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into k-pop not only because of the music

bias groups: vixx, cross gene, super junior, epik high

ultimate bias: k, it's you, hakyeon. I'm giving up, you little fuck


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please give me your opinion o:

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special1005 replied
what the hell, why are you looking like an adult, you're basically 5. i'm crying. you're really good looking, boy, like my type of good looking, i'm pretty sure i told you to stop growing, why didn't you listen (- i hope you weren't asking about picture composition or some stuff like this, bc i have no clue lol

brodeurprice replied
hehehe :3 i knew you'd react like that

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CaptainHepHap replied
ut here you go http://37.media.tumblr.com/c017a3a5b09e83997d7e63a4b4751bf6/tumblr_mogppnAfXb1svdnz5o1_500.gif

special1005 replied
you're hyuk on ur last one aren't u kk, also http://i.imgur.com/LfVuc5t.gif

special1005 replied
nah, I just read that replies are text only, which is really lame. also the lack of the proper faq here really frustrates me

CaptainHepHap replied
what no i'm trying to give u love that u keep denying ;;;;;;

CaptainHepHap replied
yeah its probs better to do wall to wall posts

epidermis said
Ого, кто-то тут русский! :)

special1005 replied
ваувау, вот это внезапно ) мы тут как бы эксклюзив xD

epidermis replied
типа того :)

special1005 replied
а ты где обычно, дайрик или вконтактик? я краем глаза видел, что ру-старлайты очень активные в последнее время, дают группе о себе знать, но вот почему-то с другими частями фандома никакого взаимодействия на глаза не попадалось, так странно )

epidermis replied
я вконтакте смотрю, там активно постят ;)

I agree with the post below. Actually let me go stare before I say anything. brb

oh haaaaaaay
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Because the first post on your wall should be perfection:

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