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spicysugar said
Hello! I am Icha from Indonesia. I am female, 23 years old (  24 y.o if I'm in Korea, lol) 

First of all, I want to apologize that my English is not good enough since it's not my first language. I'm a newbie here, and I've read a guideline to introduce myself, but I'm not sure whether I've post this under the right section. I tried to find a "post a new topic" button but couldn't find any '-'

My hobby is youtube-ing 

Apart from that, I also have another hobbies such as reading novel, drawing, and cooking. Well, for drawing, my skill is just average. I like drawing using pencil and drawing digitally (kinda vector art). For cooking, I rate myself as 8 out of 10. What else? Umm.. I love sleeping :3

I'm not a kind of hardcore fans. Not a fanatic one. I'm multifandom. I start to like kpop since 2011. For a girlgroup, I like SNSD [as the one who makes me like kpop] and Red Velvet. For a boygroup, I like Super Junior [sadly they currently aren't active as before]. They are my first favorite boygroup. 
I like BigBang and EXO as well, and recently I also like BTS. 

Well. Honestly... I love BTS the most. Hehehe

From SNSD, SuJu, Red Velvet, and BigBang, I can't decide who is my bias. I like everyone of them. But for EXO, my bias is Chanyeol and Lay. For BTS, I really love Kim Taehyung a.k.a V [my ultimate bias] and Jungkook. 

I'm really crazy about V 

I think it's enough from me. Nice to meet you all. Once again, I'm Icha, and I hope we can be good friend in this cyber world :3

Love <3