are psychologically prepared for the fact that their pet in old age will be denied hind legs. There are many reasons for this, but basically these are various degenerative diseases or spinal tumors. As a rule, owners of large breeds often encounter this: figuratively speaking, hind limb paresis occurs in German Shepherd Dogs, Labradors, Mountain Dogs much more often than in small and light toy-terriers and Italian Greyhounds.
Choosing a stroller manufacturer is not so easy, so read my article about dog wheelchair for back legs and how to choose the best one. It should be borne in mind that the animal must be placed in a wheelchair as soon as possible after the hind legs have refused to work. If you hesitate with this process and do not have the experience of caring for a recumbent animal, you can very quickly encounter the formation of pressure sores, which are quite problematic to heal. To give the animal the opportunity to preserve mobility is paramount. Therefore, the fastest way to order and get a pram, as they say, is at the place of residence, that is, at a company that works in the same city as you or at least in the same country where you are located. For example, with the company Animal Mobile, you can always be sure that the wheelchair will be made quickly, and any worn parts will change in almost a day (which, of course, is not possible to expect from America and Europe - there it can take months to place an order and transfer). In addition, you need to be prepared for the fact that after a year of operation on any wheelchair some elements will break or require replacement, and under very heavy loads, you may have to change the whole carriage as well, therefore communication with the manufacturer should be easy and contacts are always at hand.